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Privateer - Screenshot - New Constantinople - Bar - Miggs CU.png
Allegiance Roman Lynch

Miggs was Roman Lynch's bodyguard and assistant. Miggs was large and imposing and had a distinctive style of speaking. He was loyal to Lynch.

In 2669, Lynch hired Grayson Burrows to fly four missions with the promise of helping him learn more about his Steltek artifact. Miggs would sit with Lynch at his table in the bar on New Constantinople menacing Burrows. Miggs was present for the first three offers but absent for the fourth because Lynch had ordered him to ambush Burrows and take the artifact, by force if necessary. Miggs and his three wingmen flew pirate Talons and intercepted Burrows in the Newcastle System. Burrows survived the ambush.

In 2670, Burrows again encountered Lynch on Basque. Lynch said he hoped that Burrows' encounter with Miggs "was not too disturbing" and noted that his success had convinced him he was "a man to be taken seriously".



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Behind the Scenes

Miggs' AI for Roman Lynch - Mission D is fanatical ace.