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Privateer - Sprite - Orion - Perspective.png
Type Gunship
Primary User Mercenaries

The Orion is a class of Mercenary gunship. Centurions are one of the four basic models of single-person ships available to the general public in Gemini Sector. They are available to privateers at Ship Dealers for 75,000 credits unconfigured. Around 2670, Orions became able to support level 7 engine upgrades and shield generators. Gabriel Quentin wrote about the spaeccraft in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.





Sprite Sheets


Name Orion Orion
Source Playguide Privateer
Faction Mercenary Mercenary
Class Gunship Gunship
Max. Velocity 350 kps 350 kps
Aft. Velocity 800 kps 800 kps
Acceleration Average 350
Max. YPR Poor 107/105/115
Power Supply 800 GW
Energy Gauge 800 GJ
Guns Mass Driver (2) Plasma Gun (2)
Turrets Laser (2, Tail) Laser (2, Tail)
Weapons Heat Seeker (3) Launcher #1: Heat Seeker (3)
Cargo Hold 50 units Ejected Pilot
Shields Generator 5
Levels 3
Power 100 GW
Regen 4
Side Shields 50 cm equiv. each
Fore Shields 50 cm equiv.
Aft Shields 50 cm equiv.
Shield Effect 100%
Side Armor 35 cm equiv. each 35 cm equiv. each
Fore Armor 48 cm equiv. 48 cm equiv.
Aft Armor 50 cm equiv. 50 cm equiv.
Upgrades Afterburners
Tail Turret







B and S





Mass Driver

Meson Blaster

Neutron Gun

Particle Cannon

Tachyon Cannon

Ionic Pulse Cannon

Plasma Gun

Fusion Cannon

Steltek Gun

Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


The Orion is perhaps the safest of all the vehicles mentioned here. It is can carry the most armor and shields of all ships listed (at the expense of its maneuverability). This is a sturdy ship, designed to last.

Cockpit. Low visibility. The cockpit is dark and somewhat cramped, with less window area than the Tarsus. Dual MFDs are standard and easy to use (see illustration). Instruments are not as easy to use as in the Centurion, but are simple to get a handle on.

Speed/Maneuverability. Supports up to a Level 5 engine upgrade. Although the Orion has better than average speed, it’s difficult to pull through tight turns.

Ordnance/Protection. Supports addition of a rear turret. Even without the turret, there is room for two guns and one weapon or tractor beam. With Level 5 engine upgrades, there is no reason not to pick a high quality gun with a high energy drain. Supports up to shield upgrade Level 5.

Overall Performance Rating. Due to its low maneuverability, limited cargo hold, and the expense of outfitting it, I give the Orion a low B. With enough money, though, you can make this ship a high A. I highly recommend the full option package for this ship

Privateer Playtesters' Guide


When you first purchase the Orion, you won't have adequate shields and armor to protect you from potential attackers. Begin by accepting cargo missions. Try to stay away from any mom difficult assignments until you have sufficient resources to upgrade to Level 3 engines, Level 3 shields and tungsten armor.

Suggested Loadout

  • Shield upgrade 3 and engine upgrade 3 (eventually upgraded to Level 5 shields and engines)
  • Tungsten armor
  • 1 missile launcher with IR missiles
  • Repair droid
  • Level 3 ECM package
  • 2 tachyon cannon
  • Rear turret
  • Tractor beam in turret
  • Cargo expansion

  • With this level of protection, you can now change your strategy and graduate to scout and bounty hunting missions. Join the Mercenaries' Guild to gain access to lucrative bounty hunting assignments. Avoid confronting groups of enemies. Since your ship is not very fast or maneuverable and you only have one missile launcher, you will have a hard time defending yourself against multiple opponents.
  • While on a mission, go to the designated system and keep a sharp lookout for red dots on your radar. Once an enemy ship shows on your scanner. try communicat-ing with him. If it is not the enemy you are looking for, you should probably turn around and run. You do not want to tangle with hostile fighters unless you absolutely have to. Your opponents will not tend to follow you for very long so outrunning them should not be much of a problem.
  • Try to accept scout, cargo and bounty hunting missions in the same system so you can double or triple your income without having to fly any extra distance.
  • Once you have adequate shield and engine upgrades, move into the Clarke Quadrant. Selecting Perry as your home base is probably a wise choice. It is very easy to find missions in the some systems. There are also extremely lucrative trade routes available here. Agricultural bases as well as refineries are close by.
  • While you are accepting scout, bounty and cargo missions, continue to upgrade your shield and engine to Level 5. At this point, the Orion is almost invulnerable. Attack and defend base missions will no longer pose a problem, so you can accept any mission that appeals to you. Now is also the ideal time to become a pirate since you own a heavily fortified ship. KM-252 and Pentonville are the two pirate bases closest to the civilized world. The Pentonville - New Detroit route is also ideal for drug running. You can now blow up honest merchants and retrieve their goods with your tractor beam with impunity.


Behind the Screens

The Orion was designed for Wing Commander Privateer but it was first seen in Origin FX.

The Orion is referred to as TUG or "tugboat" in internal game files and development material.

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Wing Commander Privateer

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