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Wing Commander
Platform MS-DOS
FM Towns
SegaCD / MegaCD
Super Nintendo (SNES)
Engine Origin FX
Release Date September 26, 1990
November 20, 1992 (SNES/Amiga)
March 1, 1993 (CD-32)
March 24, 1994 (SegaCD/MegaCD)
November 14th, 2006 (EA Replay)
August 25, 2011 (GOG)
Language English

Wing Commander is a computer game first released on September 26, 1990 for MS-DOS. Wing Commander virtually created the space combat simulation genre when it arrived in the fall of 1990. It wasn't the first game where players flew a ship around in space, but it was the first to combine cutting edge graphics, a branching mission tree, complex characters and an exciting storyline. As a rookie pilot aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw, the player was introduced to the vicious feline Kilrathi. Over the course of dozens of missions, the Terran Confederation managed to force the Empire of Kilrah out of the Vega Sector. PC gamers used the original Wing Commander game to show off their powerful new 386 machines to their friends. The game exuded style and polish from the cockpit hand that followed players' joystick movements to the dripping bucket in the barracks. Wing Commander was followed by two expansions: Secret Missions 1 and The Secret Missions 2: Crusade. In september 1991 the sequel Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi was released.

Box Description

Box Back Cover

"Wingleader One! Wingleader One! Bogies all around! Can't shake 'em!"
"Hold on, Hunter, I'm on my way!..."

You're a starfighter pilot, the best of the best, but nothing in your training prepared you for action this hot. Deepspace dogfights against Kilrathi aces are deadly, and the future of humanity is on the line each time you fly!

Wing Commander puts you in the middle of the most intense starship action you've ever experienced outside of a movie theater. But in Wing Commander, you're the star!

  • Experience ORIGIN's amazing new-state-of-the-art computer graphics and sound system.
  • Marvel at the detailed, ray-traced, bit-mapped images in ORIGIN's cutting-edge 3-D technology.
  • Thrill to the dynamic soundtrack that senses the action on-screen and alters the pacing, tempo, and mood of the music to match!
  • Advance in rank while piloting one of four unique Terran spacefighters against a deadly array of enemy ships.
  • See the action from all angles using Wing Commander's player controlled camera.
  • Count on your wingman, a skilled pilot, thanks to the advanced Wing Commander artificial intelligence system, but don't get cocky. The enemy flies intelligently too!
  • Play individual missions for fun or join in an elaborate campaign designed to test your reflexes and strategic skills.


Peter Halcyon


Terran Confederation

  • Fighters
F-36 Hornet
CF-105 Scimitar
F-44 Rapier II
A-14 Raptor
  • Capital Ships

Empire of Kilrah

  • Fighters
KF-227 Salthi
Dralthi I
KF-402 Krant
  • Capital Ships
  • Installations
Star Post





Clicking on the system name will bring you to the first mission in that system.

Alpha Wing (Enyo System)Beta Wing (McAuliffe System)Zeta Wing (Gimle System)Gamma Wing (Dakota System)Theta Wing (Kurasawa System)Epsilon Wing (Venice System)Alpha Wing (Brimstone System)Gamma Wing (Rostov System)Delta Wing (Gateway System)Eta Wing (Port Hedland System)Beta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)Epsilon Wing (Cheng-Du System)Kappa Wing (Hubble's Star System)WC1 Mission Tree
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PC & Amiga

Afterburner	Tab
Fire guns	Space
Fire missile	Enter
Accelerate	+
Decelerate	-
Full stop	Backspace
Look left	F2
Look right	F3
Look forward	F1
Look behind	F4
Chase view	F5
Battle view	F6
Tactical view	F7
Missile view	F8
Tail view	F9
Cycle weapons	W
Cycle guns	G
Cycle targets	T
Lock target	L
Damage HUD	D
Autopilot	A
Comms select	C
Nav Map 	N
Eject	   	Ctrl-E


