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Oxford University Quadrangle, circa 2669.

The University of Oxford at Planet Oxford, shortened locally to just Oxford University (not to be confused with the University of Oxford on Earth, which remains the second oldest surviving seat of learning in the entirety of the Terran-occupied spheres of influence) is a major seat of learning located on planet Oxford in the Oxford system, Potter Quadrant, Gemini Sector. The term "Oxford University" is often used synonymously with the name of the planet Oxford.

An otherwise standard run-of-the mill agricultural planet, Oxford is a university planet, well known for its research facilities. During the initial settlement of Gemini, it served as the Sector's intellectual seat. Its main town was built to resemble the English college town circa 1900, making it a fantastic draw for tourism in addition to its educational purpose. Oxford was one of the first planets in Gemini to be fully terraformed, and its location well away from the front lines of the Terran-Kilrathi War allowed it to stay in operation throughout the war's entire course. Its library was renowned beyond Gemini’s horizons, drawing scholars from distant suns to visit its hardwood halls and well-tended quadrangles; sadly, the library had to be closed in 2670 due to ongoing problems with data thieves hacking and deleting items from the University's collection. The Sector's supply of books and book-chips during the late 27th Century mostly came from Oxford.

Oxford faired better than most of the other worlds in Gemini during the Nephilim War. The University closed down after the destruction of Perry Naval Base, with the student population urged to head for points within the Roan and Petrov Quadrants of Sol Sector. The Nephilim chose to head towards New Constantinople after their bombardment of New Detroit; the delaying action fought there along with the scuttling of New Constantinople Station allowed the planetary evacuation to be completed. The overall damage to the planet when the Nephilim did turn their attention to the Oxford system was relatively light, and as a result the planet was one of the first locales in Gemini to be re-colonized after the war's "end" circa 2700. Oxford University was able to re-open their doors a few months later, and once again serves as a major seat of learning in the Terran spheres of influence.