Wing Commander Freedom Run


When first announced, the initial Baen Wing Commander package included plans for a third novel to be written by Ellen Guon and Jerry Pournelle. The book was never contracted and was replaced by Wing Commander Fleet Action by William R. Forstchen. The rumored title, Freedom Run, comes from a Mercedes Lackey Usenet FAQ which listed it as a rumored future project to be written by Ellen Guon.

Point of Origin (May 22, 1992):

The third book may include the death of the Tiger's Claw, but it won't hit stores for at least 18 to 24 months. This one will be penned by Jerry Pournelle of BYTE fame and once again, Ellen Guon. Maybe we ought to put her back on ccMail…
Jerry Pournelle (November 2007):
I don't remember how that news got out. I much admired Ellen's novel, but I certainly never had a contract to do a Wing Commander novel. Lost in the mists of time, I guess. I liked the Wing Commander game series a lot, and Privateer is certainly among my top five favorite games ever.
Ellen Guon (November 2007):
Unfortunately, for various reasons (mostly contractual), that novel never happened. Sorry to disappoint you!

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