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Privateer - Sprite - Demon - Perspective.png
Type Light Fighter
Primary User Bounty Hunters

The Demon is a class of Bounty Hunter light fighter. Gabriel Quentin wrote about the spaeccraft in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.

In 2669,

In 2670,



Sprite Sheets


Name Demon Demon
Source Playguide Privateer
Faction Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Class Light Fighter Light Fighter
Max. Velocity 450 kps 450 kps
Aft. Velocity 1200 kps 1200 kps
Acceleration Very Good 650
Max. YPR Good 127/125/135
Power Supply 100 GW
Energy Gauge 130 GJ
Guns Laser (2)
Meson Blaster (2)
Weapons Heat Seeking (2)
Proton Torpedo (10)
Launcher #1: Heat Seeking (1)

Launcher #2: Heat Seeking (1)
Launcher #3: Proton Torpedo (10)

Cargo Hold Ejected Pilot
Shields Medium
Levels 2
Power 45 GW
Regen 2
Side Shields 20 cm equiv. each
Fore Shields 20 cm equiv.
Aft Shields 20 cm equiv.
Shield Effect 96%
Side Armor 9 cm equiv. each 9 cm equiv. each
Fore Armor 14 cm equiv. 14 cm equiv.
Aft Armor 12 cm equiv. 12 cm equiv.
Upgrades Afterburners

Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


The Demon combines high velocities and powerful acceleration powers with a wide array of deadly weapons. Its torpedo loadout can even take out capital ships like the Kamekh or Paradigm with relative ease. If you are forced to fight the Demon in a close dogfight, try to make a side attack on that location’s weak armor.


Behind the Screens

The 3D mesh created for the Demon for Privateer was later used to develop the Scimitar in Super Wing Commander and the Phantom and Banshee in Wing Commander Armada.

Unused Manual Art

Pre-Release Screenshots

Source Models