Monte - Mission D

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Monte - Mission D
MM - RF - Monte D.png
Date 2670
Type Bounty Mission
Jumps 6 (New Detroit, New Constantinople, Junction, Pender's Star, Troy, Regallis, Freyja)
Payment 30,000 credits (Lynn Murphy)

40,000 credits (Sandra Goodin)

Reset Reputation (Roman Lynch)

Objectives Go to Troy

Go to War

Go to Regallis

Go to Pyrenees

Go to Pender's Star

Destroy Menesch

Designation S12MD
Previous Monte - Mission C
Next Sandra Goodin - Mission E
Saved Game S12MD.PRS

Monte - Mission D is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to Monte at the bar on New Detroit in the New Detroit system after completing Monte - Mission C. After completing the mission you can collect bounties from Lynn Murphy, Sandra Goodin and Roman Lynch.

Mission Description

Bounty offered for the eradication of Menesch from Gemini Sector.

Search Troy and surrounding systems.

Mission Layout

Pender's Star System
Nav 2 3 Retro Salthi unknown
Troy System
Nav 6 3 Bounty Hunter Demon confident pros
Regallis System
Nav 1 1 Bounty Hunter Centurion Menesch jumps out
10 Retro Salthi fanatical aces replacements
Nav 2 3 Retro Salthi fanatical aces
Nav 3 4 Bounty Hunter Demon confident pros
Nav 4 3 Retro Salthi fanatical aces
Freyja System
Nav 1 1 Bounty Hunter Centurion Menesch
3 Retro Salthi fanatical aces
5 Retro Salthi fanatical aces replacements
War System
Nav 2 4 Retro Salthi unknown
Nav 3 3 Bounty Hunter Demon confident pros
Pyrenees System
Nav 2 4 Retro Salthi unknown
Nav 5 3 Bounty Hunter Demon confident pros


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Sociologist

Fine work, $NM. I will be able to return to Nexus soon.
Let's hear the information. What else do you know about Jones?  
Nothing, I'm afraid. The knowledge I referred to earlier is not about Jones.
It is about someone else you may have heard of, Governor Menesch.
That name sounds familiar.  
The man is a menace, $NM.
Years ago, Menesch was Governor of a base in a more populated system.
As his influence grew, so did his lust for money.
He had used his connections to sell confederation ships, mostly Talons,
To outlaw groups such as the pirates and the Retros.
It's been years since his administration collapsed,
And now, he's come out of hiding to do business in Gemini.
It seems more than coincidence that your gun should disappear with Menesch around.
I wouldn't put anything past him,
If he can stoop to becoming the Retros main supplier,
I wouldn't be suprised if he had connections with the Kilrathi.
Sounds like true slime to me.  
I'll give you this tip, $NM,
If you want to get to Mordacai Jones, the first step is to destroy his supply line.
Eliminate Menesch, and we'll see how the Retros get their weapons.
I can only kill him if I can find him.  
The best I can do is steer you in the right direction, if you're interested.
Are you offering a bounty?  
No. If you complete the mission, I will return to Nexus and go into hiding.
I understand, however, that there may be others in Gemini offering to pay a bounty.
If I were a fighting man I would try to collect the bounties myself, but...
Do what you will with the information.
The choice and risk are yours.
Unfortunately, I don't know his exact location,
But I can tell you he is currently in operation somewhere near the Troy system.
If you don't find him in Troy, he's bound to be hiding out in one of the neighboring systems.
I believe that if you patrol all those systems,
You will be able to find him.
I do not know how well he defends himself.
Accept Refuse
Good luck, $NM. This may be our last meeting.
I see. I will await your reconsideration.


Talk to Sociologist

Menesch lives, $NM.
Did you forget his location? I will repeat it.
He is currently in operation somewhere near the Troy system.
If you don't find him in Troy, he's bound to be hiding out in one of the neighboring systems.
Your mission is to destroy him.
Accept Refuse
Good luck, $NM.
You could have done Gemini a great service. Too bad.


