Vicksen Aureola

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Vicksen Aureola
Occupation Escort pilot
Skill Level 4

CCN Entry


NAME Vicksen Aureola
RATING Above Average
SHIP Skecis Mk II
HIRE 260
'Mmmmmmm… I'm feeling hot today'

Pilot, Pin-Up and Philanderer, Aureola is a favourite with traders both in and out of the cockpit. Whereas her buxom charms have generated her a healthy income and wide-spread recognition across the Tri-System, she chooses to devote the majority of her time to piloting the fighter Bathukolpian. Although her skills are not fantastic, she is a dedicated and persistent wingman, whose hire fee belies her level of commitment. One added bonus is that her fame as a model often leads to assailants feeling reluctant to attack her - usually to their demise.