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Bar are bars on Refinery Bases. They are located directly off the main concourse. They are owned and operated by Bartender.




Sprite Sheets

Unique Conversations


Talk to Bartender

Did you hear? A delegation from the Confed Mining Guild swept by $BN last week.
Because of attrition on the front, they're stepping up fighter production...
...which means more raw ore is being bought, which means it has to be refined...
...which means everyone at $BN is jumping to keep up with the demand.
Seems it's gonna be a bad year for the Confed...and a hell of a year for us.

Talk to Bartender

There's an ugly rumor making the rounds here at $BN.
Heard it from a subcontractor for the Fed that they're thinking of militarizing our business.
They might use the Wartime Emergency Act to take over all mining and refinery operations...
...which means we'd have to work twice as hard for four times less.
I sure hope it ain't true.

Talk to Bartender

Heard this from a pirate who left $BN two days ago...
You wouldn't believe the trouble Oxford has been having with data theft.
These database jackers I know are looking to trawl the Oxford net.
They been at it for months, but it's a tough crack.
I bet it's worth it, though. Lot of valuable info at the Oxford Library...

Talk to Bartender

We had another terrorist bombing at $BN today.
I tell you, it's those damn Mandarins if it's anyone! This war started out to be good business...
...but if the bombings get much worse, the only profit'll be had by Russo Incorporated...
...maker of fine red ink everywhere!


Talk to Bartender

Talk about bizarre stories, this is incredible.
A Kilrathi attack force was spotted on sensors...
It was moving along the frontier in a search pattern.
On Confed screens, one by one, each Kilrathi ship vanished...just vanished...
...all except one, which moved into Confed space. Strange, huh?
Boy, I'm glad I'm here on $BN, safe and sound. Aren't you?

Talk to Bartender

Had a look around $BN yet?
Well, you wouldn't guess it from the way things look...
...but everyone on $BN is going to be rich in three years.
We just signed a deal with the Merchants' Guild that'll do us right.
Because of the quality of our ore, they've waived 75% of the standard Guild cut... exchange for 10% of our gross. Sweet, eh?
Bet there's no other refinery that can make THAT claim...

Talk to Bartender

Bet you're glad to be on $BN. There's been more trouble from the front.
I heard that Confederation Outpost 57 is gone.
Now there's a crater on the asteroid where Outpost 57 used to be.
Not a trace of residual radiation. No weapon we've ever heard of.
Intel reports call it a new Kilrathi weapon. Do you buy that?


Talk to Bartender

This retro threat's getting worse. I'll tell you how I know.
It used to be, when a few retros showed up near $BN,
privateers and the militia would show up inside of half an hour,
and wipe out the retros almost immediately.
Less than an hour from the first warning siren to the 'all clear.'
But last week, there was an attack here.
We didn't get the 'all clear' for two days. The base took some hits, too.
Everyone was mighty scared. Let me tell you.

Talk to Bartender

Everyone here on $BN is a little depressed.
We had a great deal with the Merchants' Guild going, but it fell through.
The Guild is tightening up. They don't have much faith in the stability of this sector.
And as we all know, instability is bad for business.
Oh, well. Maybe next year.

Talk to Bartender

I heard a rumor the other day.
Seems the Confeds are about to declare total war on the retros.
If they do, they'll have to bring a lot of ships back from the front.
That could be real good news for the Kilrathi.
I don't think Gemini's ready to fight two enemies at once.


Behind the Scenes

Source Models

  • DB_BAR - Agricultural/Perry/Refinery Bar
  • DB_BAR01 - Agricultural/Perry/Refinery Bar (Untextured)
  • PBARTND - Bartender Background

Concept Art