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AD, who is ever the finder of things, found an awesome Thai Wing Commander article today. We don't see many WC items in this language, so this is a nice treat! This issue is described as a "technique edition," and it includes strategy guide-style overviews of things like the game's guns. Very cool!

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Let's start the week off by DARKENING the day! Thanks to AD, we've extracted all of the background plates for Privateer 2's gameflow screens. Let's take a tour of the Tri-System. Here's the starting planet HERMES and the SINNERS INN tavern (home of Joe the Bartender)! CRIUS, the medical planet! It has a record-setting four plates: one for the landing area, one for the SURGEON'S BLUNDER BAR and then two related to the story (CRIUS HOSPITAL and SHERNIKOV MEDICAL EQUIPMENT). ANHUR, the first planet in the system to be settled. We've got the spaceport and the SHADOW PLAY BAR plus INTERPLANETARY AID from the storyline. BEX, the center of the system's beer-themed religion. These aren't cathedrals, it's a spaceport and the BLESSED BREW BAR! Here's HEPHAESTUS with the RAMPANT ROBOT BAR *and* the GALACTIC GOURMET HOTEL/BAR. I bet one of these was originally intended for Janus IV! Here are the three planets that don't have bars: HADES, JANUS IV and KARATIKUS. All four types of space stations! (Equipment, Repair, Commodity and Super) Finally, the system's ten moons share five sets of gameflow screens. This isn't even to save space, since each is stored twice on the disc. But to be fair, you never noticed so. This is ATHOS and OSTINIA. CORINTHIAS and DESOLIA DESTINAS and PETRA LEVIATHA and MASSANAS (isn't that in Virginia?) Finally, SERCA and TERREL! That's it for Privateer 2's gameflow screens. Interesting to note that it's roughly the same overall number you get in the original Privateer but distributed very differently. And boy are they cool looking!
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Summer Sale Brings Big Wing Commander Savings Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's time for the annual GOG Summer Sale, and this time 5400+ games are being discounted. Wing Commander wasn't included in the Spring Sale a few months back, so it's nice to see the omission was short lived and the markdowns are back. Each game is 75% off or $1.49 each. Less than $12 for the whole DOS/Windows Wing Commander experience!

That’s What They Call a Rostov Hairball Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Rostov, huh? Guess they didn’t save the Ralari.

In a weird coincidence, the Wing Commander III novelization also names the TCS Victory’s bartender Rostov and makes him a shameless Space Russian in the grand tradition of Ensign Chekov.

There is a lot to talk about here. For one, isn't it odd that they just borrowed Shotglass' setup from Wing Commander I? Is every bartender in the fleet a wounded veteran? I'll let folks with actual culture decide if "Dmitry Rostov" is a terrible made up Russian name but it certainly is an odd coincidence (?) that it's the same name as a system from WC1... which I can confirm was all over the series bible provided to Forstchen and Keith. On the other hand, the TCS Leningrad reference is a very deep cut. It's from a brief mention in Freedom Flight where Hobbes reminisces about the time he destroyed it. But just the implication that a ship named after a Russian city would naturally have a super Russian crewman is kind of silly. And he calls Blair Comrade! Also odd is that Blair calls him Bear (and “Rosty” at the same time)… despite the fact that the major Wing Commander character already named Bear APPEARS IN THIS BOOK. But by far the strangest decision in all of this is the fact that they decided to make this character who appears in the script (and would surely be visible in the game)’s distinguishing characteristic the fact that he has ONE ARM. Spoiler warning: the bartender in Wing Commander III... who appears in many cutscenes!... HAS TWO ARMS. Jean Pierre Pereat played the bartender; he was not an actor but a production worker. Here he is today! Another odd coincidence (?) is that the WC3 novel ends Bear Bondarevsky on a cliffhanger where he is injured… and three books later we find out that… he lost his arm! Whoops, perpetuated an error there. While Bear’s Special Operations 1 sprites have a uniform with Space Force Captain’s bars it never actually appears and he is referred to as a (Navy) Lieutenant. Novel protagonist Bear started life in the initial draft of WC2 as a Georgian bomber crew chief redshirt with a secret who bonds with Blair over their dedication to the service. He too was a goofy space Russian: After he was cut, his artwork was reused for the Bear we know in Special Operations. The age backstory survived in the series bible and is referenced extensively in End Run! End Run claims that he is from a mostly Russian colony “in Alpha Centauri”. His dad was Russian and his mom Australian. But then Fleet Action says he’s from a distant frontier colony 500 light years from Earth. A lot farther than Alpha Centauri! His third story as protagonist claims his colony was named Razin and that it was settled by Eastern Orthodox Christians (by way of setting up a cute Christmas scene with a black cat! Sully will model.) Anyway I think we got sidetracked somewhere. Let’s down one of Shotglass’ famous Rostov Hairballs and pray that whatever war is going on now will quickly end.

