Wing Commander Kilrathi Saga

The Kilrathi Saga was a grand compilation of the initial Wing Commander trilogy and its four expansion packs. Dropaway cockpits, remastered audio and improved joystick options were among the list of improvements. The biggest selling point was native speed-limited support for Windows. Initial sales were low because many fans still readily had computers running DOS to play older Wing Commander games. The game received a second printing in 1998, but many fans were still hesitant to rebuy games they already owned. By the turn of the century however, a huge shift from DOS to Windows had occurred and everyone was scrambling to get a copy. Although the July 2000 edition of PC Gamer included the Kilrathi Saga version of Wing Commander I on its cover disc, auction prices on eBay soared to well over $300 for the full set. Wing Commander fans struggled to find copies until 2005 and the improvement of DOS emulation technologies. Although Kilrathi Saga has exciting extras, minor glitches and the solid performance of the original Wing Commander games in DOSBox has relieved the intense price pressure on the game.

Follow the entire war against the Kilrathi... modified for native Windows 95 support.

Wing Commander I -- The 40 heart-pounding missions that started it all.

Wing Commander II -- From traitor to hero in the next 47 missions...

Wing Commander III -- The final 50 missions, Interactive Movie style.


Where to buy

The Windows 95 versions do not run well on more recent operating systems. It is recommended to either run the original DOS versions in DOSBox, or to buy the trilogy as a digital download from Origin or Good Old Games.

Playing the game

Don't know how to land your ship? Stuck on a particularly difficult mission? The following items may be of help:

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    Windows 95 PC

    • Published by Origin
    • Released 1996-10-15
    • The original release. Kilrathi Saga owners may download the Secret Missions and Special Operations add-ons free of charge.

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