Battle of the Bizarre WC3 Port Advertisements Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Playstation: "Let's do a weird print campaign for our port of Wing Commander III."
3DO: "Hold my beer." The unusual "French Fancies" ad was only part of a strange early EA/3DO marketing campaign. An unused Wing Commander cockpit shot is pictured bottom middle in the Dead Fish spread. Not to be outdone, it was also accompanied by the "EA Lard" concept.
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Indie Space Sim Looking for Test Pilots Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Centaurianmudpig has released a new look at his space sim project, and it's come a very long way since we saw it last year. The game has a new art style and a new name, Absolute Territory. There's also a neat behind-the-scenes look at the mission editor. The mudpig's looking for some Wing Commander fans to try the new playable alpha out and provide feedback. Grab it from ModDB or Steam Workshop and let him know what you think!
WE WANT YOU in the Imperial Space Force (ISF). Join us in protecting our borders from foreign and domestic opponents. Only in the ISF will you fly state-of-the-art space superiority fighters to protect the heavens with fortitude, skill and precision.

Become the best of the best by training in our Digitum XR Sim, our most advanced simulated combat environment. Adapt to the rigours of being a pilot in the ISF, learn the art of combat, and master every fighter and every weapon at your disposal.

Challenge your piloting skills by creating your own missions. Develop unique scenarios envisioned from your imagination. You decide the difficulty by adjusting the environment and opponents. Fight with the most devastating weapons against lighter opponents or truly test your skills against-all-odds.

  • 1st and 3rd person space combat action.
  • Create your own missions with an easy to use and robust mission editor.
  • Fly multiple ships and configure their loadouts for optimum effect.
  • Improve your combat skills against waves of increasingly difficult opponents.
  • Or take up the ultimate challenge of flying the gauntlet against increasingly difficult opponents.

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We're a little bit late to the party here, but Jim Leonard, one of the co-founders of MobyGames, recently posted a neat look back on twenty years of the useful game data website. As we've just recently celebrated our 21st, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy that simple old gaming sites like ours are still humming along after all this time. "Simple" is probably not a very fair label for such a vast and exhaustive resource, but they've managed to keep a lot of their classic charm intact to this date. I use it frequently to check up on classic developers and gaming credits, and thousands of other folks find it useful in other ways. Speaking of which, I should really go figure out how to get the voice actor credits separated off from my profile on the site. Yes, the Serious Sam special thanks is legit. Back on topic: the article is a really interesting history of how a classic gaming site came to be. It also turns out that Wing Commander was just the third game added to the site's enormous library, and it was the first 'serious' entry after the The X-Files Game and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? were added as a test. So Happy 20th Birthday to MobyGames! You can check out the original Wing Commander article dating back to March 1, 1999 here and read the whole historical article here.
MobyGames turns 20 years old on Friday March 1st, something I am overjoyed to witness. It’s occasion enough for me to come out of semi-retirement and tell my side of the story of MobyGames’ humble beginnings: A tale of two friends starting up a company to fill a void in the gaming community.

MobyGames was created in a figurative basement (an apartment, actually) during the formation of the first Internet Bubble, and somehow stayed alive and grew once that bubble popped. It has become the de-facto source of historical data of the game industry, for people both inside and outside that industry. It is frequently cited as the source of material for tens of thousands of Wikipedia articles on video and computer games. It has achieved and surpassed the goals I originally had for it, and I’m grateful to everyone who volunteers their valuable time to contribute to the database, even more so by all of the admins who edit and audit all of the information for accuracy and authenticity. I am humbled by all of their efforts, past, present, and future.

It was in 1998 that I was motivated to revisit the idea. Fueled by nostalgic curiosity, I had attempted to search for some information on older games that I wanted to play or learn more about, but kept coming up short in all of my searches. I wasn’t being totally unreasonable; I was searching for answers to questions like these:

Who composed the wonderful AdLib music in Continuum, and what else have they worked on?

  • Did that old Cinemaware samurai game ever come out for the PC?
  • Everyone on the newsgroups talks about Star Control 2; will it run on this old Tandy I have lying around here?
  • Speaking of which, what other games will take advantage of my Tandy’s sound and graphics?
  • I like racing games; what other racing games were made for the PC?
  • I am completely stuck in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis; where can I get a hint or walkthrough for older games?
  • Speaking of which, what other games are like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis?
  • I’ve never played King’s Quest 7; what does it look like?
The first game ever entered into MobyGames was The X-Files Game. This was not because it was a great game, but rather because Brian was testing the system and it was the first game within arm’s reach. The second entry was by myself, for Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. It was, also, the closest game within arm’s reach for me; I’d grabbed a smattering of titles from my collection to start populating the database with. The third entry was more proper for a historical database on gaming: Wing Commander. (As of today, these last two entries still retains their original contribution date of March 1st, 1999.)

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Indie Retro News and Cola Powered Gamer have posted a review for Wing Commander. This one is a solid bread and butter review that covers all the bases: amazing production values, winning/losing paths, empathetic wingmen and more. It's a good length with secondary references to all the various ports and later spinoffs in the series. We like to highlight articles like this from time to time since it helps keep the series firmly in the collective gaming consciousness. There's a whole generation of new players out there today, and they're not all finding their way to the CIC. Reviews like this help to inspire new gamers to check out the classic space sim that we all love! Read it for yourself here.
When talking about space sims, sooner or later someone will mention Wing Commander. Developed by Origin Systems, Wing Commander can be considered one of the best and influential space sim ever created.

Wing Commander had a different take on the then established space sim formula, bringing the game and space combat to the levels of Hollywood blockbusters. The game is set in 2654 and follows the Terran Confederation and the ongoing war against a predatory feline race called the Kilrathi...

Note that it is possible to shoot down capships with just your guns, but it takes a little longer than using a combination of ordnance during your attack.