Afterburner	Blue
Fire guns	Green
Fire missile	Yellow
Roll left	Red + Left
Roll right	Red + Right
Accelerate	Red + Up
Decelerate	Red + Down
"Super Brake"	Red + Green
Look left	Left top + Left
Look right	Left top + Right
Look forward	Left top + Up
Look behind	Left top + Down
Chase view	Left top + Red
Battle view	Left top + Blue
Tactical view	Left top + Green
Cycle weapons	Right top + Left
Cycle guns	Right top + Up
Cycle targets	Right top + Right
Lock target	Right top + Down
Damage cycle	Right top + Red
Autopilot	Right top + Blue
Comms select	Right top + Green
Comms cycle	Right top + Yellow
Music on/off	Right top + Left top + Left
Sound effects	Right top + Left top + Up
Video suppress	Right top + Left top + Right
Message speed	Right top + Left top + Down
Missile camera	Right top + Left top + Red
Version number	Right top + Left top + Blue
Nav Map		Right top + Left top + Green
Eject		Right top + Left top + Pause
Pause		Pause


Controls supplied by Liz Calkins.

Afterburner	Y
Fire guns	B
Fire missile	A
Accelerate	R
Decelerate	L
Cycle weapons	Select+B
Cycle guns	Select+A
Cycle targets	Press X to view the Navigation Map; 
		press A to select an available Nav point; 
		press Start to confirm the new objective and resume play.
Autopilot	Select+Y
Comms select	If there is one recipient, press Select+X to select a message from the list;
		press X to send it. If multiple recipients are available, 
		press Select+X to select a person; 
		press X to confirm the choice. Then send the message as shown above.
Nav Map		X: go to nav map
		A: Select next Nav point (in nav map)
		Start: Confirm Nav point change (in nav map)
Eject		Select+Start+R
Pause		Start
Switch VDU 	Select+L: Choose between Weapons Display or Damage Display in left VDU

Sega CD

Controls supplied by Alonzo Wilkins. Pre-flight Functions:

D		Move the cursor to select option
A 		Begin selected action
B 		Skip entire conversation/animation
A or C 		Skip one line of conversation
S 		Start game/Pause

In-Flight Functions:

D 		Move the ship left, right, up and down
A 		Fire gun
AB 		Launch missile
B and up  	Speed up
B and down	Slow down
B and left	Roll left
B and right	Roll right
Bx2	 	Apply afterburner burst (keep pressed the second 
		time for continous afterburners)
S^ or S\/ 	Cycle views (External views and Cockpit)
S and up	Cycle views up (Starboard/Rear/Port/Cockpit)
D and down	Cycle views down
SAB	 	Toggle Missile Camera (on/off)
BC	 	Autopilot
SBC 		Eject from ship

VDU Functions, 3 button controller:

SA 	 	Cycle through Left VDU modes (Weapon/Gun/Damage)
SC 	 	Cycle through Right VDU modes (Communications/Nav/Target)
C 	 	Cycle through avaialble options
SB 	 	Lock/Unlock target (If in Autotargeting mode)
SB 	 	Select Reciever/Send Message (If in Communications mode)
SB 	 	Display Nav map/pause game (If in Navigational mode)
A 	 	Accept Nav point and return to cockpit (if in Nav map)

VDU Functions, 6 button controller:

X 	 	Cycle through Left VDU modes (Weapon/Gun/Damage)
Z 	 	Cycle through Right VDU modes (Communications/Nav/Target)
C  		Cycle through available option
Y  		Lock/Unlock target (If in Autotargeting mode)
Y  		Select Receiver/Send Message (If in Communications mode)
Y  		Display Nav map/pause game (If in Navigational mode)
Y  		Accept Nav point and return to cockpit (if in Nav map)


