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Anyone have any Idea if Mass Drivers and Mass Accelereators atlest in the WCU are the same thing? the Drathi mk III has one. Dralthi III/VI/VII

Voices of War says that the Mass Accelerator "delivers light damage using blasts of sub-atomic particles." Pretty different from the mass driver. Also, the Dralthi Mk. III's armament is supposed to be analogous to that of the Arrow, which was armed with lasers. They seem like very different weapons with very similar names.--Vinman 11:38, 1 September 2007 (CDT)

Also, I'm fairly certain this article and the gun should be called just "mass driver" as opposed to "mass driver cannon." I don't see why you have taken the liberty to add cannon in there where it isn't needed. Maybe I'm wrong but it just sounds really odd to say it that way --AD 15:53, 1 September 2007 (CDT)

Sometimes it is listed as a Cannon (Raptor) but then again the MK 30A Gatling Mass Driver Cannon may be a different type of gun.

It was sometimes refered to as Mass Driver Cannon (Claw Marks, Voices of War, Star*Soldier) and other times as just Mass Driver. Since most of the other guns ended with either "gun" or "cannon", as in Laser Cannon, Flak Gun, Tachyon Gun, etc. I decided to use this version. But if everybody thinks it should be the other way, just tell me how to change the title and I will. Red Heartagram

This way is probably fine. I was forgetting some of the other references. That's what I get for not checking I guess. (it still sounds odd this way to me though, but I guess there's no real reason to change it)--AD 17:38, 2 September 2007 (CDT)


Temp Storage of good article:

The Mass Driver Cannon was a common weapon on both fighters and light defender ships following its introduction in 2650. The gun used a linear accelerator to fire projectiles of metallic mass at a target. The mass driver was a staple in the Terran arsenal and was even used against planets and asteroids.

The mass driver was reliable and accurate, with medium-to-long range and good damage potential. Heat buildup, refire time, and power drain were minimal, and the gun required less energy per shot than most blasters.

An upgraded version of the mass driver, the Charging Mass Driver, was introduced sometime prior to 2681 and saw action during the early days of the Nephilim War. The weapon incorporated a "choke" setting. A thinner choke yielded a higher rate of fire and used less energy, but did less damage at a shorter range. A wider choke inflicted more damage and had a longer range, but took more energy had a slower refire rate. The dynamics of the mass driver's adjustability was determined by the length of time the pilot held down the trigger.

Gar's Emporium in the Antares Quadrant was selling Mk.30A Mass Driver Cannons for 1,500 credits in 2701.

Variant Comparison

Stat\Variant 2654 2665 2669 (In the Gemini Sector) 2669 (From Chief Tech Rachel Corilois's GIF Report) 2669 (From Borger's All The Sector's Weapons Systems) 2669 (TCN Gunnery Officer Marcus O'Donnell's report) 2673 2681 2701 (Mk.30A Mass Driver Cannon)
Damage: ? ? ? ? ? 20 dpph Heavy: 50 CM Standard: 35, Charging: 300 ?
Velocity: ? ? 1100 kph ? ? 2000 kph Heavy: 1200 k Standard: 3600, Charging: 2200 1100 kps
Range: ? ? ? ? 2000 k 2500 km ? Standard: 2000, Charging: 3600 ?
Refire Delay: ? ? 0.6 Sec. ? 0.30 Sec. .14 Sec. Heavy: 450 MS Standard: .30 Sec., Charging: Charge Time of 2.5 0.35 Sec.
Armor Penetration: ? ? 2.6 cm ? 45 ? ? ? 2.6 cm
Energy Use: ? ? 6 GJ ? 12 nJ ? Heavy: 50 nJ Standard: 12, Charging: 85 6 GJ

Ships Known To Equip Mass Driver Cannons