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Chronocidal Guy is back with a new take on his impressive 3D printed Excalibur. The new design, pictured in red below, now features intricate panel line engravings thanks to the latest generation of machines. He was also able to print it as a single piece as opposed to numerous smaller components originally (pictured second). The third image below includes the old model painted by rivaledbynone. We include it to help you imagine how great the update will look when complete!
I did want to post an update to the Excalibur kit I made a few years back though. Upgraded my printer recently and went all-in on a single-piece print of that model, upgraded to include panel line engravings. I haven't tried it on Shapeways or Sculpteo in this format, but the recent generation of printers is getting impressive.

My current project is re-engineering the individual parts of my original design to build a larger kit, hopefully about a foot in length, since my newer printer has a much larger volume than my older one I prototyped this on.

On a somewhat related note, Klavs also reports that his amazing Terran Fleet Supply 3D printed storefront has added options for "glossy full color sandstone" and "full detail frosted resin" to provide some fancy new options for cool Wing Commander ships. If you buy one, send us pics!

MUP Project Now Beta Testing Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

DefianceIndustries has confirmed that the Prophecy and Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack is now transitioning from the alpha to beta test phase. This is an exciting milestone as it indicates most all of the core features are in place, and now it's mostly fancy ships that have yet to be added. You can download the update and give it a try here (115 meg exe)!
Good evening MUP fans! If you were at the party you probably saw this, but if not, we have a Beta 1 release candidate ready for you to try. We are officially moving to Beta as we are largely feature complete on engine and graphics upgrades. The only remaining work is art-based stuff. There is one pending feature: extending dead capships to WCP - which we are currently testing, hence why this is only a candidate and not an official full release.

Features include:

  • Corvette shield/hull fix - now once a corvette's shields are down, the engine registers the hits on the hull with proper FX, previously it just kept rendering hits on the shields (even though it was damaging the hull)
  • Dead Capships in WCP (not implemented) - the code is there but there is a conflict with a previous .DLL from HCl, we are researching the impacts on removing the .DLL
  • Tigershark 2.0
  • Panther 2.0
  • Kraken Dreadnought
  • Hydra Cruiser (SO only, relies on dead capships for proper implementation)
We recommend a clean install for this one as it is a candidate and as always if you find bugs (pun intended) list 'em here and we'll squish 'em.

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NightBall06 has created a neat design based on a popular bit of speculation. He's taken Klavs' hypothetical Wildcat, of Action Stations fame, and translated it into a modern Hellcat. Based on the real life Wildcat/Hellcat similarities, this has been a recurring thought experiment for people as they get to take a bit of artistic license without straying overly far from classic Wing Commander stylings. What do you think? Hit the comment button below and help NightBall make it even better!
Hey guys, lately I have been doing an evolution study on Klavs' incredible Wildcat. When I first saw his model, I did like it a lot, but I felt it too big as a Hellcat. So I wanted to do it myself, but since I am no 3D artist, I had to Photoshop my way through it... I hope you like it nonetheless.

My thoughts were: What would ConFed do after the battle for Earth while in desperate need for new fighters? They would take what they could find and update it with the latest tech... So my goal was to keep the basic elements of Klavs‘ incredible design, while "developing" it further and also getting closer to the original in-game Hellcat.

I’d be glad for some feedback...

Party Chat Logs Now Online Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's hard to believe, but it's already been a week since the CIC's 21st Birthday! We're still getting back to normal here, but if you missed the party (or were there and just want to relive it), Kris has prepped the logs. You can find the chat transcript here. You can also find other prior logs in the #Wingnut section. If you missed the actual slate of amazing birthday updates, make sure to check that out, and send in your name and address if you won a prize. Last, but not least, this was a special year with an accompanying six hour live stream. Watch it below! The formal party starts about three hours in, and cake arrives at 4:02:45.

Check These Blue Book Values Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Christian Klein posted this fun shot of the cover of the Japanese DOS/V user manual. It's an interesting line art digitization of the WC1 box. The typed-in dashboard values mostly match up, although I think the KPS looks more like 2400 than 2480 and the bottom shield stat seems more like an 82 in the original. It might seem obvious at first that this is just the same iconic scene we always see, but this isn't the only time a familiar WC cockpit bears down on three Dralthi! Mike Winterbauer's famous SNES art and the cover of End Run are just a few alternate examples.
Random #WingCommander stuff ...

All Wings Considered - Episode 23 - LIVE! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include:

  • Wing Commander 3 3DO - Orsini System
  • How do transports work in Armada, anyway?
  • A cosmological tour of the Gemini Sector!
  • Wing Commander Book Club - Heart of the Tiger, Chapters 1-4

Missed the stream? The replay will be available below once it has been processed by YouTube. You can subscribe to the AWC channel for future notifications here.

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Ship Damage Overview for Wing Commander Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

As part of his never ending quest to better understand how Wing Commander works, Unnamed Character has shared some interesting insight into how the original games calculated damage. There's some good raw numbers here in terms of how much damage fighters and capships can take as well as how much damage different weapons do. Even more fascinating is how random factors are computed for individual component damage. Most of you may never code or mod a WC fan project, but understanding how these things work certainly enhances my enjoyment as I play!
From what I have been able to determine, the damage system differentiates between capital ships and fighter ships. Capital ships employ a simple system, once the shields and armor are gone, the ship starts taking generic ship damage. Once this damage reaches an upper limit, the ship is destroyed; the upper limit varies by ship type (see list below). Interestingly, Kilrathi capital ships take damage more quickly; less engineering proficiency I guess :).

Fighter ships employ a more complex system, once the shields and armor are gone, the ship starts taking generic ship damage as well as damage to specific ship components. Perhaps not surprisingly, the damage system differentiates between the PC ship and NPC ships (player character vs non-player character).

For NPC ships, the damage is determined at random and by the quadrant hit. For example, a hit on the front quadrant can result in destroying to the ship computer, losing communication, losing a weapon; a hit on the rear quadrant can result in damage to the fuel tank, the engine; the shield generator can be destroyed from any quadrant; etc. The ship also accumulates generic damage and will be destroyed when the upper limit is reached; the upper limit also varies by ship type (see list below).

For the PC ship, the damage is determined at random, by the quadrant hit, and the source of the hit: guns, missiles, or from impact (asteroid or ship). The ship also has a few more components and keeps track of damage severity allowing for repairs. The ship also accumulates generic damage and will be destroyed when the upper limit is reached.