Afterburner		Left top + Right top
Fire guns		C
Fire missile		A
Accelerate		B + Up
Decelerate		B + Down
Chase view		Stop + C
Battle view		Stop + A
Cycle weapons		Left top + A
Cycle guns		Left top + C
Cycle targets		Right top + A
Autopilot		Right top + C
Break and attack	Stop + Up
Attack my target	Stop + Up
Taunt			Stop + Right
Request assistance	Stop + Left
Request landing		Stop + Down (with Tiger's Claw targeted)
On board computer	Stop + B

Macintosh (SWC)

Establish Joystick Control	Clover key + J
Establish Keyboard Control	Clover key + K
Establish Mouse Control		Clover key + M
Toggle hotspots 		Tab (onboard Tiger's Claw)		
Switch to battle view		Clover key + D
Switch to chase view		Clover key + F
Switch to cockpit view		Clover key + Y
Increase speed			+
Decrease speed			-
Complete stop			S
Afterburner			Tab
Autopilot			A
Cycle targets			T
Toggle guns			G
Toggle weapons			W
Onboard computer		C
Order Break and Attack		B
Send taunt			E
Order Help Me Out		H
Request landing 		R (with Tiger's Claw targeted)
Order form on my wing		R
Eject				Available through onboard computer
Display small graphics		Clover key + 1
Display medium graphics		Clover key + 2
Display large graphics		Clover key + 3
Toggle music on/off		Clover key + U
Toggle sound on/off		Clover key + N

System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible
  • 12+ MHz x86 CPU
  • 640 KB RAM
  • Dual FDD or HDD
  • 256-color VGA/MCGA or EGA/Tandy
  • Optional sound card (opt. General MIDI)

Box Contents

Cover art for the Super Famicom port.
Cover art for the Super Nintendo port.
Cover art for the FM Towns port.


Designed & Directed by
Chris Roberts

Software Engineers
Chris Roberts, Steve Muchow, Paul Isaac, Steve Beeman, Ken Demarest III, Herman Miller

Dogfight Intelligence
Ken Demarest III

Dogfight Choreography
Steve Beeman, Erin Roberts

3 Space System
Chris Roberts

ORIGIN Graphic Systems
John Miles, Chris Roberts

ORIGIN Sound System
Herman Miller

Denis Loubet, Glem Johnson, Daniel Bourbonnais, Keith Berdak, John Watson

Jeff George

Additional Written Material
Steve Cantrell, Philip Brogden

Musical Score
George A. Sanger, David Govett

Sound Effects
Marc Schaefgen

Quality Assurance
Marc Schaefgen, Philip Brogden, Steve Cantrell, Greg Paul Malone II, Erin Roberts, Mike Romero, Jeff Shelton, Scott Shelton, Brian Tompkins, John Watson

Produced by
Chris Roberts and Warren Spector

Additional Graphics (Amiga)
Herman Serrano

Amiga Music
Mark Knight

Voice Cast

Sega MegaCD





In English unless specifically stated otherwise.


Zero magazine, issue 14, Dec 1990


In English unless specifically stated otherwise.

Commodore Amiga

Amiga Format, issue 44, March 1993.

Datormagazin, Feb 1993. (Swedish)

C U Amiga, issue 34, 1993.

Amiga CD32

Amiga CD32 Gamer magazine, issue 1


Advanced Computer Entertainment, issue 39, dec 1990

Computer Gaming World nr 77, December 1990

Game Player's PC Strategy Guide, Jan 1991


Super Play magazine issue 5, March 1993 (UK)


Sega Visions, issue 93.

GamePro magazine (US), issue 60.


  • Deluxe Edition: Included WC1, SM1, & SM2
  • Deluxe Edition CD: Included WC1, SM1, & SM2
  • Kilrathi Saga Edition: Windows 95 version, SM1 & SM2 freely downloadable



This is 'Super Wing Commander'. All of the graphics are redone in Privateer-level VGA. It has some new 'bridge' plot points (characters occasionally mention stealth fighters) and a 'middle' set of addon (SM1.5!) missions about blowing up the Sivar's base. Full speech, ships look different, people look different, etc. Amazingly, of all the ports this one *plays* most similar to the original game.

