Monte - Mission B

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Monte - Mission B
MM - RF - Monte B.png
Date 2670
Type Rendezvous Mission
Jumps 4 (New Detroit, Perry, Tingerhoff, Nexus, Capella)
Objectives Go to Capella, Nav 2
Designation S12MB1
Previous Monte - Mission A
Next Informant - Mission A
Saved Game S12MB1.PRS

Monte - Mission B is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to Monte at the bar on New Detroit in the New Detroit system after completing Monte - Mission A.

Mission Description

Retrieve documents for Monte.

Fly to Drake base in the Capella system.

See Contact in the bar on Drake base for further information.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
New Detroit System
Nav 8 3 Bounty Hunter Demon confident pros
Nav 9 3 Bounty Hunter Demon confident pros
Nexus System
Nav 2 3 Retro Talon fanatical aces
Capella System
Nav 2 2 Retro Talon fanatical aces


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Sociologist

Thank you for the transportation, $NM.
No problem. Tell me what you know.  
Patience, $NM. I receive my information slowly.
Besides, it would be unwise to divulge all my knowledge immediately.
I'm starting to wonder just how much you do know, pal.  
Let me try to pacify you. I know that the Retros have recently been united.
This unity has given them the strength to begin their conquest.
It has all been possible because of a strong new Retro leader, as you may have discovered.
Probably no more than ten people in Gemini, including the Retros themselves,
know the indentity of this new leader.
I am one of those ten.
The leader's name is Mordecai Jones.
I don't care about his name. What do you know about him?  
Not much, admittedly. He is some sort of scientist or engineer.
He became a Retro only a few years ago.
His organization of the Retros has been astounding.
I have never heard of any organization going from disarray to power in such a short time.
Yeah, I think he's swell, too. The question is, where is he?  
I do not know. But I may be able to find out soon.
How soon?  
Patience, $NM. First, you must fly another mission.
I guess I'm at your mercy.  
I want you to go to Drake in the Capella system.
You will meet a man there. Follow his instructions.
That is all.
Accept Refuse
Good luck, $NM.
I see. Then I can give you no further information.


Talk to Sociologist

I have not heard from my associate.
Apparently you have not completed his task.
Yeah, I guess not. Who was that again?  
He is on the Drake base in Capella.
He will give you further instructions.
Accept Refuse
Return when you are finished.
I'm tired of these games, Monte. See you around.


Talk to Sociologist

You have returned, $NM.
Will you accept my mission?
I want you to fly to Drake in the Capella system,
and carry out the instructions of the person you will meet there.
Accept Refuse
It's a deal. You'd better have some good info when I get back.
I tire of your ramblings. Farewell.

WC:CIC Game Guide


Monte reveals that the reason for the increased Retro activity is their unity under one leader, a man named Mordichai Jones. Very little is known about him at this point, however if the Retros are to be stopped, he must be destroyed. Monte sends you to see a contact who may have more information.


Fly to Drake base in the Capello system and meet contact in the bar.

Scripted Encounters



  • Although there are no scripted encounters, you can expect various random encounters, and you're almost certain of pirates in Capello since it is a pirate system. When you reach there, head to the bar and talk to the Informant.