Damage limits by ship type:

Ship 0: Hornet ; Damage: 5
Ship 1: Rapier ; Damage: 6
Ship 2: Scimitar ; Damage: 7
Ship 3: Raptor ; Damage: 8
Ship 4: Venture ; Damage: 70
Ship 5: Dilligent ; Damage: 60
Ship 6: Drayman ; Damage: 60
Ship 7: Exeter ; Damage: 200
Ship 8: Tiger's Claw; Damage: 560
Ship 9: Salthi ; Damage: 5
Ship 10: Dralthi ; Damage: 7
Ship 11: Krant ; Damage: 6
Ship 12: Gratha ; Damage: 7
Ship 13: Jalthi ; Damage: 7
Ship 14: Spikeri ; Damage: 45
Ship 15: Dorkir ; Damage: 35
Ship 16: Lumbari ; Damage: 35
Ship 17: Ralari ; Damage: 90
Ship 18: Fralthi ; Damage: 110
Ship 19: Snakeir ; Damage: 320
Ship 20: Sivar ; Damage: 200
Ship 21: Star post ; Damage: 120

The amount of internal damage is computed from the gun projectile damage, the missile explosive force, or the mass and velocity of a ship. A higher computed damage value will result in a greater number of ship components being damaged, increased severity of damage to a component, and additional generic ship damage.

Object 24: Laser cannon; Damage: 25; Explosive: 0
Object 25: Neutron gun ; Damage: 40; Explosive: 0
Object 26: Mass driver ; Damage: 30; Explosive: 0
Object 27: [Flak] ; Damage: 50; Explosive: 1000
Object 28: Dart DF ; Damage: 4; Explosive: 14500
Object 29: Javelin HS ; Damage: 4; Explosive: 13500
Object 30: Pilum FF ; Damage: 4; Explosive: 10500
Object 31: Spiculum IR ; Damage: 4; Explosive: 11500
Object 32: [Unused] ; Damage: 4; Explosive: 30000
Object 33: Porcupine ; Damage: 4; Explosive: 10000

The explosive force is not directly used as damage, but used to calculate the amount of damage based on the distance between the explosion and the ship. Once the damage value is calculated, it operates the same, through the shields, then the armor, then internal components.

Demand for Wing Commander Acknowledged in New GOG Sale Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter is running a Games Come True sale to commemorate the 2 millionth wish being fulfilled as highly desirable classic games are added to the catalogue. The platform relies on community feedback to determine which old games are worth pursuing the rights for and then revamping to work on modern computers. Of the 250 or so games discounted this time around, Wing Commander features prominently in this promotion because of how many people wanted to see the series released digitally before it appeared on the service. It made quite a lot of people happy and topped the sales charts for some time during the year it came out. This is a pretty cool validation of the community's demand for Wing Commander!
To celebrate completing over 2 million wishes from its Community Wishlist and to show appreciation for gamers’ engagement with the program, GOG.COM is holding a special Games Come True Sale, featuring over 250 deals with savings of up to -75%.

Through the Community Wishlist, gamers can suggest, discuss, and most importantly, vote on the things they would like to see come to GOG.COM. These highly desired titles have been brought back (often after years of being lost or forgotten) by the GOG.COM team and restored to work on modern operating systems and made available DRM-free.

This feature has been a staple of the service for over a decade now, with no plans on slowing down! The present sale includes some of the most requested games on the platform, plus many more classic and memorable titles that everyone knows and loves, all at fantastic savings.

Games Come True Sale runs until August 26th, 1 PM UTC.

The Morning After Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend - one of our best birthdays yet! Thank you all for joining in and sharing it with us. If you couldn't make it to the party, we've posted the entire six hour stream below. The first three hours are a special bonus episode of All Wings Considered, and the back half is our official birthday celebration. Jump to 4:02:45 for the cake and countdown! We also took some time together on Sunday morning to play a bit of Wing Commander Armada together. There were some technical difficulties getting the game working initially, so Dundradal and I ended up doing a hot seat quick combat strategic game. It ended up being surprisingly close!

Birthday Stream:

Morning After Armada:

Time To Claim Party Prizes Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We had some great live trivia on Saturday night, and some knowledgable Wingnuts won some cool prizes. To claim your items, send an email to with your Discord name, real name and address.
  • WC Novel Ebook - Whistler
  • GOG WC Games Collection - DefianceIndustries
  • Academy on DVD - Music_Guru
  • WC CCG Starter Deck Box - LeHah
  • iTunes Wing Commander Soundtrack - DefianceIndustries
  • WC4 OEM DVD - Pedro
  • AWC Tote Bag - TheyCallMeGrim, PopsiclePete
  • WC1 copy from LOAF - Music_Guru

Broadcasting Live! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

For the first time, the CIC Birthday Party is also broadcasting live in real time! Check us out and join the fun! The text chat party is still in #Wingnut Discord. We started a little early with a special episode of All Wings Considered a few hours ago. We'll be going for quite a while yet!

Gotta Collect 'Em All! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Check out these awesome trading cards that DefianceIndustries made! They're a set of super cool realistic looking cards with images, stats and history. I really like that silhouette identifier box that teases subsequent cards in the series. This makes me really want a printed set!
Attached is my contribution to the festivities, a redo of some super fun old Topps aircraft trading cards. They were the “friend or foe” series from 1952 and they have kind of a fun retro vibe that looked kind of fun when Wing Commanderized.

Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

Wing Commander IV Fan Remake Trailer Released! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Pedro has released an exciting trailer for the WC4 Fan Remake! There's lots to unpack here. The team has been mostly focused on features rather than polish, and quite a few features have been implemented indeed! Many distinctive elements from the original WC4 gameplay mechanics appear to be in place to give the project a familiar feel. Check it out below!
I've been working with Defiance Industries to have a video ready for the CIC's birthday of early test footage.

