Dralthi I

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Dralthi I
Type Medium Fighter
Primary User Kilrathi Empire
General Characteristics
Length 28 meters
Mass 14 tonnes
Crew 1 (Pilot)
Maximum Yaw 10 dps
Maximum Pitch 14 dps
Maximum Roll 10 dps
Acceleration Good
Cruise 230 kps
Maximum 400 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1200 kps
Laser Cannons (2)
Default Missile Loadout
Stalker HS (2)

Porcupine Space Mines (3)

Mounts 1 x 2 Medium Hardpoints
Cloaking Device No
Jump Drive No
Fore 5.0 cm equivalent
Aft 5.0 cm equivalent
Front 4.5 cm
Rear 3.5 cm
Right 3.0 cm
Left 3.0 cm
Dralthi in fleet colors as seen in the Vega Sector in 2654.
Source Claw Marks
Dralthi from the Joan's Fighting Spacecraft supplement in the Vol. 1 No. 4 issue of Claw Marks

The proper name for this article is simply Dralthi, however that is currently reserved for the disambiguation page.


The Dralthi was a Kilrathi medium fighter. It was included in Joan's Fighting Spacecraft Vega Sector Supplement for 2654.092.

There is perhaps no single ship that is more symbolic of the Empire of Kilrah than the bat-winged Dralthi fighter. A string of early successes combined with a distinct silouette permanently imprinted the Dralthi in the minds of its human opponents. This psychological impact was furthered by the fighter's huge production run - it was the most commonly encountered fighter in the Vega Sector theater of operations.

The first production model, the tiny KF-100, entered service in 2529; as such, it saw service during both the 2594 invasion of the Varni Republic and the 2598 battle with the Mantu. When the conflict with the Terran Confederation began in earnest, the KF-100 Dralthi remained one of the Empire's premiere medium fighters. Though superceded by later models, the KF-100 remained in service through the last year of the Vega Campaign - ultimately playing a key role in the destruction of the Pegasus Naval Station.

The second design (classified simply as Dralthi) entered service in the late 2640s. The new model featured a host of technical improvements, including extended life support and the introduction of an ejection system. They made their debut during an attack on the Epsilon Prima System, catching the TCS Tiger's Claw by surprise. Terran intelligence had failed to predict their extended range - costing the Tiger's Claw five pilots.

The Dralthi was, however, by no means a marvel of Kilrathi engineering: The huge, ovaloid wings blocked visibility to the sides of the fighter, forcing Kilrathi pilots to pitch rather than yaw during combat. Additionally, the shield generators were plauged by technical glitches - if hit too quickly in rapid succession, they would often fail completely.

Notoriously merciless ace Dakhath nar Sihkag ("Deathstroke") was credited with 78 space-to-space kills flying a Dralthi during the last years of the Vega Campaign. His fighter was shot down in 2654 by 1st Lieutenant Mariko Tanaka.

In one unique use of surplus Dralthi, the commander of the Dioscuri System garrison issued the fighters to the planet's low-technology natives, teaching them to defend their planet from human 'aggressors'. The Dralthi was succeeded on the production lines in 2655 by the Dralthi II.

On 2654.110, Jeannette Devereaux of the Tiger's Claw observed that the Dralthi fighter was the most common Kilrathi fighter in the Vega Sector. She also noted that it took 1.4 missiles or over seven laser blasts to destroy the fighter.

Fighter Tactics

The following table is taken from the Wing Commander I & II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide.

Enemy Near

No Damage - 40% try to tail; 60% random offense
Medium Damage - 70% try to tail; 30% random offense
Almost Destroyed -100% run away at full afterburners

Enemy Slow

No Damage - 80% strafe attack; 20% get distance
Medium Damage - 50% strafe attack; 50% best strafe
Almost Destroyed -100% run away at full afterburners

Enemy Far

No Damage -100% intercept enemy fighter
Medium Damage -100% intercept enemy fighter
Almost Destroyed -100% run away at full afterburners

Enemy Tailing

No Damage - 50% tight loop; 50% random defense
Medium Damage - 50% toll over; 50% random defense
Almost Destroyed - 100% run away at full afterburners


No Damage - 70% random offense; 30% rand. defense
Medium Damage - 60% rand. offense; 40% rand. defense
Almost Destroyed -100% run away at full afterburners

On Enemy Tail

No Damage -100% random offense
Medium Damage -100% random offense
Almost Destroyed -100% random offense

Missile Coming

No Damage - 100% random defense
Medium Damage -100% random defense
Almost Destroyed -100% run away at full afterburners

Laser Hit

No Damage - 50% corkscrew; 50% random defense
Medium Damage -100% random defense
Almost Destroyed -100% run away at full afterburners

Enemy Destroyed

No Damage - 100% veer away
Medium Damage -100% veer away
Almost Destroyed -100% veer away