Wing Commander Books in Germany

From Aachen to Zwuschen, Germany is full of weird and wonderful things... and no where is this better exemplified than in its large collection of Wing Commander books. From translated Wing Commander novels with awesome new covers to hint books with F-15s on them, Germany is the Wing Commander book collector's holy land.

This page lists translated editions of Baen Books' Wing Commander series (plus HarperCollins' Wing Commander movie adaptation). The extensive list of German Game Guides can be browsed in the menu on the right hand side. The unofficial guides (hint books published without corporate approval) are usually original German works, and frequently feature very professional color artwork.

Wing Commander Die Befreier

Translation of Wing Commander Freedom Flight.

Wing Commander Der Hinterhalt

Translation of Wing Commander End Run.


This German translation has a more literal plot description for a title: "The Ambush."

Wing Commander Die Geheimflotte

Translation of Wing Commander Fleet Action.

Wing Commander Das Herz Des Tigers

Translation of Wing Commander Heart of the Tiger.


This was the first German Wing Commander novel to use an alternate cover. The artwork is a painting by Romas Kukalis which originally appeared in 1993 as the cover to Turning Point by Lisanne Norman, the first book in the Sholan Alliance series.

Wing Commander Der Preis Der Freiheit

Translation of Wing Commander The Price of Freedom.


The cover art by Romas Kukalis originally appeared in 1996 as the cover to The Long Hunt by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald, the fifth book in the Mageworlds series.

Wing Commander Die Bedrohung

Translation of Wing Commander Action Stations.


The cover of this German translation of the novel is based on a painting by Don Maitz for the 1989 C.J. Cherryh novel "Rimrunners". Read more here.

Wing Commander Das Buch Zum Film

Translation of Wing Commander Movie Novelization.


Rather than use a movie screen capture, the German publisher has adopted the Baen-style cover layout (complete with an appropriate piece of slush artwork). It's also worth noting that the movie novel was the fifth Wing Commander book published in Germany (it was the eighth in the United States).

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