Monk Skungous

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Monk Skungous
Occupation Escort pilot
Skill Level 5

CCN Entry


NAME Monk Skungous
RATING Reputable
SHIP Straith
HIRE 340
'Let us prey.'

Of all the weird and wonderful religions that the Tri-System supports, without doubt one of the most paradoxical is the Sacrilegious Order of the Murdering Monks of Malefiction. Worshippers of a beneficent deity, they selflessly condemn themselves to spiritual damnation by murdering those they feel worthy of salvation: a victim of unlawful killing automatically achieves entry into their Paradise.

Brother Skungous is a member of a splinter group known as the Maudlin Monks, who have noted that, hellbound as they are, they will not be reunited with those they consider worthy of transcendence. Therefore, to make their eternal damnation more pleasant, they kill instead those unworthy of entrance to Heaven, and spare those they consider worthy in the hope that they will achieve damnation through their own actions, providing the Monks with good company for their eternal suffering. Skungous has thus taken the opportunity to mix religion with business – after all, he's damned anyhow, so big bucks, drinking and pleasure borgs won't do him any spiritual harm, will they?

Behind the Screens

Darkening Team Member: Actor from the FMV