Informant - Mission C

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Informant - Mission C
MM - RF - Informant C.png
Date 2670
Type Bounty Mission
Jumps 0 (Eden)
Payment 80,000 credits (Admiral Terrell)
Objectives Destroy Jones
Designation S14MB
Previous Informant - Mission B
Saved Game S14MB.PRS

Informant - Mission C is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to the Pilgrim at Temple Gaea on Gaea in the Eden system after completing Informant - Mission B. It is the final mission in the game.

Mission Description

Bounty offered for the eradication of Jones from Gemini Sector.

Locate Jones in Eden system.

Pays 80000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Eden System
Hidden 1 Retro Centurion Jones wave one
1 Retro Elite Salthi elite wave one
7 Retro Elite Salthi fanatical pro wave one, replacements
1 Retro Talon com_edn wave two
1 Retro Talon elite wave two
1 Retro Elite Salthi fanatical pro wave two
6 Retro Elite Salthi elite wave two, replacements

Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Beg for Forgiveness

Greetings, convert! Welcome to the bliss of Eden.
There is no suffering here.
Your clothing is strange. You have just arrived, yes?
You may be initiated in the temple.
I see. Thank you.
Ah, soon the glory of the Church of Man will spread throughout the stars.
Soon our great leader will vanquish the infidels and bring us peace.
May I ask a question about our great leader?
Of course, of course.
Where is he? I was, er, supposed to fly with him,
but I have been left behind.
He flies directly toward our beautiful gray moon.
Perhaps you should do the same.
Alas that your initiation will be postponed.
Yeah, alas.
Farewell. I must return to my meditation.

In Flight

Talk to Jones

# Let's begin the service. It's a good day for a bounty.
# Where's the gun, then I'll kill you.
# My finger's itching
# You gave the gun to the Kilrathi?
Trespasser! You fly in sacred space! The Church of Man is mighty! We will not tolerate the transgressions, Of those serving a false god! Soon, all of Gemini will be wiped clean, With our Righteous Fire!

Elite Guars is Destroyed

Fool! My elite guards cannot be defeated!

Elite Guars is Destroyed

How can it be? My guards!

Jones is Destroyed

Brother Jones! I shall avenge you!


Beg for Forgiveness

Alas! Woe to us all!
Our leader has been stricken down!
His mighty temple, destroyed.
You have survived and returned for initiation,
but in vain. The light shines in the temple no longer.
Darn. Guess I'd better be going, then.
The tears of the faithful will flood the land.
A new, dark age has risen for the Church of Man.
Will we survive? I do not know.

Talk to Sociologist

Greetings, $NM. I thank you for your service.
But I must also warn you that I am once again your mortal enemy.
I am a man of my word, and will carry out my promise.
All plans and copies of the Steltek gun will be destroyed.
In return, you must refrain from revealing the location of Eden to the Confederation.
The Confederation would pay a lot for that information. What's to stop me?
Only the threat of vengeance.
And your conscience, if you have one.
$NM, our acquaintance has been brief, and we will not meet again.
Farewell, infidel.

Talk to Admiral Terrell

Brilliant work. Gemini and the Confederation owe you another debt.
It's too bad so few people know about your heroic actions.
If they did, you'd be the most popular man in Gemini.
Flattery will get you nowhere, Admiral.
I'm not going to join the Navy. Period.  
Maybe not, but who knows what the future will bring?
Anyway, I assume you've been paid?
Yes, I have. And I think I'm going to take a vacation.  
Good. You certainly deserve it.
Goodbye, $NM. You have my eternal respect and gratitude.


Talk to Admiral Terrell

$NM, let me tell you a little about Righteous Fire.
Righteous Fire was developed at Origin Systems.
The producer was Warren Spector.
Haven't we had this conversation before?  
Pay attention. Arthur DiBianca was the project leader, programmer, and conversation writer.
Phil Wattenbarger came up with the game concept and wrote additional conversations.
Phil Wattenbarger and Tom Kassebaum handled the design.
I see. Who did the new artwork?  
Alan Perez,
Brian Smith,
and Melinda Bordelon.
What about those new tunes I noticed?  
Those are the work of Barry Leitch.
He's from Scotland, you know.
Who tested Righteous Fire?  
Dan Orzulak along with Charles Angel, Jerrold Harrington and Kevin Kushner.
Ah. Anyone receive special thanks?  
Sure. Special thanks go to Ed Maurer.

WC:CIC Game Guide


You have met the Informant before while working for Monte. Now the Informant wants you to take out Jones. The Informant tells you of Jones' plans, why he wants Jones dead, and the location of a secret Retro base. You are to fly to this base and find out where Jones is.


Fly to Valhalla system and find the secret jump point to Eden system. Jump to Eden and land on Gaea base.

Find out where Jones is, then find and destroy him. When complete, return to Drake base in Capello.

Scripted Encounters

Retros at both Nav points in Eden


  • It is a long flight to the base, and to make matters worse you must be sure not to take any damage or use any missiles because you still have the main battle left, not forgetting the trip back to Drake. Where possible, avoid encounters and just afterburn away as fast as you can. Once you reach the Retro base Gaea, beg for forgiveness at the temple. There you will learn how to find Jones.
  • Jones is heading towards the moon. Take off, turn towards the moon (changing to the Chase Camera may help you find it) and fly in that direction. Afterburn if you want to make the journey quicker. When you are around 40,000m away from Gaea, Jones will appear.
  • Jones will stay away, so take out his his guards first. You'll face 13 of them, all in the Salthis bought from the Kilrathi. After that, on to Jones. He is flying a Centurion which is quite strongly shielded and armored. To make matters worse, he is quite fond of ramming you so make sure to save a few missiles for him. Once you are finished with him, land at Gaea, save, then head back to Drake.
  • The Informant thanks you for taking out Jones. At this point, continue on to Perry to report to Admiral Terrell. He'll give you the 20,000 for the mission you flew for him before you got sidetracked. He'll thank you for taking out Jones and say goodbye. Talk to him again for the little Credits chat. Congratulations... you win!

Community Comments

Submitted by : John Nelson (

Mission : Jones Mission

Comments : A hidden jump point is near the asteroids when you fly towards the moon to fight Jones. It makes getting home to Perry a lot easiar. Land on Gaea first, have a gut laugh at the crumbled shrine, then fly back to the moon and hit the jump.

Submitted by : Justice ()

Mission :

Comments : The jump point goes to Rikel. Also, if you went back for the 20,000 before going to Gaea, Terrel offers you a large sum for killing Jones, like 80,000.

Submitted by : Junta (

Mission :

Comments : Hidden jump point? It's not hidden, you're supposed to see it. It is not possible not to discover the jump point, when you are fighting Jones and his army. And nobody in the world could resist using the jump point, so everybody knows it leads to Rikel.

Submitted by : jt (

Date : Sun Jan 20 01:35:41 2013

Mission : Jones--Hidden Jump Points

Comments : I know of only one other 'hidden' jump point besides the one that takes you to and from Rikel. Are there any others? Thanks.

Submitted by : Junta ()

Date : Sat Aug 10 18:59:05 2013

Mission :

Comments : jt: Which one are you talking about? Valhalla?