Roman Lynch - Mission C

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Roman Lynch - Mission C
MM - PRIV - Roman Lynch C.png
Date 2669
Type Cargo Mission
Jumps 3 (New Constantinople, Junction, Castor)
Payment 30,000 credits
Objectives Go to Castor, Nav 1

Deliver cargo to Romulus

Cargo Mission Cargo (1)

Alien Artifact (1)

Designation S2MC
Previous Roman Lynch - Mission B
Next Roman Lynch - Mission D
Saved Game S2MC.SAV

Roman Lynch - Mission C is a mission in Wing Commander Privateer. It may be accessed by talking to Roman Lynch at the bar on New Constantinople in the New Constantinople system after completing Roman Lynch - Mission B.

Mission Description

Smuggle Lynch's cousin Regis from New Constantinople to Castor system, Romulous mining base.

Pays 30000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Castor System
Nav 2 3 Confederation Stiletto confed1 wave 1
3 Confederation Stiletto confed1 wave 2
1 Confederation Broadsword confed1 wave 2


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Lynch

I understand you thwarted Mr. Kroiz, $NM. Well done.
Here's your payment and, as agreed, some additional information.
Your find is of alien origin and, as such, virtually priceless.
Which also means the Confederation will want to keep it from private hands.
To keep your possession of it secret, I've incurred additional expenses...
You want another favor, right?
Mr. Lynch did you a favor, pal.
Better get grateful quick-like...while you can still walk.
I could always get crutches, Miggs...but there's no cure for ugliness.  
I urge you to observe caution with Miggs. My control over him extends only so far.
Actually, my request is personal.
I'll pay you 30,000 credits to take someone off-world.
Do this, and I'll continue to procure the information you seek.
Accept Refuse
Doesn't sound like much to ask. What's the catch?  
My cousin Regis and I share certain business interests.
Sadly, he's been subpoenaed in a murder trial. It would be best if he disappeared.
Uh-huh. Is he a witness...or a suspect?  
He is my cousin, which is enough for you.
Regis enjoys spending time on the Romulus mining base in Castor system.
I suggest you get him out of New Constantinople and take him there.
After you've dropped Regis off, return here for your pay...and more information.
Sorry, Lynch, but we had a deal. I've lived up to it. You haven't.  
I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said your artifact is worth millions of credits...
...credits you'll never see without my help.


Talk to Lynch

My dear cousin Regis called. You have yet to deliver him to Romulus base in Castor.
I did communicate the urgency of the mission, did I not?
Sure. He's the one facing the murder rap.  
A subpoena in a murder trial. I'd advise you not to assume anything.
Yeah, it just makes an ass out of me.
If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Miggs has Kilrah licked.
I'll get your cousin out of New Constantinople safely, Lynch.
Just make sure you deliver the goods on the artifact when I return.


Talk to Lynch

Pray, $NM, do us both a favor and accept this mission.
My cousin Regis simply cannot appear at that murder trial. I wish him to disappear.
I charge extra for magic tricks, Lynch.  
Magic is not required, only guile and a certain amount of...discretion.
I'll pay you 30,000 credits to fly him to Romulus base in Castor system...
...30,000 payable once you return here. Agreed?
Accept Refuse
Upon returning to your ship, you will find Regis already aboard.
After you've dropped Regis off, return here for your pay...and more information.
Good luck, Captain $NM.
Sorry, Lynch. I've got to follow up on some other leads.


Talk to Miggs

You don't wanna talk to me, 'cause I don't wanna talk to you.
And anyone that makes me do what I don't wanna do gets hurt, painwise, get me?
Mr. Lynch, sitting over there, HE'S the one you wanna talk to... either state your bidness or take a hike, buddy.

In Flight

Arrive at Castor System

We know you are transporting a known felon. Prepare to die, criminal scum!


Talk to Lynch


Sorry I haven't been coming up with the goods, but I'll do better next time.
Regrettably, there shall be no next time.
Your services are no longer required, $NM. Good day to you.
What, you're cutting me off just because of one mess up?  
We had a deal, damn it! You owe me information on that artifact!
That deal was not based upon failure.
Want me to explain it to him, Mr. Lynch?
No, Miggs. $NM is incompetent, not stupid. Good day to you, $CS...
...and trouble me no more!

Privateer Playtester's Guide


Summary After your encounter with Kroiz, Lynch informs you that the artifact is indeed of alien origin and that the government would try to remove it from private ownership if they came to know of its existence. It is extremely valuable. He will continue looking into the matter in exchange for another mission. His cousin needs to get to Romulus (Castor) and you're the man for the job.
Payment 30,000 credits.
Requirements Land at Romulus mining base (Castor) and return to New Constantinople.
Opponents One wave of three hostile Confederation Stilettos (confident pros), then a second wave of three more Stilettos (confident aces) and a hos-tile Confederation Broadsword (a confident ace) at Nov 2 in Castor.
  • Roman Lynch makes this mission sound so easy, except for the part about the confeds knowing about you escorting his cousin, who is a felon, off the planet and to Castor. The Stilettos are very fast seal, of course, the Broadsword will be there to destroy you as well. If you don't have the weapons or time to put up with these guys, afterburner to Castor and pray you make it there alive. — "Deetchman"

WC:CIC Game Guide


A third mission... this one quite risky. Flying Lynch's cousin Regis to Romulus mining base and far from where Confed can get to him. High risk, high pay.


Deliver Lynch's cousin Regis to Romulus Mining Base in Castor System, then return to New Constantinople and meet Lynch in the bar.

Scripted Encounters

Confed upon entering Castor system.


  • The Confed forces in Castor system consist of a first wave of 3 ships, followed by a further 4, all flying Stilettos.

User Comments

Submitted by : Junta ()

Mission : Roman

Comments : 1) No you don't have to shoot at Seelig, but how hard could it be to knock down one Talon? 2) Kroiz and his two buds are so easy to kill - just fly towards them and they'll smash into an asteroid and get killed without you having to do anything.

Submitted by : Helge Helgesen (

Date : Sat Aug 10 18:49:30 2013

Mission :

Comments : jt: You are talking about Righteous Fire, you are in the wrong place!