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Gemini Sector is region of space that lies directly corewards of Sol Sector, directly spinward of Avalon Sector, and directly anti-spinward of Trk'Pahn Sector. Gemini Sector consists of the Clarke, Fariss, Humboldt and Potter Quadrants.

Gemini was first settled by the Terran Confederation in 2639 as an effort by the Confederation military to contain Kilrathi expansion by entrenching along the border of the Kilrathi Empire. During the early entrenching period, the Terran Confederation Exploratory Services (TCES) were first called in to map out available resources, including habitable planets, mineral-rich asteroids and jump tunnels. Within the first five years of exploration two major factors contributed to the opening of Gemini to public enterprise. The first was the rapid entrenchment of military forces far from established supply lines and support services — they needed access to local resources, while the second was the tremendous wealth of resources discovered in Gemini. This was essential in boosting the Confederation’s gross worth.

The Sector was largely uninvolved in the Terran-Kilrathi War due to the exceptionally strong Confederation naval presence in the Clarke Quadrant and the relatively few jump tunnels that connected to Kilrathi territory. During the Nephilim War, however, the Sector was the site of several major battles that resulted in the destruction of Perry Naval Base as well as the Sector's capitol at New Constantinople and a mass exodus of much of Gemini's population. By 2700, the Sector had begun to recover and a new capitol - New New Constantinople - had been established.


119CEHumboldt Quadrant
17-ARFariss Quadrant
41-GSPotter Quadrant
44-P-1MPotter Quadrant
AldebranPotter QuadrantMatahari Pleasure WorldMercenary Guild Office
Merchant's Guild Office
AurigaPotter QuadrantBeaconsfield Refinery:
Elysia Agricultural World
Mercenary Guild Office
Merchant's Guild Office
BetaFariss Quadrant
Blockade Point AlphaClarke Quadrant
Blockade Point CharlieClarke Quadrant
Blockade Point TangoClarke Quadrant
CM-N1054Humboldt Quadrant
CMF-AClarke Quadrant
CapellaFariss QuadrantDrake Pirate Base
CastorFariss QuadrantRomulus Mining BaseMercenary Guild Office
Merchant's Guild Office
Crab-12Fariss Quadrant
DN-N1912Potter Quadrant
DeathFariss Quadrant
DeltaFariss Quadrant
Delta PrimeFariss Quadrant
FamineFariss Quadrant
FreyjaHumboldt Quadrant
GammaFariss Quadrant
Gemini (star system)Humboldt Quadrant
Hind's Variable NorthPotter Quadrant
HyadesClarke Quadrant
J900Fariss Quadrant
JunctionHumboldt Quadrant
KM-252Fariss Quadrant
LisaccClarke Quadrant
Mah'RahnClarke Quadrant
ManchesterPotter Quadrant
MetsorPotter Quadrant
Midgard (Gemini Sector)Clarke Quadrant
ND-57Potter Quadrant
New CaledoniaFariss Quadrant
New ConstantinoplePotter Quadrant
New DetroitPotter Quadrant
NewcastlePotter Quadrant
NexusFariss Quadrant
NitirClarke Quadrant
OxfordPotter Quadrant
PadreHumboldt Quadrant
PalanFariss Quadrant
Pender's StarHumboldt Quadrant
PentonvilleHumboldt Quadrant
PerryClarke Quadrant
PestilenceFariss Quadrant
PolluxHumboldt Quadrant
PrasepeHumboldt Quadrant
PyreneesHumboldt Quadrant
RagnarokClarke Quadrant
RaxisPotter Quadrant
RegallisFariss Quadrant
RikelClarke Quadrant
RygannonFariss Quadrant
SaxtoguePotter Quadrant
Shangri LaPotter Quadrant
SherwoodFariss Quadrant
Sumn-Kp'taClarke Quadrant
SurturClarke Quadrant
TingerhoffClarke Quadrant
Tr'PakhClarke Quadrant
TroyHumboldt Quadrant
VarnusHumboldt Quadrant
WarFariss Quadrant
XXN-1927Potter Quadrant
XytaniFariss Quadrant