Informant - Mission A

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Informant - Mission A
MM - RF - Monte B.png
Date 2670
Type Cargo Mission
Jumps 4 (Capella, Nexus, Tingerhoff, Perry, New Detroit)
Objectives Go to New Detroit, Nav 5

Deliver cargo to New Detroit

Cargo Documents (1)
Designation S12MB2
Previous Monte - Mission B
Next Monte - Mission C
Saved Game S12MB2.PRS

Informant - Mission A is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to the Informant at the bar on Drake in the Capella system after completing Monte - Mission B.

Mission Description

Deliver documents to Monte at New Detroit base

New Detroit system.

See Contact in the bar on Drake base

for further information.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Capella System
Nav 2 2 Retro Talon fanatical aces
Nav 5 4 Retro Salthi unknkown
Nexus System
Nav 4 2 Retro Talon fanatical aces


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Informant

My name is $NM, I represent Monte.
Ah, good. My instructions are simple.
Take these encrypted documents and deliver them to Monte.
Simple enough?
Good. Make haste.

WC:CIC Game Guide


Your conversation with the informant is brief. Just take the documents and head back to Monte.


Take documents to New Detroit and meet Monte in the bar.

Scripted Encounters

"Unknowns" at jump to Nexus


  • Four unknowns this time. That should make up for only having two a couple of missions ago. Again you have to fly through 4 jump points so expect to meet a good few random hostiles on the way. When you reach New Detroit, talk to Monte. He will give you your third mission.