A brief list of things added since the last videos:

  • Some early experimentation with updated sound effects (50/50 old vs new)
  • View based missile lock-on
  • Smoother external camera
  • Damage displays
  • Turrets (both on fighters and capships)
  • Subtle cockpit motion on the primary cockpit camera
  • A zoomed out camera (primarily for taking in the cockpit)
  • Afterburners, Decoys
  • Working cockpit (guns, fuel, damage, speed guns, decoys, targeting brackets)
  • Friendly wingmen

Wing Leader Rolling Demo Updated! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Howard Day took some time out of his busy post-Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launch schedule to release an update to the online rolling demo for Wing Leader! Much like the actual WC1 demo, this isn't a playable artifact, but it shows live assets interacting in the game engine. Even moreso than any trailer, this gives fans a first hand up-close look at what the game will actually be like live. The battle is pretty intense - all those Dralthis start to make me nervous, but fortunately they have both Firekkans and Confed opponents to contend with! Load up the rolling demo here.
The live demo's been updated! Includes the intro, menu (static for now) and initial fighting in a Dralthi! as soon as you die, tho, it switches back to Hornet.

New WC Easter Egg Revealed! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Music_Guru has found an absolutely exciting easter egg in the Secret Missions for Super Nintendo! The method to unlock it easy to input, but the way he discovered it is complex and arcane. Long story short, there's a bonus shipboard series after the game with some amazing conversions, and you've almost certainly never seen this before! Check it out below!
Hello fellow Wing Commander fans and happy 21st birthday to the Wing Commander CIC! Thank you everyone for continuing to make this a fun and thriving community to be apart of!

I'm continually amazed at the new creations made by fans or even finding new things in the original Wing Commander games. However, it isn't too often that a new easter egg presents itself, even after 25+ years. Today, in celebration of the CIC's birthday, I share an exciting new finding, a previously undiscovered easter egg in Wing Commander: The Secret Missions for SNES!

Below I will go over some of the highlights in discovering the easter egg, but if you just want to dive right in and see the easter egg yourself, you can watch the video provided or follow these instructions:

1- On the title screen, select "Continue Campaign"
2- Then enter "ACE" as the handle and "05HMY8?PVR" for the code

In addition, you can also use a SNES Game Genie and input the following code: DB68-C402. You can then start a new campaign, enter a handle of your choosing, and access the easter egg that way. You can then talk with Shotglass or go to the Briefing Room to enjoy some fun dialog. A quick note is that after the briefing is over, the ship launch sequence may glitch a bit and cause some graphics to quickly flash (please be warned for those sensitive to flashing lights!). You may also be taken to the TrainSim for a "fake" mission as there is no official mission for this easter egg.

As for the story behind discovering the easter egg, it is a long and technical one but a story I may share in more detail one day. For now, I will detail some of the highlights. I was one day looking through The Secret Missions' binary data and noticed something odd. There was a text string in the data, specifically referencing a "Town Meeting" that didn't seem to be from any Wing Commander game. The game's text pertaining to conversations with Shotglass, your fellow pilots, and mission briefings are encoded in the data thus making it more difficult to get some context behind this mysterious text. One idea I thought of is maybe this is a hidden series in the game. The Secret Missions game has 8 total series, 7 on the winning path and 1 on the losing path. I wondered to myself if this could possibly be a hidden "9th" series in the game. In addition, I came across some old Game Genie codes that allowed you to choose which series you started with. With the help of these Game Genie codes, I was able to create a new code, DB68-C402, that would start you at the 9th series. To my surprise, it actually worked and discovered this easter egg!

However, I wondered if there might be an easier way to get access to this secret as not everyone has access to a Game Genie (although emulation could be an option). I got some assistance from an anonymous source about how to get access another way. It was through this assistance that using the handle "ACE" and code "05HMY8?PVR" provided an alternate way to the easter egg. The wonderful thing about this is that no Game Genie code is required! My thanks to this source for their help!

Anyway, I hope you really enjoy this easter egg as much as I did! It just shows that there may be many more hidden discoveries to find in other games! Once again my thanks to this community and I look forward to new creations and discoveries in the years to come!


The Biggest Baddest WC3 Poster Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

So, what is the biggest and baddest Wing Commander poster ever? While we've seen a lot of them, nothing compares to this beauty. Joe Garrity shows us that it's not the size of your Wing Commander III poster, it's how you display it! Mounted on a brushed plate steel disply board, this monolithic Wing Commander III advertising print is a whopping 8 feet long by 2 feet high and weighs in at over 40 pounds! Originally on display at Origin Systems in the mid-1990s, it was gifted to the Origin Museum by EA/Mythic when they closed in 2014. It was previously displayed in the Mythic Lobby along with other Origin/Wing Commander memorabilia. Joe's also provided a nice high res version of this photo here.
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New Prophecy & Secret Ops MUP Released! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Just in time for the party, DefianceIndustries, PopsiclePete and team have released another exciting update to the Prophecy and Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. It includes multiple new Confed fighters, stations and Nephilim capshiips plus a variety of technical upgrades. It's really just in time this year - this post will be updated in a few minutes with the new package when the file finishes uploading!

And here (115 meg exe) it is!

1. Updated Panther
2. Updated Stations (Callisto, Confed starbase)
3. Updated Tshark
4. New Kraken ship killer
5. New Hydra (SO only currently - we're still working out bugs in WCP but it should be in a week or so)
6. tech fixes: Fixed the corvette bug: once shields fall, the ship actually takes hull hits.

Prophecy Multiplayer Fixed Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Twelve years ago, HCl rolled out a major update to his Prophecy multiplayer patch. When users entered their credentials for (then the home of our vBulletin-powered discussion boards) into the the launcher, the game would report back typical game statistics like kills/deaths, ejections and time played to the CIC server where they would show up in our Multiplayer Scoreboards section. As time moved on, the forums were relocated to our primary domain at and the software powering them was changed as well (look here if you are interested in Chat Zone history leading up to the 2011 Xenforo upgrade). If you signed up for our Forums after this transition, there was no way for you to have your results included in our scoreboards. There's a fix for this issue now and it takes just a few easy steps:
  • Sign in on the Chat Zone, or sign up for an account if you don't already have one.
  • Visit the scoreboards registration page.
    • If you are a new user you will now be shown a randomized multiplayer password. Store it somewhere safe like a password manager. Your actual Chat Zone password will have remained the same.
    • If you already have a account you will be presented with the option to reset the multiplayer password to a new, random value, in case you want to change it -- or have forgotten what it was.
  • Enter your new password in the multiplayer launcher and blast away.
The requirement for a username and password has essentially been replaced with a Chat Zone username and a multiplayer secret key, a much more future-proof approach.