What is a Rostov Hairball, named after the star system’s asteroid fields? It’s an unspecified mixed drink… except for SNES pilots for whom it is an ice cream sundae! The SNES bar serving ice cream instead of booze is actually closer to reality (enormous hook pulls me off stage).

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It Looks Like The, Uh, Pastoral Life Agrees With You Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

If you haven’t filmed an exhaustive retrospective of the Wing Commander series on a hillside while sitting on a giant boulder, are you even a Wing Commander fine? Yes, if you’re reading this, you definitely are, but this is still one of the most unique takes on the WC series rundown video I’ve seen in a while. Where will the next Wing Commander fan vid take place?

Vintage Phone Card Used to Promote WC2 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The UK-based Centre for Computing History recently tweeted about this really cool collectible phone card made as a promotion for Wing Commander 2. I realized I actually have a couple of these laying around, but somehow we've never shared them in the news before! You can find their profile page on this item here. I really like their website and mission!
Just added to the collection: A promotional Wing Commander II Mercury telephone kiosk card!


Card for use in a Mercury telephone kiosk, with Wing Commander II design.

Mercury Communications was a national UK telephone company formed in the early 1980s, and was an early competitor of BT. Mercury's payphone kiosks were in use in the UK from 1986-1995.

The card states on the back that Mercurycards are available in £2, £4, and £10 values, however the card itself is a £1 value, so was likely given away as a promotion.

A handful of these were made in places like Japan and Germany over the years for various WC games. Check out the wonderful Prophecy phone card from Dominus of Exult's collection here.

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Today dczanik shared a very slick interpretation of young Angel. The design started as a 3D model, but he finally turned it into a more artsy graphic. Let him know what you think at the CIC Forums!
Hey guys! I did a paint over a 3D model I sculpted years ago. It's of a young Angel. Originally I was going to make a 3D model of her WC1 character, but liked the look of a younger Angel. I thought you would enjoy it. Hope you like it! Here's the original model:
It was used for Howard Day's Wing Leader characters. But I really wanted to finish it in the way I wanted it to look so I finally got around to finishing it. And I made a 16 bit look for those that prefer the old pixel graphics:
Here's a few original shots to compare: WC1, Claw Marks, Super Famicon Claw Marks and WC2.

Taking a Closer Look at an Early Academy Advertisement Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Another wonderful Origin ad layout from 1993! What are the odds? I wonder if there's anything interesting in here... Academy's stunning key art is by Chris Douglas (again!) and Jake Rodgers, another one of Origin's talented early 3D artists. It has two Return of the Jedi explosions, too! The oddest part is the ships which... aren't in the game at all, no "Dralthi MK VII" in Academy. These ads started running late summer 1993 and continued through the end of the year. There was a pretty significant running change towards the end of the campaign that's worth comparing to the scan above: The first one: "holodeck console" becomes "holographic simulator". I've worked in game marketing long enough to know EXACTLY how that conversation with legal went. The other one is that "The Wave" becomes "The Gauntlet"... that's clearly a development change and it is a much better name! The screenshots are fascinating. Sources for the lower two, which were distro'd on Origin's BBS, have survived! This one is not a bullshot but an alpha build: VDU for the Wraith hasn't been implemented, typo on "leech" and unique names for AI pilots were dropped. But the wingman selection is certainly a bullshot, likely from an earlier design where they weren't reusing Wing Commander II character assets. Too bad, I'd love to meet Dingo! His VDU never appears anywhere. Also note the cursor changes colors! Look at the third icon on the bottom row, too... the Confederation space station was originally Deep Space Nine! Tangential, but my remaining absolute Wing Commander collecting holy grail is a Wing Commander Academy team t-shirt. Featuring unique art by the great Paul Steed who was angry that the WC2 team shirts were so ugly! Would make a great tattoo, too.
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Bandcamp WC Sales Benefit Juneteenth Promotion Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Bandcamp is once again having Juneteenth fundraiser. This means that their share of the proceeds from each sale go towards advocacy for racial justice. They are the prime retailer for the MT-32 Archival Edition of Wing One, the album of original Wing Commander music, so this is one of the rare opportunities for your WC purchases to go towards a charitable cause. If you don't own a copy, this is a wonderful audio experience to fill out your WC collection with! Grab it here for $10 (and do it on Monday for the Juneteenth benefit!).
On Monday, June 19th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, we’ll hold our fourth annual Juneteenth fundraiser, where we donate 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a racial justice organization with a long history of effectively enacting change through litigation, advocacy, and public education.
There is also a publisher-authorized free streaming version available below. We recommend buying it outright, but enjoy the full sample below!

