E. Masterson - Mission A (Privateer Righteous Fire)

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This article is about the Privateer Righteous Fire mission. For the Wing Commander Privateer mission, see E. Masterson - Mission A.

E. Masterson - Mission A
MM - RF - E Masterson A.png
Date 2670
Type Cargo Mission
Jumps 2 (Oxford, XXN-1927, New Constantinople)
Payment 10,000 credits
Objectives Go to New Constantinople, Nav 6

Deliver cargo to Edom

Cargo Mission Cargo (10)
Designation S11MA
Next E. Masterson - Mission B
Saved Game S11MA.PRS

E. Masterson - Mission A is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to E. Masterson at the library on Oxford in the Oxford system. The Privateer Righteous Fire campaign may be started with this mission, Tayla - Mission A, Lynn Murphy - Mission A or Sandra Goodin - Mission A.

Mission Description

Take cargo of research materials from Oxford to base Edom in the New Constantinople system.

Pays 10000 credits.

Return to Masterson at Oxford for next mission.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Oxford System
Nav 1 3 Militia Gladius confident pros friendly
Nav 3 3 Militia Gladius confident pros friendly
Nav 4 3 Militia Talon confident pros friendly
XXN-1927 System
Nav 1 2 Retro Talon fanatical novices
Saxtogue System
Nav 2 2 Retro Talon fanatical novices


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Masterson

Hello, Masterson. I've come looking for a little help.
Great, $NM, we can use all the help we can get these days.
You misunderstood. I'm looking for information that'll help me find my gun.
I heard news. I thought that gun was dangerous in your hands, but....
Perhaps we can trade services.
I have a friend who considers himself an expert on every fringe organization in Gemini.
He has his ear open to all underground activity, but...
...he's leery of meeting new people,
Somewhat paranoid.
I can't blame him. He's pretty unpopular from exposing certain groups.
But, if you could help me out I would consider introducing you.
Meeting your friend doesn't sound too exciting, but I can check my own leads with your money.  
I hope you're not expecting charity work.
Well we are an academic institution, and rather needy at the moment.
The constant threat from the Retros has us worried.
We are disassembling the Oxford library.
With the Retros on the rise, having all our knowledge in one place has become dangerous.
We've become too big of a target. And with the Confederation occupied with the Kilrathi,
We're virtually unprotected.
I need you to deliver part of our rare books collection to a safer place:
Base Edom in New Constantinople.
The job pays 10,000. Return here afterwards. How about it?
Hurry back for more work, and I'll see about locating my friend.
I know it's not many credits, but I'm offering extended employment,
and the chance to meet an invaluable contact.
Accept Refuse
We're desperate, but you would be crazy to pass up this opportunity.
You'll be back.


Talk to Masterson

I see you still haven't delivered my rare books.
Why is that?
Not your concern, Masterson. Let's hear the details again.
All right, then.
You're to deliver a load of rare books to Base Edom in New Constantinople.
It's that simple.
Your reward will be 10,000 credits.
Accept Refuse
Interesting. If you change your mind, I'll be here.


Talk to Masterson

I had a hunch you'd return, $NM.
Swell. Tell me about the mission again.
You're to deliver a load of rare books to Base Edom in New Constantinople.
Your reward will be 10,000 credits.
Accept Refuse
Good. I'll have the books loaded immediately.
If you want to meet my contact, you'll have to fly my missions.

WC:CIC Game Guide


The Retros are much more powerful than they used to be, and they now have Oxford Library worried. As a result, Masterson is dismantling the library and he needs people to take the contents elsewhere. When you have helped Masterson enough, he will ask his contact to meet you. His contact knows a lot about underground organizations and may know what happened to your gun.


Transport research materials to Edom in New Constantinople. Land on Edom, then return to Oxford.

Scripted Encounters



  • This mission is just a simple cargo mission to get you back in the swing of things. There are no scripted enemy encounters, so there are only the standard random encounters.

User Comments

Submitted by : Wedge009 (swong009@student.mq.edu.au)

Mission : Employers

Comments : Of the three employers (Confed, Murphy, and Tayla), only two are need to be satisfied before Masterson introduces you to his friend. In my first play of RF, I completely missed Tayla.

Submitted by : Sycrusian (sycrusian@yahoo.com)

Mission : Steltek Gun

Comments : I really don't remember the details, it was a long time ago, but I was able to keep my Seltek Gun from Privateer by rewriting my savegame file extension so that it would be recognized by Righteous Fire.

Submitted by : Junta (olainormann@hotmail.com)

Date : Sat May 5 14:42:14 2012

Mission :

Comments : Sycrusian: Yes, it is possible to cheat. You are a cheater. Have you ever completed a game without cheating?