Lazenby Simpson

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Lazenby Simpson
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Lazenby Simpson
RATING Apprentice
SHIP Velacia
HIRE 180
'I'm gonna get you now'

In the good ship Appleseed, Lazenby Simpson cruises the galaxy looking for the unrighteous to bring to justice. A distinctive figure in Cuban heels, lime-green astrakhan leisure suit and floppy brimmed hat, he is without doubt the best-dressed wingman in circulation, a favourite at social gatherings with his sartorial elegance and ready wit. Unfortunately, his flying skills aren't as colourful as his wardrobe; although possessed of a certain natural flair, and with numerous kills to his credit, he is too erratic to be trusted with hazardous missions, and is more suited for added security on the less dangerous routes.