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Missile Launcher
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A Missile Launcher or Missile launcher or missile launcher is a projectile launcher that can be installed on a spacecraft's weapons mount. Missile launchers can fire Dumb Fire, Heat Seeker, Image Recognition and Friend or Foe missiles. Multiple types of munitions can be loaded in one launcher; the user can select which to fire. They are available for sale to privateers at ship dealers. Gabriel Quentin wrote about missile launchers in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.


Version Capacity Cost Resale Resale Damaged Repairs
Privateer 10 missiles 10,000 credits 7,500 credits 1,000 credits 8-792 credits


A Missile Launcher may be installed on the weapons slots on the stock Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion.

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Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide

Missile Launcher

Missile launchers are crucial in making a quick kill. Without shields few ships can withstand a missile hit. Missiles are listed in order, from least to most expensive, with a brief description of its locking method. Each launcher can hold up to 10 missiles in any combination.

Armor penetration is based on the durasteel standard, and is listed only for comparison. All missiles that can lock but fail to do so simply fly straight ahead (like a DF missile). Refire delay for one launcher is 2.5 seconds — two launchers are twice as fast.

Privateer Playtesters' Guide

Weapons Systems

Your weapons loadout will vary according to your skill level, typical missions and financial resources. In general, dumb fire missiles and torpedoes can inflict more harm in the hands of an experienced pilot. Guided missiles will find their target with the help of their locking mechanisms, making accuracy less essential. A tractor beam system will allow you to retrieve cargo from a destroyed ship and is thus an indispensable part of every pirate fighter.

Range. The effective range of the projectile in meters (m).

Damage potential. The amount of damage done to a target. This measurement is based on the durasteel standard, and is listed for comparison only.

Refire delay. The recharge time of a gun between each shot in units of seconds.

Energy use. How much energy the gun uses in units of Gigaloules (GI).

Abuse limit. How much damage your guns can take before they are destroyed. Abuse limits are rated as low, medium and high.


  • In the beginning, you should try to build up your ship and make it more resistant. Sell the missile launcher on your ship. This will earn you 7500 credits. You can always buy another missile launcher later when you have better armor and shields. – "Frog"
  • As soon as you can afford it, you should buy two missile launchers. This will launch two missiles at once, which can usually destroy most ships — the first missile to his will take out the shields and the second will usually hit the unprotected ship in the same place. The Orion is the only ship which can't mount two missile launchers. – "Bravestarr"
  • Start shooting at your enemy with missiles and finish him off with guns. Missiles won't take enemy ships out with one hit, but they will take down the shields. If you have dual missile launchers, you may be able to finish him off with missiles alone. – "Balzac"


Behind the Screens

Wing Commander Privateer contains graphics overlays for missile launchers, torpedo launchers and tractor beams on two additional outer weapons slots on the Centurion. These slots were removed from the final build of the game.

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