Talk to Sociologist

Have you thought it over, $NM? Do you wish to accept?
The mission is to kill Governor Menesch.
I know he is currently in operation somewhere near the Troy system.
If you don't find him in Troy, he's bound to be hiding out in one of the neighboring systems.
Of course, I can offer no reward,
But others in Gemini are offering bounties.
What do you say?
Accept Refuse
Good luck, $NM. The fate of Gemini may be at stake.
Not a chance, Monte. Ship maintenance isn't free, you know.

In Fight

Talk to Menesch

# Menesch? Looks like I'm gonna be rich.
# It's a good day for a bounty.
Not so quickly, aren't you looking for something? Aren't you the unfortunate privateer who lost his gun? \
# Where's the gun, then I'll kill you.
Kill? Another fine privateer like yourself. That gun was one of my great enterprising endeavors. With trading leverage that good, Even the Cats will deal.
  1. You gave the gun to the Kilrathi?
No, Even I would not give a cat sharper claws. Mordacai Jones was so fond of it. And the Kilrathi so afraid the Confeds would get it. So, we made a deal. Jones wants a gun on every Retro ship. Something about a spiritual cleansing tool. I really must be jumping out now. I'll leave you to your death.
  1. Are you ready for a fight?
Ironic, isn't it? I place a bounty on your head, and here you are trying to collect one on me. "


Talk to Sociologist

Well done, $NM. Menesch is dead.
I'm afraid I have to go now, but I wanted to thank you.
You have done the Gemini sector an invaluable service.

Talk to Lynn Murphy

Good to see you again, $CS.
Here's the 20,000 I promised you.
Don't spend it all in one place.
By the way, I've heard the Confeds are also offering a bounty.
You might want to go to Perry and see what's up.
I'll see you around.

Talk to Roman Lynch

Congratulations, $NM. You have killed Menesch, as I asked.
It may surprise you, but I am going to live up to my word.
At your command, I will wipe your records.
The Militia, Confeds, pirates, merchants, and bounty hunters.
They will all forget about your transgressions.
Accept Refuse
As you wish.
Note that I am willing to clear your records at any time.
If you should be in need of a clean slate again in the future,
come back here. I'll do the job for 200,000.
As you wish.
If you should change your mind, my offer stands.

WC:CIC Game Guide


Monte has no more information on Mordichai Jones, however he does have vague information on the whereabouts of Governor Menesch. If you can wipe him out, you can claim all of the bounties being offered on him.


Patrol Troy and look for Governor Menesch. If you can't find him in Troy, search the surrounding systems.

Scripted Encounters

"Unknowns" at jump to Troy

"Unknowns" upon entering Pyrenees

"Unknowns" at War Nav 2

Menesch and his forces at Nav 1 Regallis.

12 "Unknowns" at Nav 1 Freyja

6 "Unknowns" after jumping

Retros at Nexus Nav 4


  • Again the 3 unknowns serve as practice before the big fight. Save your missiles until you find Menesch. There is nothing stopping you from landing to restock on jump fuel before doing your search.
  • Menesch is sitting at Nav 1 in Regallis system, although his location may vary depending on what the game feels like doing. He'll run for the jump point and jump out. Let him since you can't damage him yet.
  • You can either take out the 12 fighters which turn up when he runs for the jump point or jump straight after him. There are 6 of the fighters on the other side of the jump point too. That means 17 in total including Menesch himself. I think you're probably best off if you just jump straight out.
  • Menesch lets on that he sold your gun to the Retros and the unknown ships you've been facing are also Retro ships. Dealing with him will severely damage the Retros' efforts, but you still need to handle Mordichai Jones.
  • In the meantime, head to Lynn Murphy at base Edom in New Constantinople to collect your reward for killing Menesch, then head to Sandra Goodin at Perry Naval Base for her reward and your next mission.

User Comments

Submitted by : J ( Mission : Governer Menesch Comments : You can also get your record wiped clean so that you are neutral with pirates, confed, etc. from Roman Lynch. If I remember right, he's in the Pyrenees system.