Gettysburg-class cruiser

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Type Cruiser
Primary User Terran Confederation
General Characteristics
Length 700+ meters
Spacecraft Carried 16
Decoys No
Cloaking Device Yes
Gettysburg-class Target Identification, circa 2654.
Source The Secret Missions 2: Crusade
Wing Commander: Freedom Flight

The Gettysburg-class cruiser was the Terran Confederation's most modern ship of the line in 2655, following the lineage started by the pre-Kilrathi War battleships and the Concordia-Class Supercruiser introduced in the mid-forties. The TCS Austin, a Gettysburg-class ship, served as Vice Admiral Tolwyn's flagship during the defense of Firekka and the First Enigma Campaign. It rescued surviving pilots from the TCS Tiger's Claw after it was ambushed and destroyed by the Kilrathi.

Wing Commander

Class Cruiser
Length: 700+ meters
Fighter Complement: 16
Cloak: No
Jump Drive: Yes

Behind the scenes

The Austin is seen at long range during its encounter in Secret Missions 2. If the player afterburns up to it, the ship has the same model as an Exeter class destroyer. The novel Freedom Flight designates it as a Gettysburg class cruiser and indicates it is even larger than the Tiger's Claw, wheras an Exeter destroyer is significantly smaller. It can be surmised that the Exeter model seen in game was simply a placeholder as the developers did not wish to create an entirely new ship class to display briefly in one mission.