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Type Heavy Fighter
Primary User Empire of Kilrah
Introduction 2655
General Characteristics
Length 28 meters
Mass 22 tonnes
Maximum Yaw 12 dps
Maximum Pitch 10 dps
Maximum Roll 15 dps
Cruise 300 kps
Maximum 380 kps
Mass Driver Cannon (2)

Neutron Guns (2)

Default Missile Loadout
Stalker HS (1)

Claw IR (1)

Fore 15 cm equivalent
Aft 18 cm equivalent
Front 18 cm
Rear 14 cm
Right 17 cm
Left 17 cm
Hhriss Target Identification, circa 2655.


A successor in essence to the less famous Gratha, the Hhriss represented another attempt by the Kilrathi Empire to replicate the 'technology over numbers' strategy made effective by humanity. Hhriss units began entering service in 2655 aboard newly updated Snakeir-Class Carriers (this deployment tactic would be repeated in 2668, with the Vatari/Hakaga pairing). The Terran Confederation first encountered the Hhriss during fighting in the Ardai System; the design would become well known soon after, as both regular and Drakhai Hhriss units flocked to Firekka as part of the show of force behind the Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony.

Though the Hhriss never saw wide-scale use, it still holds a place in the small collection of Kilrathi fighters truly respected by their Terran opponents.

The Secret Missions 2

Mission Appearances

Conversational References

Computer Gaming World - July 1991 - Joan's Supplement

The newest in Kilrathi spacecraft technology, the Hhriss combines strong firepower with a heavy layer of an experimental lightweight alloy armor. This fighter was first encountered in the Antares Sector in Secret Missions 2: Crusade.