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Origin FX - Screenshot - Armageddon - Clear.png
Sound Yes
Music No

Armageddon is an Origin FX movie which displays a variety of explosions and damage effects on the desktop. There are six types of explosions, two of which are taken from Wing Commander Privateer. Three sound effects can play. The movie is named after the armageddon spell from the Ultima series.

Origin FX Owner's Manual


Be careful — if you stop typing for long, there could be trouble brewing. It’s a terrorist attack of the software kind . . . explosions everywhere, blowing away your application and clearing the screen with the violent beauty of detonation after detonation. Whether they leave pitch black craters, smoke or no trace at all is your own decision to make from the safety of your console.

Explosion Comparison

The first and fourth types of explosions are taken from Wing Commander Privateer. There are some additional frames included which were eventually cut from Privateer for space.

Big Explosion

Medium Explosion


Explosivity - sets the amount/frequency of explosions displayed (Low, Medium, High)

Craters - sets the after-affects of the explosions (Black, Smoke, Random, None)

Clear Screen - switches from the desktop to a black screen when the movie begins

Screen Shots

Sprite Sheets