Just Joe Kane Around Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

... how did it take me 26 years to realize that John Hurt's character in Privateer 2 was named after his Alien role?! Turns out I am not actually the world's second greatest Wing Commander detective. He's just "JOE THE BARTENDER" in the shooting script, so it's possible this was just quietly slipped into the in-game database.
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The Funky Beat Down Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Privateer 2 is great and you can't tell me it's not. I love the weird aesthetic and the novels worth of bizarre world building in all the booth and mission text.

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Happy Belated 20th Birthday to Prophecy Advance! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I think you could use a little Prophecy Advance today. Talking heads might seem like a step back, but it's amazing what Raylight did to compress the story down to fit on a GBA cart. And that 240x160 mobile 3D spaceflight engine is impressive to this day! Unfortunately, I missed the game's twentieth anniversary (on May 28!) a couple weeks back, but you can read my big post celebrating the game's first decade here!
Raylight Games is a leading European videogames development studio based in Benevento and in the sunny Napoli, south of Italy. Funded in 2000. Raylight Games has developed dozen of games ranging from Handheld Consoles. Home Consoles. Mobiles and PC. In 2001 we started the development of BlueRoses, our own multiplatform framework on which our core team develops games. Originally developed for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance, BlueRoses has been used to develop Wing Commander: Prophecy. which has been nominated as runner up game for the best technological excellence at the 2002 E3 IGN Awards, and also the much acclaimed Resident Evil 2 demo. Since 2001 BlueRoses expanded on other emerging platforms and is currently available for PlayStation 4. PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Nintendo 3DS, mobile platforms (Android. iOS, Windows Mobile) and PC.

Taking a Closer Look at Development Timelines Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We remember it taking FOREVER for each new Wing Commander game to come out... but how long did it actually take to develop them? It's pretty crazy compared to how long it takes to make a AAA game today!

This is production to release only, though, so it's not the full story. For instance, Chris Roberts spent several months developing the technology behind the original Wing Commander on his own before it became a budgeted Origin project. Similarly, Wing Commander Arena signed off months before it was released and it sat in a crowded XBox Live Arcade release queue. For further comparison, Strike Commander's famously endless delays meant that it spent... 18 months in production! That's nothing today.
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New Animations Show Off Voxel Test of WC1 Models Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we have a couple of neat animation tests by AllTinker. He's exploring the potential use of voxel creations to help update some of the old school designs into 3D models. They take some work to do, but the results are fairly decent for an initial test. This would just be one potential aspect of what Tinker's Confederation project is attempting to do. You can read up on the effort here.
I mentioned a few posts back that I was looking at voxel conversion as a potential option for adding full 3D rotation to the original 2D sprites. My early tests are pretty positive; here's an early (pretty rough) test of the WC1 Dralthi, converted (manually) to voxels from the original sprites. Each one seems like it will take a fair chunk of work, but it seems far from a prohibitive amount... Some will certainly be more difficult than others though.

