Monte - Mission C

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Monte - Mission C
MM - RF - Monte A.png
Date 2670
Type Attack Mission
Jumps 3 (New Detroit, Perry, Tingerhoff, Nexus)
Payment 5,000 credits
Objectives Go to Nexus, Nav 4

Clear navpoint

Designation S12MC
Previous Informant - Mission A
Next Monte - Mission D
Saved Game S12MC.PRS

Monte - Mission C is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to Monte at the bar on New Detroit in the New Detroit system after completing Informant - Mission A.

Mission Description

Intercept Retro Patrol at Nexus system, Nav 4 and destroy them.

Pays 5000 credits.

Mission Layout

Junction System
Nav 2 3 Retro Salthi unknown
Tingerhoff System
Nav 6 3 Retro Salthi unknown
Nexus System
Nav 4 4 Retro Talon fanatical pros
2 Retro Talon fanatical pros replacements
4 Retro Talon confident pros replacements


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Sociologist

Excellent, $NM. You have made the delivery as requested.
Now I will give you what little additional information I have.
I was hoping to find out where Mordecai Jones resides.
Unfortunately, I have not been given that information.
I do know, however, that he has a secret base in Gemini.
Inevitably, it is well guarded by the Retros.
That's not much to go on, Monte.  
No, it isn't. I apologize. If I knew more, I would tell you.
If that's it, I guess I'll be going.  
I do have one more request of you, $NM.
I will pay this time.
And how much?  
5,000. It's not much, but it's all I have.
I too am on the Retros' most wanted list.
I'm not sure why. They may have found out about my information dealing.
In any case, I need to travel to the Nexus system,
but I have learned that a group of Retros awaits me there.
I would like you to destroy those Retros.
They should be waiting to surprise me at Nav 4.
5,000 is not much money.  
There is more.
I am about to receive additional information that will interest you.
If you return here after completing the mission, I will give it to you.
That is surely worth something, $NM.
Accept Refuse
All right. I'll do it.  
Wonderful. I await your safe return.
Your track record is too poor. Forget it.


Talk to Sociologist

You have not completed my mission, $NM.
I cannot help you until you help me.
Right. Where were the Retros again?  
They await me at Nav 4 in the Nexus system.
I will give you 5,000 and some useful information.
Accept Refuse
Good luck, $NM.
Then I suppose our dealings end here.


Talk to Sociologist

I've reconsidered.  
I see. Let me describe the mission again.
Fly to Nav 4 in the Nexus system.
Destroy the Retros you will find there.
Return here afterwards for 5,000 and additional information.
Accept Refuse
I think I'll take it.  
Sorry, Monte, I'm not interested.

WC:CIC Game Guide


Monte tells you that Mordichai Jones is hiding out at a secret Retro base, but obviously no one knows where it is. The Retros are also after Monte since he is also on their "Most Wanted" list and he wants you to take out their ambush. Oh well, at least he is paying this time.


Fly to Nexus system Nav 4 and destroy Retro ambush.

Scripted Encounters

"Unknowns" at jump to Nexus

Retros at Nexus Nav 4


  • Two unknowns before jumping in to Nexus. Use these as warm up practice, and save your missiles.
  • Once you reach Nexus Nav 4, you'll be attacked by 10 Retro Talons. They must really want Monte dead, however let rip with your missiles and you'll be fine. When done, return to New Detroit and speak to Monte