A-18 Crossbow

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A-18 Crossbow
WCA Crossbow Header Image 2.png
Type Bomber
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Pirates
Introduction 2667
General Characteristics
Crew 2 Pilot and Gunner

The A-18 Crossbow is a bomber in the service of the Terran Confederation. A contingent of Crossbows destroyed the KIS Grakneth'Dak.


SO1 Player SO1 Pirates Academy Manual
Length 24 meters
Mass Small Small 40 tonnes
Ship Number 15 15
Class Bomber Bomber Bomber
Shield Recharge 4 5
Damage Flag No No
Maximum Speed 370 kps 370 kps 370 kps
Cruise Speed 200 kps
Acceleration Rate 2 1 Average
Yaw Rate 8 3 8 dps
Pitch Rate 8 3 8 dps
Roll Rate 8 4 8 dps
Guns Neutron Gun (2)
Mass Driver Cannon (3)
Neutron Gun (2)
Particle Cannon (2)
Neutron Gun (2)
Mass Driver Cannon (3)
Missiles Pilum FF (3) Pilum FF (2) Pilum FF (3)
Torpedoes Torpedoes (4) Torpedoes (2) Torpedoes (4)
Turret Turret Gun (2, rear) Turret Gun (2, rear) Turret Gun (2, rear)
Tractor Beam Rear Turret Rear Turret
Front Shield 500 units 200 units 25 cm
Rear Shield 500 units 200 units 25 cm
Front Armor 400 units 150 units 20 cm
Rear Armor 400 units 150 units 20 cm
Left Armor 350 units 100 units 25 cm
Right Armor 350 units 100 units 25 cm
Jump Capable Yes



Wing Commander Academy


Wing Commander Academy


Special Operations 1

Wing Commander Academy

TCSN Academy Simulator Handbook

The Crossbow is a formidable Confederation anti-capital ship bomber. It combines impressive armor and shields with good maneuverability and traveling velocity. The fighter is equipped with torpedoes, Friend-or-Foe missiles and an array of blasters that include a rear turret. It was a contingent of Crossbows that destroyed the Grakneth’ Dak, a Kilrathi capital ship first sighted near Gorath.



The 3D mesh that was ultimately used for the Crossbow introduced in Special Operations 1 was originally built for Wing Commander 2 where it was intended to be used for what was called the Crossbow-class corvette. The Crossbow corvette was one of several ships cut from the game to reduce the overall size but the assets were reused in 1992 for a new ship Special Operations 1 also called the Crossbow (now a bomber). As part of this process, the Special Operations 1 artists re-textured the mesh to appear to be a smaller spacecraft, replacing multiple decks with a single cockpit and dropping the green-with-yellow-numbers color scheme associated with Wing Commander II's capital ships. The original Crossbow texture scheme is still visible in one place: for Wing Commander Academy, artists rendered a 'turnaround' of each ship which rotate when selected on the mission design menu. The new sprites were rendered from the original Crossbow corvette rather than the Special Operations 1 update, making the green paint scheme visible. The original corvette-textured Crossbow model created by Origin for the game is available for download here. Additionally, a set of specifications for the cut ship have been identified from a preserved printout of Wing Commander II's in-progress ship statistics.


Crossbow Corvette -CUT-
Mass 400
Ship Number 15
Class Capital Ship
Scale 0x400
Shield Recharge 5
Fuel 300000
Damage 70
Explosive Force 20000
Maximum Speed 35 kps
Cruise Speed 10 kps
Acceleration Rate 1
Yaw Rate 4
Pitch Rate 4
Roll Rate 4
Angular Inertial 4000
Guns Particle Cannon (2)
Missiles Spiculum IR (8)
Torpedoes Torpedo (4)
Turret Flak Turret (2)
Front Shield 200 units
Rear Shield 200 units
Front Armor 150 units
Rear Armor 150 units
Left Armor 100 units
Right Armor 100 units