Post Fundraiser Update on Vinyl Music Album Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Van Burnham has posted an update on the next phase of the campaign to produce a Deluxe vinyl pressing of the WING COMMANDER score. While the initial Indiegogo effort didn’t hit the funding goals necessary to kick off production, Van is working the numbers and determining what it will take to move forward from here. The album was initially projected for next year, so there's still time to work through options and figure out how to close the gap and make this a reality. Of course, Wing Commander fans are nothing if not patient. Stay tuned for future updates!
Hi everybody... thank you so much for supporting this project. I'm incredibly excited to make the Wing Commander orchestral score on deluxe vinyl a reality. That said, it goes without saying that I'm disappointed the campaign did not reach it's minimum funding goal and am in the process of sorting out some issues with this platform as a result. I cannot press the planned quantity of LPs for less than $15K and am deciding whether to do a follow-on fundraising campaign or reduce the quantities for the first production run. Checking with the pressing plant on minimums and metrics now. Please be patient while I work out how best to move forward, should have an update by end of week. Grateful for your support!

Enjoy the WC1&2 Cockpits All Lined Up Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here are the amazing takeoff and landing sprites from the original Wing Commander. Along with the cockpits these were absolutely essential in establishing the player's ship in their head (and showing-not-telling damage after a mission!).

Here are the Wing Commander II versions: This is an interesting comparison to the WC2 landing art, the similar (but decidedly different) side views used for the eject cutscenes. They didn't do these for the new ships in the mission disks! And here's the kind of detail that makes a Chris Roberts game special: when the cockpit slides open you can see just a little strip of the tan cockpit... which matches the side view you have in flight! You can download a reference pack with dozens of cockpit images from WC1, WC2, WC3, Academy, Armada and Privateer here!
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Exploring Lt. Anderson’s Backstory Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Wing Commander Prophecy veterans: do you remember Lt. Anderson, the TCS Midway's comm officer? He showed up in briefings and other cutscenes as well in dozens of postage stamp videos in-flight.

So, Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy has a surprisingly extensive biography that claims that Anderson traces his lineage back to an RAF pilot who fought in World War II. Is there a historical figure who matches the clues? We're looking for an RAF pilot (specifically an officer) who defended against the Blitz. Luckily, The Few are extensively memorialized online… which leads us to a clear candidate: Squadron Leader Michael Anderson! Anderson commanded 604 Squadron during the Battle of Britain flying Bristol Beaufighter night fighters. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for shooting down a Heinkel 111 (and two probables). Here's a great painting of that encounter by Mark Postlethwaite! … and wouldn't you know it, he ended the war as a Wing Commander! Here's a fantastic page with a detailed biography. Anderson was played by Seth Walther. He went on to guest on a couple TV shows but ultimately became a writer. He often adapts Japanese shows for English audiences, with stacks of credits on shows like Digimon and Power Rangers! Couple of more continuity polaroids: Anderson isn't the only WC character with ancestors in the Battle of Britain! In Fleet Action, Admiral Tolwyn claims that "Tolwyns served at Waterloo, on the Somme, in the Battle of Britain, at Minsk and the siege of London and shed their blood heavily in this latest war." Dr. Forstchen is the master of the sci-fi list, sneaking in future events with ones we know. A second one that's also about Tolwyn's family later in the book: "It had been used by his ancestors when they had stood at Agincourt, Waterloo, the Somme and against Hitler and Zhing." Not enough to find Tolwyn's ancestor? Luckily (?) there's another reference towards the end of the book: "He thought for a moment of a distant ancestor... who... announced that even if England fell, the Empire, and with it the fleet, would still continue the fight." … which refers to Prime Minister Winston Churchill's June 4, 1940 "we shall fight on the beaches" speech to the House of Commons where he promised that even if England fell the Empire would battle on. You can watch the full speech here:
… so Churchill is a distant relative of Geof Tolwyn and you are all welcome to unpack that on your own. But the resemblance is uncanny! Admit it, you didn't think this was where this post was going to end. Good night, everybody!
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Peacock Changes Potentially Affect WC Academy Viewing Experience Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

There have been some new developments with the Peacock service this month, and this could affect your access to stream Wing Commander Academy. As you know, Peacock added WCA to its slate of shows back in 2020. Although the series is readily available on DVD for cheap, there are a handful of improvements that make the streaming edition arguably superior, including better music/voice sound balance. A few items fixed on disc were not incorporated, however, and you can read all about these differences here. In 2021 a countdown appeared that implied the show would be moving to a higher paid tier, but this was soon dialed back. The ticker has now reappeared, which suggests it may only remain in its current form until the end of the month. Presumably, the show would remain in either the Premium or possibly Premium Plus category.

