Hangar Bay

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Hangar Bay
Privateer - Screenshot - Perry - Hangar Bay - Centurion.png
Fee 50 credits per landing (scaling)

The Hangar Bay was a hangar facility on Perry Naval Base.

In 2669, Grayson Burrows docked at the Hangar Bay before meeting with Admiral David Terrell and again after defeating the Steltek Drone. In 2670, he docked at the Hangar Bay several times to accept missions from Captain Sandra Goodin and Admiral Terrell and to deliver a load of artwork from Oxford.

The Hangar Bay was destroyed along with the station during the Nephilim War.



Sprite Sheets


Behind the Screens

Wing Commander Privateer's files includesanimations for a flying Perry Naval Base service vehicle which would've passed in front of the Hangar Bay. The animation is not active in the game.

Source Model

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