Beautiful Homeworld Mod Upgrade Released Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The new Flag Commander update with realistic starscape backgrounds is live! As we mentioned last month, L.I.F. got some neat skybox software and has been carefully adding cool scenes to the Homeworld Remastered mod. Grab the update with the pretty backgrounds here. Here's some gorgeous examples and creative flavor text!
The Concordia wasn't exactly the first ship I'd have thought about when it came to pull a gut punch like this one, but I was a pilot, not a brass, so there I was, flying escort in my trusty Sabre. Sure, we were going to be cut off from reinforcements or easy retreat, but the Cats wouldn't see us coming, if Intel didn't mess up too much on that one.

It was a long shot that ultimately paid off big, since I'm able to write about it now. A science officer briefed us about some strange astrogation phenomenon that involved a couple of jump points in interstellar space that somehow got tangled together. Don't ask me the physics behind it, I'm sure there is a few dozens papers about the entire thing.

The important thing is that it gave us a backdoor that we would use. Once. These jump points interacted together in a way that made this batch of empty space one of the deadliest traps around, frying anything or anyone stumbling in an insane radiation field... except for one place.

The physicist talked about Cherenkov radiation, interstellar dust and dark matter, but she didn't sell it as she should have: the second most breathtaking sight I ever witnessed in my career. The Iselhorn Corridor, they called it. Of course, you can find the holograms, but let me tell you that no recording will ever come close to that feeling of awe I experienced, in this small cockpit, as we moved forward.

A Wing and a Prayer: an Ace's View, by Colonel Winfield T. Hart (retired)
Enterprise Press, 2675

I don't know if that Salthi pilot was as distracted as Bucky was. Probably not.

We expected the Corridor to be clean of Kilrathi presence, that they wouldn't have found their way through the radiation from their end of the sector, and we were wrong. Thankfully, they never really understood there was another jump point on the other side, so when our scanners found the Cats, they were as surprised as we were, but we had a task force and they had a small research outpost with a couple of fighters.

I was flying CAP with Bucky while the two Exeter went in for the kill. These light fighters couldn't hope to do any serious damage to them, and they neither had the range nor the jump drive needed to send a message away, but they fought well. I hope I would have done the same thing in their place.

This encounter didn't scrub the mission, but we were a lot more cautious afterwards, which saved us on the return trip. I hear that afterwards, the Cats decided to make sure noone would ever go through this backdoor again. They set up large antimatter warheads in the inner dust and dug big enough holes with it that even a dreadnought of theirs would be sterilized by the radiation.

A Wing and a Prayer: an Ace's View, by Colonel Winfield T. Hart (retired)
Enterprise Press, 2675

The real targets were in range, a hidden shipyard providing ships and logistics support for the rear echelon of the Kilrathi. The cats had set up a clever installation around a large telluric planet: a few of the smallest moons - big asteroids, really - were turned into mining rigs feeding a shipyard that was orbiting in spitting range of the planet's surface.

There was barely any defences, the idea was apparently to avoid being noticed by one of our deep strike groups while reinforcing the defences and possibly reinforce any reaction force. They didn't see us coming until it was too late, when the Concordia launched several strike packages at all the mining stations at once.

I remember feeling a bit annoyed on our way back. It had been murder rather than war. I knew they did worse to the colonies in the Border Worlds, but it didn't make me feel better knowing our torpedoes destroyed life support, communications and power on these moons, letting the Cats there die slowly.

A Wing and a Prayer: an Ace's View, by Colonel Winfield T. Hart (retired)
Enterprise Press, 2675

While we left the Kilrathi miners suffocate, the capital ships deorbited, going deep inside the gravity well of the planet, jamming all communications as our Ferret squadrons made sure noone would carry a message of our presence.

In hindsight, we should have connected the dots when we were surprised by a quick reaction force on our way out of the system. The shipyard must have had some stealth fighters that sneaked out of range of our jammers, but by then, our tactics were not yet properly updated, so we had holes in our coverage that the Cats exploited.

It didn't save them, though, as I barely had the time to land before the admiral wanted me back outside to escort one of our destroyers on an attack run on the shipyard.

A Wing and a Prayer: an Ace's View, by Colonel Winfield T. Hart (retired)
Enterprise Press, 2675

Wing Commander 3 Coverage Expanded Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

This is also the time of year when we refresh our Background and Development Archive sections. These pages try to encapsulate all the useful or remarkable artifacts and bits of knowledge that we report on in our daily news updates, but can be difficult to keep track of over time. We hope these sections can be a good starting-off point for anyone just now wanting to learn about a classic Wing Commander game they found on GOG, or a more seasoned player wanting to research a certain topic in-depth. With the Wing Commander 3 anniversary coming up, this year's efforts focus on that title. Below you can find a birds eye overview of the new additions.
  • Background: Essential (fan-created) tools and patches, noteworthy articles, manuals, Saturn and Jaguar port information.
  • Game Design: Storyboards, the production book, the ESRB tape.
  • Artwork: Various props you'll recognize, many sketches, mysterious ships left on the drawing board, things you can only see in the 3DO port, and Wing 3 inspired CCG card designs.
  • Advertising: Early screenshots, interviews with cast or crew, magazine previews, press clippings, set visit photographs, miscellaneous swag.
  • Manuals: A page that was cut from the Kilrathi Saga manual.
  • Errata: A hidden stat screen and secret memory glitches.

Color Selection Returns to Chat Zone Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Maintaining different color schemes for our discussion boards used to involve styling dozens of tiny images for the various buttons and labels, so at some point we picked one scheme that matched our homepage reasonably well and stuck with it. Fortunately, XenForo's user interface components are entirely CSS based, allowing a return to user-selectable color schemes! All we have to provide is a matching CIC logo. Look below for our hi-res logo in the various CIC colors that you are familiar with -- and perhaps a few others! You can find the style selection button near the bottom of any Chat Zone page. These updated logos will also make an appearance in our classic Guides and Ships sections.

