Wing Commander: Prophecy

Wing Commander Prophecy pushed the cutting edge of technology with 3D accelerator cards. While the game was designed for the 3Dfx Glide technology which is no longer prominent, its use of 3d hardware makes it stand out in the graphics department many years after its release. The cinematic storyline focuses on young Lieutenant Lance Casey aboard the newly commissioned TCS Midway. Commodore Blair is overseeing the ship's maiden voyage when strange signals are detected from the Kilrah System. An alien fleet is pouring out of an artificial jump gate and seems to be fulfilling a Kilrathi prophecy about the end of the universe. Casey and company must halt the invasion force and learn more about their enemy to counter future incursions. In 2003, a Gameboy Advance port was released.

Wing Commander arrived in 1990 with the force of a supernova and each successive game in the series has outshone all other games. Now the brightest star yet, more vivid and intense than ever before, Wing Commander: Prophecy is the ultimate sci-fi combat simulation.

At the sight of the Confederation's greatest triumph, a new nemesis appears. An unimaginable threat, foretold in ancient prophecy. As a raw recruit on an untested ship, are you prepared to face the inferno before you?


Where to buy

The original can be found on various auction sites and works well in Windows 7 or higher. The easiest way to enjoy the game on a modern computer and operating system, is to buy it as a digital download from Good Old Games.

Playing the game

Don't know how to land your ship? Stuck on a particularly difficult mission? The following items may be of help:

Included game documentation

ICIS Manual


Behind the scenes

Detailed release information

Windows 95 CD

  • Published by Electronic Arts
  • Released 1997-12-12
  • The original release for PC.

Windows 95 CD Deluxe

  • Published by Electronic Arts
  • Includes everything the original release had plus a 16 page Hint Book and an audio CD with one track: Cobalt 60 Prophecy Theme (Terminal Mix).

Windows 95 DVD

  • Never mass produced or sold. Created for bundling with a Creative Labs Encore DVD kit, but never materialized. Prophecy owners can upgrade their copy with high resolution movie files from the DVD edition.

Prophecy Gold

  • Released 1998-10-14
  • Includes a fourth CD-Rom with Wing Commander: Secret Ops and an updated ICIS manual.

Prophecy for Gameboy Advance

  • Released 2003-05-28
  • The entire game redone as a handheld port. Video sequences are done as either on-the-fly rendered segments or talking heads. Includes a multiplayer mode.


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