WC1&2 Audio Sound Comparison Presented In Easy Playlist Form Update ID

pcuser1541 has put together a number of videos that showcase the wide variety of audio setups supported by the original Wing Commander games. SoundBlaster was the most common card of the day, but the Roland MT-32 was highly sought after early on and new variants continued to be released through numerous ports over nearly half a dozen years. There are examples from the Microsoft GS, FM Towns, Amiga, Macintosh, Super Nintendo and Sega CD. The 'Audio CD' portion comes from the Origin Audio Volumes rather than the wav music included with Kilrathi Saga. Different fans have posted similar comparisons over the years, but I'm not sure anyone has posted quite so many variants of a dozen different tracks all in one set of videos like this. You can find many of these audio samples in the CIC Music section, but check them out below for easy convenient listening. After clicking play on the segments embedded below, click the icon in the top left of each window for a playlist dropdown to allow you to jump to six different WC1 and six different WC2 sound files. If that doesn't work for some reason, find all of the clips here.

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