Focus on News Collections Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The News Collections section is where we package up sets of news updates that follow a specific theme for easier consumption. Here are a few we've just added:

Previous collections include our memorials for developers and artists that have passed away, an overview of our anniversary updates and the April Fools slates.

CIC Logo Evolution Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Eagle-eyed visitors may have spotted that our logo looks a little bit sharper today. We've made a double resolution version available to supporting browsers. The leap in quality isn't quite as large as when the logo was recreated from scratch with WC4DVD footage, but it's a noticeable upgrade on high dpi screens nonetheless. Below you can see how today's logo compares to the original from 1998. The CIC itself has gone through a few page design iterations over our long history. We posted an overview for last year's anniversary here.

Housekeeping Continues Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The CIC website is made up of thousands of pages and dozens of sections, some dating back to our earliest days. Inevitably, some links will break over time as things get moved around or reworked. For last year's anniversary, we put in a huge effort to fix broken links and iron out various visual issues around the website. This year, we continued along this line, but with a heavy focus on our 1998-2012 news archive. Our current layout was rolled out in 2012 and was based on (then) modern HTML and CSS features, while our substantial back catalog of news articles was composed with an older stack in mind. In addition, some updates contained minor HTML glitches that the browsers of yesteryear probably just glossed over or silently fixed (hence why they went unnoticed at the time of publishing), but that modern browsers no longer put up with. This could result in a link not showing up or stranger effects, like half a sentence disappearing from view.
  • Some 6,000 updates have been edited, many of them by hand.
  • These edits fixed links, made the HTML valid, and added the Lightbox feature to any image galleries.
  • When viewing a single update or update slate, the recent stories block below it is now rendered in a "masonry" style. Do you like it, or is it too click-baitey? Let us know in the comments!
  • Minuscule visual tweaks around the site that are too numerous to mention.

Happy Birthday Dundradal! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We used to celebrate the party on the CIC's original August 10 anniversary, but often that doesn't work out for us logistically anymore. Nevertheless, this year we managed to time the party to fall on Dundradal's actual birthday. Happy Birthday Dund! Hope it's been a good one so far!

New Poll: Still With Us? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've been around for quite a few years, and new fans have been joining the community for the entire time. It's always interesting to see the spread from old timers that found us in the '90s compared to newbies that weren't even alive back then (we also appreciate people who are old timers but just now found the site!). Vote below to let everyone see when you joined in.

The old poll asked which faction logo was your favorite. Perhaps not too surprisingly, the Confed Star won out, but in a major upset, the UBW beat back the Kilrathi for second place! The Black Lance also had a surprisingly low fourth place turnout.

Closing Thanks Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

And that's it for the front page! But the party continues! Come on back to #Wingnut on Discord to rejoin the fun! The livestream broadcast will also continue well into the night. There's lots of people we'd like to thank for helping make today possible. This has been a HUGE year for fan projects with a ton of absolutely marvelous efforts in full swing. Howard Day, DefianceIndustries, Popsicle Pete, Pedro, L.I.F./Rufus, UnnamedCharacter, Goliath, Dark Sentinel and Denis Loubet are just some of the people who are killing it this year. This makes our job tremendously fun since there's so much to report on. Once again, KrisV has outdone himself in literally keeping the website online from a technical perspective and doing all of the behind-the-scenes maintenance and upgrades that nobody else will touch.

And completely sincerely, I'd like to thank all of YOU for coming. It's the shared excitement and spectacle of the annual CIC birthday that makes it special. The CIC staff could hang out any time, but knowing that we get to do it in such an environment with all of you really puts it over the line for us!

Last, but not least, I'd also like to personally congratulate LOAF and Dundradal for running such an engaging and creative Wing Commander show. I mentioned to LOAF years ago that this would be a dream of mine, but it would probably be too much work to pull off. I imagined it'd just be audio back then and definitely under an hour, and somehow they pull off a three-hour WEEKLY multimedia variety show. The work Trelane and LeHah do behind the scenes is also very important. I'm completely dedicated to daily website updates to show the enduring nature of our fandom and community, but being able to see the excitement about Wing Commander in each week's live broadcast really takes this to the next level!

You Are Cordially Invited... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

To the Wing Commander Combat Information Center's 21st birthday celebration! TONIGHT at 7:00 PM Eastern US (4:00 PM Pacific and 11:00 PM GMT) in #Wingnut - now on Discord! BONUS: A special episode of All Wings Considered will precede the formal party! We expect this to start at 4:00 PM Eastern US (1:00 PM Pacific and 8:00 PM GMT) - please tune in!


  • Amazing updates from virtually all of your favorite fan projects!
  • LIVE in your face, the biggest gathering of CIC Staff for a streaming event!
  • Alcohol, because now we're legal in all CIC jurisdictions!
  • Lots of fellow fans chiming in through text and audio!
  • The return to flexible customizability!
  • Twenty-fifth anniversary revelry for Wing Commander 3!
  • Trivia - from Grathas to Ghellen lan Dorv!
  • Cake... and more!
So point your browser to Discord, channel #WingNut! It works easily on the web or via mobile app.

New Stream Highlights Enyo 1 on the CD32 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Last week we posted about an Amiga promotion that highlighted the CD32 port of Wing Commander. While this is a relatively unknown version of WC1 for most fans, we heard from Wingnuts who fondly recalled waiting for this game. So to help whet the appetite of those folks as well as educate people who might not be as familiar with this iteration, here's a new playthrough by Shiryu. It's about twenty minutes of footage from the first mission. I love these because everyone knows Enyo 1 like the back of their hand, so all of the little micro differences really stand out!

All Wings Considered - Episode 22 - LIVE! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include:

  • Privateer Replay: breaking blockades and dodging rocks!
  • What if Wing Commander III didn't take place in 2669?
  • We learn all about stars, nebulas and planets
  • Privateer 2 ships of the week: the Freij and Freij Mk II!