On a very much related note, there have also been some big changes in who has access to Peacock and what they pay. Originally people with the popular Comcast Xfinity internet service in the US got free access to the lower paid tier, but it was announced earlier this year that this would be going away for most users. The company recently confirmed that people with Gigabit plans would retain their access for two years until June 2025. People who are Diamond/Platinum level members of the Xfinity Rewards program can also log in to claim a similar deal. Other users have access to a $3/month (rather than the typical $5/month) plan. Finally, there's a limited time deal to get a year of access for $20. And with all of that, this directly pertains to the United States. Other countries may have different levels of visibility, plans and so on, or users may VPN into the US for the access described above. Good luck getting your optimal Academy viewing experience!

Spinning Models Take Rapier & Drakhri to the Next Dimension Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got a couple of cool 3D takes by Tore Gettoni. He's taken the 2D sprites from a pair of famous WC2 ships and visualized them in rotating three dimensions as a type of pixel art. The result is a neat hybrid of modern and classic visuals styles. We'd love to see more material like this with a similar aesthetic!

Wing Commander II - TC Fighter F-44 Rapier II

Flying high with my brother @boldyfrenk and his beat straight from the shadiest systems in the Enigma sector

Wing Commander II - Kilrathi Empire Fighter Drakhri

Second joint with my brother @boldyfrenk and his beat recovered from a covert operation behind Kilrah's lines in the Enigma sector

WC3 Fighter Jet Promo Even Larger Than Previously Thought Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

AD has done a little digging and found some interesting new aspects to a wild Wing Commander 3 promotion. We've previously reported about the contest to win a flight aboard a "Russian fighter jet" that was part of the WC3 marketing campaign. It was apparently an even larger event than we knew with French adverts to fly a MiG rather than the Su-27 called out in English fine print (despite them using the same fighter jet image). They do seem to refer to separate trip rewards, however, based on slight differences in what the prize packages entail (different date ranges, mention of spending money, supplemental US trip details, etc). The images below also show how there was a red box sleeve band around certain copies of the game to advertise everything, which is pretty neat. These copies are still listed on eBay for collectors out there! English & French And here's more detail from our previous posts!

Get a Major WC1 Rundown on YouTube Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got a very thorough retrospective by Space Cadet Rewind. He set out to create an elaborate analysis of all the ins and outs of the original Wing Commander, and the resulting video came out to almost two hours! He covers a wide variety of topics including the history of the genre, mechanics of the game, mission rundowns, wingmen profiles, tips for each ship, info on the expansions/ports and more. I'm still going through it myself! If you've got a couple hours to wrap yourself in a thick WC1 blanket, give the clip below a watch!
A longform review/analysis of Wing Commander, the original space sim.

Privateer Mission Series Gap Explained! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Did you ever wonder why Privateer's missions go from series 5 to 7 in the game's internal numerical sequencing? Series 6 was cut pretty late in the process... but now we've found an earlier version of the game's script that includes them! After finding the derelict, you take the gun to the ship dealer on New Detroit... There a man named WILMER tells you that he can't install the gun because you need to talk to Roman Lynch again. Roman Lynch is the mob boss you last saw earlier in the game after he sent his henchman Miggs to murder you and steal your artifact. Incidentally, this finally explains why there is a never used closeup background stored in the game for a conversation with the ship dealer! Lynch runs this town and you can only get the gun installed if you fly a series of missions for him. The missions are especially immoral, attacking business rivals and civilians... ... and one of them is an attack on a luxury liner! I am betting that this is what the final Drayman asset was initially designed to be (since we know there was a WC1-style Drayman in earlier concept art). The series ends with you pulling one over on Lynch: he forces you to give up the artifact... but this time you give it away willingly, revealing in the process that it's only half a map and that you already looted the treasure. Now you've got your Steltek gun! The final series is also longer in this version! You go to help Reismann but his fleet is wiped out by the drone. You jump out and find... Kuhl (art reused in RF) with a Kilrathi fleet, which is also wiped out! One more jump and you meet the scout and dogfight the drone 1v1.
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Confederation Project Adds Expanded Flight Deck & First Peek at Hobbes Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

AllTinker has a variety of updates to the Confederation project that we shared last month. First up, there are more shockingly good graphical test assets to share. His extended take on the flight deck looks incredibly natural - it's surprising to check out the animated version that compares his take to the original. There's also a great interpretation of what a young Ralgha looked like. He was a pretty buff guy in his youth! This version was partially inspired by EmuMusicFan's sketches. There's also a handful of technical enhancements that have been made that you can read about in more detail at the CIC Forums. This includes some in-depth discussion about how visuals like the landing sequence below were made!
A quick update on the project: I've recently started work on splitting out the code for reading the original data formats into a separate C++ base library which will be open sourced as soon as it's stable API-wise.

