Grayson Burrows

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Grayson Burrows

Grayson Burrows was a Terran privateer who operated around Gemini Sector during the final years of the Terran-Kilrathi War.

Operating on both sides of the law, Burrows started his career as a privateer using an old Tarsus ship inherited from his grandfather.

Following an encounter with pirates in the Troy system, one of his stray missiles hit an ancient Steltek drone, awakening it from dormancy and causing it to wreak havoc within the sector.

Burrows later hired himself to a New Detroit fixer named Sandoval. Being paid a mere 5,000 credits, Sandoval gave Burrows an alien artifact as a forward payment. Before the mission was completed, Sandoval was murdered and a lady named Tayla offered to keep Burrows out of trouble with the law, in return of running some errands for the pirates. Working for Tayla, Burrows smuggled Brilliance while getting involved in some skirmishes with the InSys militia.

Afterward, Burrows was directed to work with Roman Lynch, the leader of Gemini's organized crime network. Working for Lynch, Burrows was promised information regarding his artifact, but Lynch betrayed Burrows by sending his henchman Miggs to attack him.

After evading Lynch's forces, Burrows decided to seek information on the artefact himself, and Burrows travelled to the Oxford Library in Oxford System. The information he discovered there led him to the Palan blockade, then scouting new jump lines for the Exploratory Services, and finally to landing on a derelict Steltek base. There he salvaged a Steltek weapon from a ruined fighter, and soon found himself being chased by the Steltek drone.

Approached by Sandra Goodin of the Terran Confederation Navy, Burrows went to Perry Naval Base and met Admiral Terrell. Terrell requested Burrows' assistance in destroying the alien ship that had been following Burrows throughout Gemini by acting as bait for the combined Confederation forces in the sector.

During this mission, Burrows become one of the few humans to make direct contact with the enigmatic Steltek race. In exchange for information on where Burrows obtained his Steltek gun, the Steltek agreed to boost the power of his gun in order to destroy the Steltek drone.

In 2669/2670, the Steltek gun was stolen by Mordecai Jones, the new leader of the Church of Man. He was killed by Burrows near the uncharted planet of Eden and the gun was recovered.

By the year 2700, Burrows is still active as a mercenary and a wanted man. He still possesses the Steltek gun he recovered from the derelict Steltek base.

Behind The Scenes

Grayson Burrows is the official name of the player character in the first Privateer game and expansion. The game itself allows the player to choose the character's name and callsign. In the CD-ROM edition which uses full speech, the characters always refer to him as 'Captain' or 'Privateer'. His facial features was also used in the Strike Commander: Tactical Operations expansion pack for one of the fixers in Selim's bar. Grayson Burrows was last featured in the Star*Soldier manual in a page regarding a bounty for him.