Commodore Amiga

The Amiga conversion was made by Nick Pelling. The Amiga version (except Amiga CD32) have lower color graphics available due to the limited hardware. On a standard Amiga 500 there were only OCS graphics and 512 kb RAM which meant several original PC features was left out. An example found on the 500 version is that the flightstick doesn't move and there are no video-coms during flight, only text. There are also no fly-by or landing sounds. The weapon sounds of the funeral have also been left out. Another main difference is that the fighters menu in the trainsim has 'rotating' images of the fighters instead of simple VDU line drawings. The Secret Mission expansions were not released for the Amiga. On a Amiga 1200 the hand-animations and video-coms are present.


More powerful than the Amiga 500 with a Motorola 68EC020 14 mhz CPU, 2MB RAM and AGA Graphics.

FM Towns

Visually identical to the PC version - the only significant change is that it has a Redbook audio soundtrack instead of MIDIs and Japanese speech inflight. The FM Towns is a Japanese computer. They were the first computers to ship with CD-ROM drives standard -- so the FM Towns ports of many early Origin games have full speech (Ultima 6 is the famous one).


(See 3DO.)

SegaCD / MegaCD

The SegaCD version is visually similar to the original PC release, but it also includes full speech (and the requisite awkward console control scheme). The Sega CD was called the Mega CD in Europe and Japan.


Another low (16?) color version. The SNES version has a host of weird Nintendo-requested minor changes (the Blue Devils are the 'Blue Angels' - things like that). There's some obvious tricks to get around the low amount of memory on an SNES cart, too - for instance, SNES WC1 doesn't have unique graphics for the Jalthi... it's just a Salthi that's been turned green. There is also a seperate, stand-alone SNES version of the Secret Missions addon... it's fairly cool, as it includes a unique intro sequence (Kilrathi talking about the Sivar weapon) and an 'extended' Tiger's Claw takeoff scene that makes use of some Mode-7 landscaping stuff.

Strategy Guides







Mock-up of the original Wing Commander box cover art shown at COMDEX, the Computer Dealers' Exhibition. It is the earliest known piece of Wing Commander artwork.

Computer Gaming World article about professional artists working on video games -- which, it's hard to believe, was a fairly new concept at the time. The exciting aspect for Wing Commander fans, however, is the picture seen below (left): a landscape which was designed for but not used in the original Wing Commander. The caption reads: "'Water World' (Glen Johnson) Landscape removed from Wing Commander." Where could it have appeared? It's anyone's guess -- but a water planet, Hurricane, does appear in one of Wing Commander's winning/losing cutscenes -- it's pictured below (right)

Patches / Addons


Editing Tools

Miscellaneous Files


Tracks from Origin Audio CD Volume 1

Thanks to Sébastien Caty and Joe Garrity. (Details, more)

High Quality tracks

Live recordings

SegaCD audio tracks

Super Nintendo tracks

These music files are originally in .rsn format. See here for information on how to play these on Windows or Mac.

Amiga tracks

The music for the Amiga port of Wing Commander I is in .mod format. There are a variety of ways to play .mod files on modern systems. You can also download convenient MP3 conversions.

FM Towns audio tracks

Various tracks (MP3)

Manuals and Game Documentation


DOS Edition

  • Start the game with "wc Origin" at the command line to enter debug mode.
    Alt-Del destroys target. Alt-Ins destroys targetted enemy wing.
  • Start the game with wc.exe Origin -k.
    Same as above, plus invincibility.

Kilrathi Saga Edition

  • With invincibility off, open wingcmdr.cfg. Make sure it contains -k -b. Turning invincibility back on may cause your name to change back to CHEATER.
    Player name is no longer replaced with "CHEATER" when invincibility is enabled.