A-15 Gladius

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A-15 Gladius
A-15 Gladius in Confed colors circa 2669
Type Medium Fighter
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Militia
Maximum Yaw 3 dps
Maximum Pitch 4 dps
Maximum Roll 5 dps
Cruise 500 kps
Maximum 750 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1695 kps
Default Missile Loadout
Chaff Pods 1
Fore 5 cm equivalent
Aft 5 cm equivalent
Default Recharge 5.0 cm/second
Front 4 cm
Rear 4 cm
Side 3.7 cm
Damage Threshold 150
Gladius flown off TCS Lexington, Evian System circa 2669
Source Wing Commander: Armada

The A-15 Gladius was a Terran fighter used for patrol and anti-shipping missions by both the Terran Confederation and local planetary militia squadrons. The fighter saw widespread use in the Gemini Sector. The TCS Lexington carried a squadron of Gladii during her assault on Kilrah. One Lexington pilot, Niekro Hammond, scored at least 22 kills flying a Gladius. Gladii were also flown by pirates and renegades in the Evian System.


VariantCruise speedMax. SpeedAfterburnWeaponFore shieldAft shieldFore armorAft armorSide armorSource
A-15 Gladius5007501,695Laser Cannon (2)
Particle Cannon (2)
Tachyon Cannon (2)
Dart Dumbfire (8)
Javelin Heatseeker (1)
Torpedo (1)
543.74Wing Commander: Armada
Gladius (Militia)5001,000Laser Cannon (2)
Particle Cannon (1)
HS Missiles (2)
Proton Torpedoes (10
705540Wing Commander: Privateer
Gladius (Voices of War)500750Laser Cannon (2)
Particle Cannon (2)
Tachyon Cannon (2)
Dart Dumbfire (8)
Javelin Heatseeker (1)
Torpedo (1)
55443.7Voices of War

Gemini Sector: An Overview

The Gladius combines good velocity and acceleration with an effective and varied array of weapons. Its torpedoes make it an effective fighter for combat against capital ships. With its fairly strong blaster loadout and HS missiles, the Gladius is a versatile dogfighting spacecraft. Due to its maneuverability, it is hard to target the one accurately, but just a few on target hits can down the Gladius because of its weak shields.

Armada Playtesters' Guide


The ''Gladius'' is a marksman's fighter. If you can make your extensive dumbfire loadout count against the enemy, you can take on absolutely anything.
Turn and roll, don't let your profile remain exposed to the enemy. Aside from the ''Arrow'' and ''Dralthi'', you're the fastest fighter in the game, so use it. Keep the pedal to the metal. You have lots of firepower. With good shooting and intelligent gun usage you can pound an opponent virtually continuously. All those guns drain a lot of energy, however, so time your shots carefully. You have lots of dumbfires ... don't be afraid to use them, particularly at the end of your strafing runs. But try to save your HS missile for emergencies.
Your lack of self-targeting missiles can be a liability against smaller, hard-to-hit fighters like the ''Shok'lar'' and the ''Jrathek''. The solution? Improve your aim. If you are a dead shot, the ''Gladius''' dumbfires are an excellent answer to the ''Shok'lar'''s cloaking device.
Because of its speed, the ''Gladius'' is an excellent choice for carrier attacks.


Like the ''Wraith'', the ''Gladius'' has a plethora of dumbfire missiles, so avoid head-to-head engagements at all costs.
With the ''Gladius'''s strong defenses, there are no quick kills against this fighter. To take out a ''Gladius'' you have to be a good enough pilot to avoid its dumbfire missiles, or a good enough marksman to shoot them down. Preferably both. With its three types of guns, the ''Gladius'' can pound you from virtually anywhere. Keep rolling and moving ― don't let it concentrate its fire on one of your quadrants. Sometimes the ''Gladius'' flips just like an ''Arrow'', exposing the top or bottom for a vulnerable instant.
Avoid collisions. The ''Gladius'' is tough enough to shrug off most rams, but you might not be so lucky.