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Type Heavy Fighter
Primary User Kilrathi Empire
General Characteristics
Length 36 meters
Mass 18 tonnes
Crew 1 (Pilot)
Maximum Yaw 6 dps
Maximum Pitch 6 dps
Maximum Roll 6 dps
Acceleration Average
Cruise 200 kps
Maximum 320 kps
Laser Cannons (2)

Mass Driver Cannons (2)

Default Missile Loadout
Claw IR (1)

Stalker HS (3)
Porcupine Mine (2)

Cloaking Device No
Jump Drive No
Fore 11 cm equivalent
Aft 10 cm equivalent
Front 15 cm
Rear 14 cm
Right 10 cm
Left 10 cm
Gratha Target Identification circa 2654
Source Claw Marks
Gratha from the Joan's Fighting Spacecraft supplement in the Vol. 1 No. 4 issue of Claw Marks


The Gratha was a Kilrathi heavy fighter. It was included in Joan's Fighting Spacecraft Vega Sector Supplement for 2654.092.

The first in what would be an extended line of elite heavy fighters, the Gratha's design was patterned after the more complex human fighters which had achieved great success against the Kilrathi tactic of numerical superiority. Grathas drew first blood during a 2654 offensive in the Gateway System. Unfortunately, the Kilrathi fighter doctrine of the fifties did not yet allow for small groups of more sophisticated ships. Rather than assign the precious few Gratha coming online to experienced veterans, sector command formed units made up entirely of newly commissioned Fourth Fangs. As a result, Gratha squadrons suffered heavy losses against experienced Confederation fighters during the final months of the Vega campaign.

Though their rocky deployment meant they would never come to receive the respect associated with later fighters like the Hhriss or the Bloodfang, the Gratha nonetheless went on to enjoy a long and successful career. When Kilrah comissioned its first light carriers, Gratha squadrons were the first choice for space superiority duty. Gratha would continue to find a home on fleet carriers for more than fourteen years, capping off their service with an appearance at the 2668 Battle of Terra. It was thereafter replaced by the Hhriss and other new heavy fighter variants.

The Kilrathi also refer to the command and control variant of their Naktarg-Class Shuttle as Gratha. The two ships are not related.

Wing Commander

Joan's Fighting Spacecraft - Vega Sector Supplement for 2654.092

Class Heavy Fighter WC1-Gratha.png
Length 36 meters
Mass 18 tonnes
Max Velocity: 320 KPS
Cruising velocity: 200 KPS
Afterburner Velocity: 1040 KPS
Acceleration: Average
Max. YPR 6/6/14 DPS
Weapons Laser Cannon (2)
Mass Driver Cannon (2)
Claw Image-Recognition (1)
Stalker Heatseeker (2)
Space Mine (3)
Armor (Fore/Aft/Sides) 14/12/10
Shields (Fore/Aft) 10/9.5 cm
Shield Recharge: 4 seconds
Missile Decoys: none
Jump Capable: No
Service Entry: 2654