Missed the stream? The replay will be available below once it has been processed by YouTube. You can subscribe to the AWC channel for future notifications here.

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Wing Leader Introduces Flyable Dralthi Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've gotten some good looks at the static Dralthi cockpit in Wing Leader, but now Howard Day has given us our first look at the fighter in action. The alien VDUs and display readouts look especially fantastic. Battle damage and other finishing touches are also already incorporated. This is another 60fps video, so you can see again how smooth it looks below!
Dralthi updates! Enjoy!

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Released! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The highly anticipated launch of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is here! Our previous coverage has highlighted many of the things that made it a great tribute to Wing Commander and a fun game on its own. LOAF and Dundradal also got a chance to fly around in a preview copy in the last episode of All Wings Considered (returning this Thursday!), and they had a blast. You can check out their playthrough below (jump to 30:15 if it doesn't autostart in the right place). Chief developer and Wingnut Travis Baldree also put together a nifty 'getting started' video to acquaint players to RGO. You can grab for PC it on the Epic Game Store now for $29.99. Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports have been announced for future release.

1996 Ad Highlights Anticipation For WC4 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Comic Book Ads has spotted a neat advert for Wing Commander 4. It's a derivative of a print we saw a number of years ago that spelled out various magazine accolades. This variant highlights just one from Next Generation Magazine, "One of the most eagerly awaited games of 1996." That was certainly true! (although it was originally due out in December 1995) It's interesting to see the other minor differences: Tolwyn's profile is cropped further away, the fonts are overhauled and it's listed as "Available now on PC CD-ROM!" It seems like the version with the three quotes came later, since they're all citing actual reviews, and there's a small red logo denoting the Macintosh version, which was released four months later in June 1996.

'Shades of Magenta' Enable WC1's Dynamic Cockpits Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

UnnamedCharacter has discovered another nifty developer trick in the code of Wing Commander. By observing what gets loaded into active memory while playing the game, he noticed how certain palette colors become blanked out and then revert back to magenta/red as the ship takes damage. This is how parts of the cockpit flicker when taking damage! Here he is to walked through the details:
Shades of Magenta

The following images are two different representation of the game palette. The first image represents the colors as extracted from the GAME.PAL file and the second represents the colors as extracted from game memory. Notice how several of the magenta colors have been blacked out when loaded into memory.

At first I found that curious: Does the game not use those colors? Often time magenta is used to indicate a transparent color, but several of them? Then I remembered what seemed like an oddity of the radar screens in the cockpit image of each ship.
When all put together and observing the behaviour of the game it becomes clear. When taking a hit on your ship, the space background turns to red and so does the radar area representing the location hit. Instead of redrawing the individual sections of the radar screen, the specific color position in the palette is change and every time the screen is redrawn, the appropriate color is shown.
What a clever way to provide a wonderful bit of feedback to help a pilot know where enemy fire is coming from.

Happy Birthday CIC! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Happy Birthday, friends! Today marks 21 years of the Wing Commander CIC at! We first opened our doors in 1998, and it's been a crazy ride ever since. We're super happy to have made it this far with all of you. As we've previously announced, we'll be formally celebrating the event in an enormous chat party and livestream next weekend. It's easy to join the fun in #Wingnut on the CIC's Discord Server. The YouTube video link will be provided here closer to the event. Mark your calendars for 7:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm PDT and 11:00 pm GMT) on Saturday, August 17. We can't wait to see you there - it's going to be super fun!

1993 Video Covers CD32 Port Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Jason Dugs has posted a neat mini documentary/commercial for the Amiga CD32. It's narrated in German, but the vintage visuals speak for themselves. The Amiga port of Wing Commander is lesser known than its PC counterpart, but the Amiga CD32 console port is even more obscure. It adds back in 256 colors similar to the DOS edition. It's a pretty cool reference for the archive!
This special shows games for Amiga CD32 and Commodore CDTV and explains something about the origin and why both systems have failed. There is also a commercial for the games Banshee, Wing Commander and Defender of the Crown II.

Listen to the Prophecy Advance Soundtrack Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Classic Vgm Soundtracks has posted the music for Wing Commander Prophecy on the Game Boy Advance. As we know from the History of Raylight Games, the developers did not have access to the source tracks and had to make this from scratch. Prophecy Advance's audio may not be as technically impressive as its 3D engine, but all aspects of the game are vastly under appreciated, so we love to see stuff like this. Jump ahead a few minutes if the intro music seems to run long and enjoy!

Wildcat Streamlined, Upgraded & Armed Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

DefianceIndustries' conceptual Wildcat has gotten a handful of tweaks. In particular, the recognizable wingtips, nose shape and engine position have been changed to improve the lineage connection to the Hellcat. The ship's also gotten four external missile hard points, which make it look rather tough!
I got noodling on my doodling again (sorry it's been a long week already). And the things that to me say "this is a Hellcat" are the downward pointing wing tips, squared-off and stubby nose, overall delta shape, and 3 main drives. Otherwise it's a Bearcat XD. So I didn't want to just throw a 3rd engine on the back, it would ruin the tail assembly, so I tried offsetting an engine along the centerline. Above the hull oddly caused the ship to look A) too much like a viper and B) it kind of messed up the lines. So I stuck the engine on the ventral hull and I think it looks pretty good - it blends in better with the lines and gives it a bit of "meat" on the tail section. The change necessitated moving the canards outboard a bit but it gives them a secondary purpose as additional protection for the 3rd engine. Finally because this is a WC1/2 version it needed external missile pylons - so I gave it 2x Javelin and 2X Darts for fun which would pair nicely with the 4x laser cannons. (I figure this would be a medium fighter somewhere between a Hornet and a Scimitar).
On an unrelated note, LOAF is traveling this week, so tomorrow's episode of All Wings Considered will likely be rescheduled for Sunday.

