Wing Commander I: The Secret Missions

With the incredible success of Wing Commander, Origin pioneered the concept of game expansions with the Secret Missions add-on disk. Fans of the first title in the series were treated to an intense campaign where the pilots of the Tiger's Claw were tasked with an important covert operation. A new Kilrathi superweapon was being tested aboard the Sivar Dreadnought. Although the Claw hurried in response to its distress call, the populous Goddard Colony was annihilated before help could arrive. The Claw was the only ship in position to penetrate deep behind enemy lines, pick apart the fleet that attacked Goddard and ultimately destroy the Kilrathi secret weapon.

Wing Commander: The Secret Missions is another thrilling chapter in the continuing saga of the TCS Tiger's Claw. A human colony has been obliterated by the Kilrathi. Now they challenge the defenders of humanity to a deadly game of hide and go seek. You must cross into enemy space in pursuit of the Kilrathi strike fleet, only to face their latest secret weapon -- a weapon capable of destroying an entire world.


Where to buy

The original works quite well in DOSBox. The Good Old Games digital rerelease is another easy way to play this title.

Playing the game

Don't know how to land your ship? Stuck on a particularly difficult mission? The following items may be of help:

Included game documentation

Reference Card

Summarizes essential game mechanics and fighter operations, and lists keyboard, joystick and mouse controls. more...

Joan's Supplement

New specifications and blueprints for ships from the Secret Missions. Published in the July, 1991 issue of Computer Gaming World. more...

Behind the scenes

Detailed release information


  • Published by Origin
  • Released 1990-12-04
  • The original release. A boxed expansion pack.

Kilrathi Saga Edition

EA Replay

  • The EA Replay edition of Wing Commander I includes the Secret Missions.

Good Old Games

  • The GOG edition of Wing Commander I includes the Secret Missions.

SNES/Super Nintendo

  • A standalone version of the Secret Missions.

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