Wing Commander End Run

End Run contains two stories: the short story "Wing Commander: Milk Run" by Christopher Stasheff and the titular novel by William R. Forstchen.


For generations the Terrans have battled the alien Kilrathi to a standstill. But now the slightly superior human technology is slowly, but at an accelerating pace, giving way before the vast resources the cat-like beings can bring to bear.

For the Kilrathi, the stakes are high: their continued existence as an expanding imperial power.

For us the stakes are continued existence, period. Our only hope is a long shot, a surprise strike at the heart of Kilrathi power, a suicidal End Run...


Alternate version? ISBN 1555940560 / 978-1555940560, listed as an import on Amazon.

Update: every 'alternate' copy I order is the original book with the original SKU; not sure why extra ISBNs are listed in the world.


Wing Commander Nálet bez návratu (Czech translation)

Wing Commander Der Hinterhalt (German translation)


This German translation has a more literal plot description for a title: "The Ambush."

Wing Commander Расплата (Russian translation)


The title of this Russian edition translates to "The Reckoning."

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