Dralthi Getting Upgrades Inside & Out Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Attention flying pancake fans! Today's all about the Dralthi. First up, Howard Day has started building the interior cockpit for the Dralthi in Wing Leader. The preview below compares it to the peek we got in Secret Missions 2. It's off to a wonderful start! He's working on the subtle coloration now. Here's three different variants that he's current asking for feedback on:
Tuesday Opinion time! For the Dralthi cockpit, I'm toying with adding some subtle color ramping to the metal tubing throughout the cockpit. Which is best: plain original gray, brown, or blue?
Additionally, Goliath has taken Howard's updated Dralthi model and incorporated it into the Sprite Refresh, which is another cool WC1-centric project. Whereas Howie is recoding the engine from the ground up, Goliath is finding clever ways to incorporate higher quality assets into the original engine. And it's just fantastic to see how far both projects can go when they work together! Finally, here's some sprite spinners of the new Dralthi model that we missed posting originally. There's both a standard and ace variant, which is pretty sweet!

HG101 Conducts Hardcore Profile of Wing Commander Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Hardcore Gaming 101 has kicked off a lengthy two-part Wing Commander retrospective. It's not too uncommon to find a classic review of Wing Commander here or there, but author AB Silvera has gone into considerable depth this time around. The piece starts with a nice introduction to the history of Origin and how the company went from being Ultima-centric to branching out to games such as Wing Commander. That's followed up with some solid backstory on how Chris Roberts found himself making the game in Austin. The article also goes into detail concerning ports and expansions, which is subject we're particular fond of. This includes five-way screenshots to show how people and places could differ from one platform to the next. It's great to see someone spend so much time to scratch beneath the surface! Check out both segments below:
'In the distant future, mankind is locked in a deadly war...'

As Kilrathi fighters fly past, laser bolts shoot past and one explodes into little pieces. Its enemy, a triumphant Earth fighter, turns away while giving the player a good view of its design. As the score soars, the title comes into view: WING COMMANDER. You are a nameless 2nd Lieutenant in the Terran Confederation Space Force. Your mission: save humanity from the evil claws of the Kilrathi Empire!

It's not an understatement to say Wing Commander looked like nothing else at the time, for many reasons. Its clearly defined storyline, characters, and cutscenes rivaled the most ambitious RPGs in the market. While a space sim, it emphasized quick reflexes instead of exploration, as well as tactically deploying your wingman. Add the most sweeping, military-symphonic score your MIDI-enabled sound card could muster, and a branching mission system, beautifully rendered ship interiors, a performance-based promotion system, a box packed full of lore-heavy literature, ship blueprints, and — you get the picture. The game was presented as a prestige product, showing that Origin was betting big on Wing Commander. And the bet paid off.

Bonus AWC Hangout! Sunday Privateer Grind Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's a lazy Sunday here at CIC central, which is a great opportunity to get ahead before starting up Righteous Fire. All the fancy new gear is not cheap, so LOAF's strapped into the cockpit to earn some extra credits!
Sunday afternoon grind in a special bonus All Wings Considered hangout! Join me for Privateer and conversation.

Space Game Junkie Turning up Fandom to 11 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

As the CIC's 21st Birthday fast approaches, it's easy to find ourselves thinking back to how things have changed over the decades. I remember stressing about how it felt like we were late to the game in 1998 since there were already so many well established Wing Commander and space sim websites out there and we were starting fresh post-WCHS. Eventually, hundreds of other sites faded away, and while there's still a few great ones out there, not a whole lot of new entrants appear. Some of the ones that do only live in social media.

So it's especially exciting when someone does kick off a new site, puts down roots on the web and dedicates themselves to the space sim genre. In my mind, Space Game Junkie is one of these new places out there, but it's actually not very new at all. Brian Rubin founded the site way back in 2011 and has been steadily building a larger following all this time. He got a job shortly after the site first appeared, and it's been a busy part-time hobby ever since. However, he recently lost that job, and he's decided to focus full time on SGJ! We applaud the commitment, and we're excited to see what he does to help bring more space sim fans into the fold next! Check him out on the web as well as Twitter, YouTube and various other platforms. If you like what you see, you can help fund the effort on Patreon. The new push kicks off next week!

I'm writing because I recently announced I was taking Space Game Junkie full-time, and the outpouring of support has been amazing and humbling.

First off, let me say again, THANK YOU!

This means daily streams, more written content, and more of the content we already do. Read about it here, and if you could, please help me spread the word.

But OMG things are happening! Thank you all again, so much, for your support and your faith in me.

Wild Design Serves as Hellcat Inspiration Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

DefianceIndustries took a break from recreating well known ships from Wing Commander to do a concept sketch. The Wildcat fighter is introduced in Action Stations, and the implication is that it was a precursor to the Hellcat just like their WW2 ancestors. The result draws some clear parallels to well known designs while simultaneously introducing multiple unique design elements that could be considered throwback retro cues. And with its four guns and twin engines, it looks like a potent little fighter!
Oodles of Doodles. One of the advantages of having all day mandatory training is that you have time to do some doodling... not that I'd ever recommend anyone do that of course, your full attentions should always be on your course work...

Anyway I started noodling on what a Wildcat might look like, as a predecessor to the Hellcat it should share some design similarities but would look a bit more anime styled ala WC1/2. So I worked from there. The end result isn't really that I don't think but it did come out looking alot like what a regular F-45 Hellcat might look like in Super Wing Commander. So yeah here is my SWC Hellcat doodle... that I totally did on my lunch break... C&C Welcome as always definitely has that Rapier vibe to it. It isn't distinct enough to fit in the SWC canon per se - considering how wacky they all are. But that's why I gave it the single vertical stabilizer, which is practically unknown in WC 1-3 and SWC. But it does kind of fill a niche between the SWC Hornet and a Scimitar (demon). The backwards spikey things were just a stylistic choice... er I mean they maintain the super-quantum hydro-spatial tachyon field in a state of partial flux; which, as we all know, is essential for the safe operation of space craft at the speeds in which they operate...

All Wings Considered - Episode 21 - LIVE! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include:

  • Privateer! It's almost Centurion time.
  • We jump to another dimension!
  • Privateer 2 ship of the week: the Faldari Mk. II

Missed the stream? The replay will be available below once it has been processed by YouTube. You can subscribe to the AWC channel for future notifications here.

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