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Athos spaceport
Region Tri-System
System Isaac
Nav Point 120

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

Athos is one of the more prosperous smaller worlds. First prized solely for its mineral wealth, it has succeeded in diversifying its economy to include both manufacturing and indoor agriculture. Even though it is on the outer edge of Tri-System space, it maintains a stable, mid-size population.

CCN Entry


1,982 Miles

Athos has one of the more diverse economies of the smaller worlds. Although it was first settled due to its mineral wealth, other industries have also sprung up. This is one of the outworlds which actually not only extracts its own natural resources, but also manufactures them in situ. This has created a much more stable economy and environment for the colony, and due to this it is the only outworld which is governed by its own elected body, the others being run from Janus IV. Although the harsh environment does not naturally support planet life, the Athonians have not let this dampen their enthusiasm for agriculture. Apart from the great shield of Janus IV, Athos has the largest outdoor enclosed area of all the worlds. Here they not only grow enough produce for themselves, but also export their more luxurious goods to the rest of the confederation. They have also synthetically created the best known form of Fertilite which enhances crop output and quality by almost 50%.