Norus Heggardly

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Norus Heggardly
Occupation Escort pilot
Skill Level 3

CCN Entry


NAME Norus Heggardly
RATING Average
SHIP Faldari Mk II
HIRE 240
'Look at the size of those Nebulas'

A promising career in unpopular music met an untimely demise when Heggardly wiped out the rest of his group, Apoplexy, with one bass solo too many due to 'musical differences'. Since then, he has been on the run from his record company, briefly laying low in the guise of a biology master at the Van Vista Finishing School for Young Ladies in the Hom system. Although a highly skilled combateer, Heggardly nevertheless persists in letting clients down. Many years of living in the fast lane having taken their toll on his short and long term memory – he has even been known on occasion to forget whose side he is on in the middle of a dogfight! Very much an unfathomable force, you just never know what he'll do.

Behind the Screens

Darkening Team Member: Paul Chapman