Jaren Xi

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Jaren Xi
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Jaren Xi
RATING Righteous
SHIP Danrik
HIRE 415
'Softly, softly, catchy missile'

Xi is a member of a nomadic asteroid-mining 'tribe-company'. Displaying natural flair in piloting fighter craft, he was soon tasked full-time with the defence of the vulnerable drilling rigs and homedomes, honing his combat skills to their present level. Having left the clan to seek his fortune, he has been embroiled in some of the system's most notorious encounters, such as the Khamrad Belt Ambush and the Bel-Dhangri Affair, where he single-handedly accounted for over 15 devotee craft. Clinical and ruthless in combat, prospective employers should nevertheless be warned of his propensity for quoting obscure Asiatic mystical texts.