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This article is about the light fighter. For other uses, see Stiletto (disambiguation).

Privateer - Sprite - Stiletto - Perspective.png
Type Light Fighter
Primary User Terran Confederation Space Force

The F-71 Stiletto is a class of Terran Confederation light fighter. The Stiletto once held the record for fastest ship in the fleet. Gabriel Quentin wrote about the spaeccraft in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.

In 2669, a wing of three Stiletto and two Broadswords intercepted Grayson Burrows as he was attempting to smuggle a shipment of Brilliance to New Constantinople for Tayla. Later, two wings of three Stiletto attempted to prevent him from transporting Regis to Castor. In 2670, two Stiletto were part of Commodore Uhler's force responsible for securing Blockade Point Alpha.



Sprite Sheets


Name Stiletto Stiletto
Source Playguide Privateer
Faction Terran Confederation Terran Confederation
Class Light Fighter Light Fighter
Max. Velocity 500 kps 500 kps
Aft. Velocity 1400 kps 1400 kps
Acceleration Excellent 750
Max. YPR Excellent 165/168/175
Power Supply 100 GW
Energy Gauge 130 GJ
Guns Mass Driver (2) Meson Blaster (2)
Weapons Heat Seeking (2) Launcher #1: Image Recognition (2)
Cargo Hold Ejected Pilot
Shields Medium
Levels 2
Power 45 GW
Regen 2
Side Shields 20 cm equiv. each
Fore Shields 20 cm equiv.
Aft Shields 20 cm equiv.
Shield Effect 96%
Side Armor 7 cm equiv. each 7 cm equiv. each
Fore Armor 9 cm equiv. 9 cm equiv.
Aft Armor 8 cm equiv. 8 cm equiv.
Upgrades Afterburners


Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


The Stiletto is the fastest ship in the Confederation fleet. With an afterburner velocity of 1400 kps and excellent maneuverability, it can evade even the swiftest Kilrathi fighters. The Stiletto's weakness lies in its extremely flimsy armor and relatively light weapons loadout. If you encounter an experienced pilot in a Stiletto, however, you should prepare for grueling combat because his high maneuverability lets him get uncomfortably close.


Behind the Screens

The Stiletto was designed for Wing Commander Privateer but it was first seen in Origin FX.

The Stiletto was originally to be named Dagger.

A unique piece of debris was created for the Stiletto but it was not included in the final release of Wing Commander Privateer.

HCl has created Stiletto Patch, a fan patch that allows players to fly the Stiletto in Privateer.

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