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This article is about the destroyer. For other uses, see Paradigm (disambiguation).

Privateer - Sprite - Paradigm - Perspective.png
Type Destroyer
Primary User Terran Confederation Navy

The Paradigm is a class of Terran Confederation destroyer. It has been called "one of the Confederation's most advanced destroyers" and the pride of their capital fleet. The lead ship of the class is the TCS Paradigm. Paradigms can travel at ten different levels of Warp Speed. Gabriel Quentin wrote about the spaeccraft in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.

The Paradigm is an important element of the Confederation's hold on the Empire of Kilrah. Paradigms serve throughout the Gemini Sector and are typically escorted by Stilettos or Broadswords. In 2663, Paradigms were used to search and destroy pirate strongholds. In 2669, Commodore Hans Reismann assembled a fleet around a pair of Paradigms in order to ambush the Steltek Drone. In 2670, Commodore Uhler led a force built around two Paradigms to secure the Blockade Point Alpha system from the Kilrathi.




Sprite Sheets


Name Paradigm Paradigm
Source Playguide Privateer
Faction Terran Confederation Terran Confederation
Class Capital Ship Capital Ship
Max. Velocity 200 kps 200 kps
Aft. Velocity n/a 200 kps
Acceleration Poor 150
Max. YPR Poor 30/30/30
Power Supply 400 GW
Energy Gauge 400 GJ
Guns Meson Blaster (2)
Tachyon Cannon (2)
Ionic Pulse Cannon (1)
Meson Blaster (2, Outer)
Tachyon Cannon (2, Inner)
Ionic Pulse Cannon (1, Center)
Turrets Laser (3)
Mass Driver (3)
Particle Cannon (2, Top)
Ionic Pulse Cannon (1, Top)
Ionic Pulse Cannon (2, Tail)
Neutron Gun (1, Tail)
Weapons Dumb Fire (10)
Image Recognition (2)
Heat Seeker (1)
Launcher #1: Image Recognition (1)
Launcher #2: Image Recognition (2)
Launcher #3: Heat Seeker (2)
Launcher #4: Friend-or-Foe (4)
Launcher #5: Friend-or-Foe (4)
Cargo Hold Ejected Pilots (1-3)
Shields Capital Ship
Levels 3
Power 83.75 GW
Regen 37
Side Shields 75 cm equiv. each
Fore Shields 100 cm equiv.
Aft Shields 85 cm equiv.
Shield Effect 100%
Side Armor 65 cm equiv. each 65 cm equiv. each
Fore Armor 80 cm equiv. 80 cm equiv.
Aft Armor 50 cm equiv. 50 cm equiv.



  • Nav 1 (25%)
  • Nav 2 (40%)
  • Nav 3 (30%)
  • Nav 4 (30%)


  • Nav 1 (80%)


  • Nav 1 (25%)
  • Nav 2 (30%)

Blockade Point Tango

  • Nav 2 (30%)
  • Nav 6 (40%)


  • Nav 1 (30%)


  • Nav 1 (30%)
  • Nav 2 (30%)


  • Nav 3 (20%)
  • Nav 5 (50%)
  • Nav 9 (50%)


  • Nav 1 (30%)
  • Nav 2 (20%)
  • Nav 3 (20%)


  • Nav 1 (30%)
  • Nav 3 (25%)


  • Nav 1 (20% in 2669, 10% in 2670)
  • Nav 3 (50%)


  • Nav 4 (30%)
  • Nav 5 (30%)
  • Nav 6 (30%)

Ship Size Chart

Class Image
One Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 1.png
Two Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 2.png
Three Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 3.png
Four Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 4.png
Five Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 5.png
Six Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 6.png
Seven Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 7.png
Eight Origin FX - Paradigm - Size 8.png

Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


The Paradigm is one of the Confederations most advanced destroyers. Featuring almost impregnable armor and shields, it more than compensates for its lack of speed and maneuverability. The Paradigm also has a deadly array of weapons at its disposal, making an attack of any sort extremely dangerous. It carries an astonishing variety of blasters, ranging from meson blasters to ionic pulse cannon. Multiple missiles can deter even the most aggressive Kilrathi aces.

Origin FX Owner's Manual


In the year 2663, the Terran Confederation has spread throughout the galaxy, and the Paradigm is the pride of their capital fleet. Welcome to the edge of the Wing Commander and Privateer universe, where this ship is an important element in the Confederation’s tenuous hold on the evil Kilrathi Empire. (Privateer is a space com- bat simulator and resource management game set in the Wing Commander realm.)

You select the speed and class of the Terran Confederation Ship Paradigm as it seeks out and destroys pirate strongholds.


Behind the Screens

The Paradigm was designed for Wing Commander Privateer but it was first seen in Origin FX.

There is some debate over the intended class of the Paradigm:

  • Origin FX says that users can choose the class of the Paradigm using a 'ship size' selector that gives eight different options.
  • It is referred to as a destroyer in behind the screens art lists from Wing Commander Privateer.
  • Privateer's internal files refer to the ship as FRIGATE.
  • The Privateer manual classifies it as "capital ship" but then refers to it as a destroyer in the description. The manual also refers to the Kamekh as a destroyer.

The Paradigm may have been named after Paradigm Books and Lecture Notes (aka Paradigm Copies), a course material shop assosciated with the University of Texas at Austin.

Pre-Release Images

Unused Manual Art

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