Sandra Goodin - Mission E

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Sandra Goodin - Mission E
MM - RF - Sandra Goodin E.png
Date 2670
Type Escort Mission
Jumps 2 (Perry, Ragnarok, Blockade Point Alpha)
Payment 20,000 credits
Objectives Go to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 1

Meet with Uhler

Go to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 2

Go to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 3

Go to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 4

Go to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 5

Defend Uhler

Designation S13MA
Previous Monte - Mission D
Next Admiral Terrell - Mission A
Saved Game S13MA.PRS

Sandra Goodin - Mission E is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to Sandra Goodin at the bar on Perry Naval Base in the Perry system after completing Monte - Mission D.

Mission Description

Travel to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 1, meet with Commodore Uhler, and wait for further instructions.

Pays 20000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Blockade Point Alpha System
Nav 1 1 Confederation Paradigm Uhler friendly
2 Confederation Stiletto confident aces friendly
1 Confederation Broadsword confident pro friendly
Nav 4 1 Kilrathi Dralthi Kahl
1 Kilrathi Gothri confident ace
1 Kilrathi Dralthi confident ace
Nav 5 1 Kilrathi Gothri confident ace
1 Kilrathi Gothri fanatical ace
1 Kilrathi Dralthi confident pro replacement
2 Kilrathi Dralthi fanatical aces replacements
1 Kilrathi Gothri confident pro replacement
2 Kilrathi Gothri fanatical aces replacements


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Sandra Goodin


Good day, $NM. I hope you remember me.


Of course, Captain Goodin.  
Did Not Kill Menesch Killed Menesch


I'm very glad to see that Menesch is dead.
You beat out a lot of other top-notch bounty hunters.
I'm transferring the Confederation's 40,000 bounty to your account.


Good deal.  


I'd like to get right to business.
As you know, the Confederation has spread its forces very thin in Gemini.
Our fight against the Retros has greatly weakened our lines on the Kilrathi front,
and the war there has become purely defensive.


And you need all the help you can get.  


I'm afraid so. Incidentally, please remember that this conversation is strictly confidential.


I'll keep that in mind.  


We are currently trying to secure the Blockade systems,
and drive back Kilrathi intrusions there.
We want your help at Blockade Point Alpha.
I'm offering you 20,000 to fly to Nav 1 there,
and rendezvous with our Commodore Uhler. He will give you further instructions.
Accept Refuse
Good. Embark as soon as you can.
I see. Remember, $NM,
The instability in Gemini threatens everyone, including you.


Talk to Sandra Goodin

$NM, the Commodore's orders have not been carried out.
The Kilrathi threat at Blockade Point Alpha remains.
Let me remind you of your duties.
Fly to Nav 1 at Blockade Point Alpha and meet with Commodore Uhler.
Follow his instructions, then return here for 20,000.
Accept Refuse
Good luck, $NM.
Changed your mind, eh? Too bad. We really need your help.


Talk to Sandra Goodin

Ah, $NM. Have you reconsidered?
Maybe. Let's hear the story again.  
We're trying to secure Blockade Point Alpha against further Kilrathi aggression.
We want your help at Blockade Point Alpha.
Fly to Nav 1 there and meet with Commodore Uhler.
Follow his instructions, then return here for 20,000.
Accept Refuse
Thank you, $NM. The cooperation of privateers like you is of great help.
I wish there was something I could say to change your mind.

In Flight

Talk to Uhler


# Did someone mention Cats for dinner.
# O.K., let's start the party.


Good, our support has arrived. Listen up, there are Kilrathi en route. We'll proceed to Nav 5 and seal off the jump tunnel. We need your help to cover our flank. Clear the other three Nav points of all Kilrathi. And rendezvous with us at Nav 5. Patrol, move out.


# Tell me where to shoot.
# I better get overtime pay.

Talk to Kahl


# Back off, or you're a throw-rug!
# Hey, is catnip illegal on Kilrah?
# I'm not looking for trouble...


This is Kahl, Commander of the Sixth Fleet. No doubt you've come in contact, With the Kilrathi's latest weapon? Your Retros make it so easy for us. We provide a few ships, And watch death spread like an epidemic! Amusing, no? Apes killing hairy apes.


# I don't have any problems with you.
# Buzz off, fuzz ball.

Talk to Uhler


# How's that for a cat fight.
# Now, what?


Good work! We would've been catmeat without your help. If you've already cleared the other Nav points, Then you're free to return to the Base. Uhler out.


Talk to Sandra Goodin

Good work, $NM. I'm frankly surprised you obeyed orders so well.
Cash helps put me in my place.  
Admiral Terrell is impressed as well.
In fact, he wants to see you right away.
He's waiting for you in his office across the main concourse.
I wonder what he wants this time.  
I have no idea, so it must be pretty confidential.
Good luck.

WC:CIC Game Guide


The fifth Goodin mission is finally given to you once you go to her to claim your bounty. As usual Confed can't keep up with the Kilrathi and they need you to get them out of a hole.


Fly to Blockade Point Alpha Nav 1, meet Commodore Uhler, and follow his instructions.

Scripted Encounters

Kilrathi at Navs 2, 3, 4, and 5 in Blockade Point Alpha


  • Commodore Uhler wants you to patrol Nav 2, 3, and 4 before meeting him at Nav 5. No problem. Except for the 3 Kilrathi ships at Navs 2, 3 and 4, plus 9 ships at Nav 5. To make matters worse, there are asteroids at Navs 2 and 4. Also at Nav 4, one of the Kilrathi pilots gloats over how the Kilrathi have been selling ships to the Retros. That explains their new ship design.
  • Try to save your missiles for the big fight at Nav 5. There you'll have a bit of help from the Confed forces, but don't expect much. You'll be defending them more than they are helping you.
  • When you get back to Perry, Goodin tells you that your old friend Admiral Terrell is impressed and wants to see you. Go visit him in his office which is still on Perry.