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Mercenaries' Guild
Mercenaries Guild Logo HD.jpg
Fee 5,000 credits

The Mercenaries' Guild or The Mercenaries' Guild is a professional society for privateers which operates 33 offices across the Gemini Sector. It acts as a mission brokerage firm between businesses seeking combat-oriented services and privateers. The guild clears all missions and guarantees payment for successful completion. Attack, bounty hunting, defend base, patrol and scout missions are offered through the guild. These missions are typically more difficult than those found on the Mission Computer and at the Merchants' Guild but also offer a higher average payment amount.

The guild is known for its integrity and sense of honor and does not offer illegal missions or operate offices on Pirate bases. Guildsmen pay an application fee to register with the organization and are given unlimited access to the mission computers located in any guild office. They are allowed to take up to three missions at a time. Missions are stored on individual CD disks and offered as a selection of four at a time. The limit is imposed to prevent racketeering and overcommitting. Missions accepted from the Mission Computer and the Merchants' Guild count towards the limit. Members are paid immediately upon the completion of a mission and do not need to return to a guild office. Officers are staffed by a receptionist who offers a hard sell to prospective members.

The Merenaries' Guild and the Merchants' Guild were initially competitors. Starting around 2659, the Merchants' Guild established good relationships with the Mercenaries' Guild. By 2669, the number of pilots and small businesses in Gemini had increased because of the war effort and a heavy campaign to advertise the sector's opportunities. This resulted in the two organizations coming to depend on one another as these businesses increasingly needed cargo and protection missions. The Mercenaries' Guild advertises combat missions through the Merchants' Guild and the Mission Computer.

The Mercenary Guild's application fee increased to 5,000 credits around 2669. Exploratory Services' officer Gabriel Quentin is a longtime associate of the Mercenaries' Guild and wrote about the organization in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW. The organization has endorsed the model 2069 Centurion as the best publicly-available fighter.


Agricultural Planets

Mining Bases

Pleasure Planets

Refinery Bases

Unique Bases




Sprite Sheets



Initial Offer

Talk to Receptionist

Listen up, if you're looking for fame and glory, you've come to the right place.
Just remember, the Mercenaries' Guild not only gets you the best jobs,...
...we guarantee payment.
In this business, that's worth thinking about.
The application fee is now 5,000 credits. Our rates have only recently gone up.
Well worth the price though.
The Mercenaries' Guild offers the most challenging missions...
...and a premium compensation plan.
What do you say? You with us?
Accept Refuse
Good. The application fee will be automatically deducted from your account.
Thank you for joining the Mercenaries' Guild.
Go get 'em, tiger.
The Mercenaries' Guild is not for everybody.
You have to have what it takes...
...and I see you're coming up a little short today, $CS.
I'll be right here when you change your mind.

Can't Afford

Talk to Receptionist

Everyone knows that the Mercenaries' Guild is the place to be.
We guarantee the best missions...
...AND the best pay.
However, $CS, I regret to inform you that our records indicate...
...that you lack the 5,000 credits required to join the guild.
Come back and see me when you can afford our services.


Talk to Receptionist

The Mercenaries' Guild offers only the most challenging missions...
...with commeasurate pay.
Take a look at the mission screen, if you're ready for a challenge.



Welcome Screen

Welcome to the
Mercenaries' Guild

Touch screen to
activate computer.

Loading Screen

Scanning Mercenaries' Guild
records for available missions.

Please stand by...

Mission Selection

Thank you for visiting
the Mercenaries' Guild

Please select a
mission disk.


{mission type} (X of 4)
{mission description}

Mission Accepted

Mission accepted.
Thank you.

Schedule Full

We are sorry, Mercenaries'
Guild records indicate that
your mission schedule is
already full.

Thank you for visiting The
Mercenaries' Guild.

Not a Member

We are sorry.
You must first join
the Mercenaries' Guild.

The receptionist
can help you.


Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide

Mercenaries’ Guild

As a long-time associate of this proud organization, I can personally speak for their integrity and usefulness. For a reasonable membership fee, pilots are able to take a variety of jobs cleared by the Guild. This means no missions are illegal and payment is guaranteed. They also guarantee their clients that all guildmen are registered and can therefore be tracked and penalized for indiscretions. Any one individual may not have more than three missions accepted at any one time in order to prevent racketeering or simply over-committing out of ambition. All members have access to mission listings at any Guild office and are paid as soon as mission requirements are fulfilled. Reporting to an office is not necessary. The Mercenaries’ Guild is an honorable society and does not allow maintenance of offices on pirate bases

Wing Commander Privateer Reference Guide

Merceharnies’ Guild. The Mercenaries’ Guild brokers combat missions, include bounty, attack, patrol and defend base missions. You must join the Guild to fly their missions. Talk to the representative to join. There’s one-time 5,000 credit fee. After you’ve paid this, click on the computer to view available missions.

Click on the screen to activate the computer. When it’s done scanning for available missions, click on a CD to view a mission. To accept a mission, click on the ACCEPT button (the disk will disappear). To go back to the Guild office, click at the bottom of the screen.

Privateer Playtesters' Guide

Mercenaries' Guild. The Mercenaries' Guild requires an initial fee of 5000 credits. Once you have joined, however, the guild guarantees payment on the missions you obtain through their computer. Assignments available through the Mercenaries' Guild computers are generally combat missions. They are also very challenging and higher paying than assignments offered through the general mission computer.

Missions Offered. Attack, bounty hunting, defend base, patrol, scout.


Behind the Screens

A pre-release screenshot from an earlier build of Wing Commander Privateer shows an earlier version of the office and receptionist.

The greyscale image of the Mercenaries' Guild computer in the Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide shows an earlier build where mission rewards were preceded by a plus.

Early concept art plans plans for the Mercenaries' Guild and the Merchants' Guild to use the same office with an interchangeable logo graphic.

The receptionist was drawn by artist Brian Smith and based on his sister.

The Merchants' Guild office source mesh is labeled JMERCEN.3DS and the Mercenaries' Guild is JMERCH.3DS, suggesting that they might have been swapped at some point in development.

The game's text includes a computer message which isn't ever displayed:

We are sorry, this mission is not available.

Please try another disc.

Thank you.

Pre-Release Screenshots

Source Models


The source textures for the animated posters projected on the office walls include some interesting details not visible in the final game.

Concept Art