The idea is that it will be shared between Confederation and WC4 Remake; thus we can more easily pool our efforts - and those of anyone else who'd like to contribute. The library will be usable by any projects wanting to read (and perhaps write) formats used by the Wing Commander & Privateer series, and perhaps some other Origin games too (e.g. I've done some reverse engineering of BioForge previously, and Strike Commander has been mostly(?) reverse engineered already).

'Wing Commander' Beer Spotted in the UK Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

AD found a neat beer being served at The Quakerhouse in Darlington, UK. Apparently they have an in-house microbrewery dubbed Mad Scientist, operated by Brian (The Scientist) Dourish and Rob (Egor) Brunton. Wing Commander is one of their creations. It's listed as a "spiced/herbed beer" and the little table card pictured below says it's a 4% ABV made with ginger. If anyone's nearby and able to check this out, definitely let us know how it is! And if anyone knows how to get ahold of the Beer Tree Brew Super Soaker IPA, let me know!

Explosion Comparison: Origin FX Versus Privateer Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Sprite sheets for explosions in Origin FX’s Armageddon mode (Left) versus Privateer (Right). I had not realized FX shipped nine months before Priv! You can see a few frames were cut in that time:
Armageddon is an Origin FX movie which displays a variety of explosions and damage effects on the desktop. There are six types of explosions, two of which are taken from Wing Commander Privateer. Three sound effects can play. The movie is named after the armageddon spell from the Ultima series.

"Be careful — if you stop typing for long, there could be trouble brewing. It’s a terrorist attack of the software kind . . . explosions everywhere, blowing away your application and clearing the screen with the violent beauty of detonation after detonation. Whether they leave pitch black craters, smoke or no trace at all is your own decision to make from the safety of your console."

Here are the other four explosions in case anyone else can ID them. Sergorn says the third one is from Ultima… if the mushroom clouds are reused they’re probably from Strike Commander.
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Listen to the Armada Music for the Roland SC-55! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's well established that some of the earliest Wing Commander games had music that was built around specialty sound cards. People with the right Roland hardware could listen to the background tracks exactly as the composers imagined them. George Sanger recently capitalized on this by releasing a special MT-32 Archival Edition of his WC1 soundtrack, and even the SC-55 tracks for Privateer have gotten some renewed interest of late. But there is another! Wing Commander Armada was also composed using an SC-55, and it has absolutely glorious music locked behind this card as well. Nerdly Pleasures recently took the time to record it, and here it is for your audio enjoyment! I just listened to the whole thing straight through. Thanks to Anatoly Shashkin for the tip.
Wing Commander: Armada is a spinoff of the Wing Commander series with music composed by "Midian" (Marc Schaefgen, Dana Glover). Recorded from two Roland SC-55mkII units in a split-channel configuration. If anyone can help us identify the two unknown tracks, we'd greatly appreciate it.

00:00 - Introduction, Main Menu
01:24 - Gauntlet Mode
03:52 - Confederation: Cruising
05:19 - Confederation: Regular Combat
06:09 - Confederation: Intense Combat
07:04 - Confederation: Target Destroyed
07:08 - Confederation: Victory
07:41 - Confederation: Death
08:14 - Confederation: Unknown
09:11 - Kilrathi: Cruising
10:55 - Kilrathi: Regular Combat
11:30 - Kilrathi: Intense Combat
12:01 - Kilrathi: Target Destroyed
12:06 - Kilrathi: Victory
12:37 - Kilrathi: Death
13:28 - Kilrathi: Unknown
14:52 - Multiplayer Setup
16:06 - Armada/Campaign Mode
18:29 - Your Carrier Destroyed
18:59 - Opponent's Carrier Destroyed
19:30 - Credits

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