David Terrell

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David Terrell
Privater - Screenshot - Terrell.png
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Navy
Rank Admiral
Commands Tolnidan Sector, Gemini Sector

David Terrell (or Terrel) is an Admiral in the Terran Confederation Space Navy and a celebrated hero of the Kilrathi War. He is a decorated combat veteran who earned his rank in battle. Terrell was in charge of all military vessels in the Tolnidan Sector , which he took very seriously. He planned to clean up the enire sector and gave Commodore Reismann a special directive to eliminate all piracy in the sector. Terrell also served as commander of the Terran Confederation Navy in the Gemini Sector based in an office on Perry Naval Base. Captain Sandra Goodin was assigned as his attaché. Terrell did not like visitors and tasked Goodin with keeping them away from his office. Exploratory Services' Lieutenant Gabriel Quentin praised Terrell's leadership of naval forces in the Gemini Sector in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.

In 2669, Terrell coordinated response to the Steltek drone attacks in Gemini, suspecting they were caused by a Kilrathi secret weapon. He researched privateering in the second and ultimately determined that the attacks and diappearances correlated with the movements of Grayson Burrows. Terrell ordered Commodore Reismann to gather a fleet in the Blockade Point Tango System away from potential civilian casualties in order to ambush the attacker. He ordered Captain Goodin to locate Burrows and direct him to meet for an interview at Perry. Terrell then convinced Burrows to fly a paid mission acting as bait for the ambush, leading the drone to its destruction. Afterwards, Terrell informed Burrows that he was to be awarded the Terran Confederation Medal of Freedom for his role.

In 2670, Terrell oversaw the Space Navy's response to the increased Church of Man threat in Gemini. Terrell recognized that the situation was the result of Mordecai Jones' rise to power over the group and he planned to locate and eliminate Jones' base of operations. Based on intelligence that Jones was somewhere in the Farris quadrant, Terrell dispatched ships to conduct a thorough search of every system in the region. With many of his forces already mobilized fighting the Kilrathi and the Church fo Man, Terrell opted to supplement the searchers with volunteers. After reading positive reports from Captain Goodin on Burrows' recent work for the Confederation, Terrell again hired him to conduct the patrol of the Death, Pestilence and War systems. None of the ships managed to locate Jones but the Epislon group dispatched to patrol 17-AR, J-900, Telar, and Valhalla did not return. Terrell ultimately paid the 80,000 credit on Jones' head after Burrows located and killed him in the hidden Eden System. The two met in Terrell's office after the mission.

In 2701, Terrell placed an advertisement in the January issue of Star*Soldier seeking bomber pilots to help eliminate the derelict hulk of the TCS Gargantuan. Terrell's email was david.terrell@gemini.government.



Sprite Sheets

Trade Commander press release

Admiral Terrell

Proven in combat, Terrell is a career officer who won his rank in the heat of battle. He is a much celebrated and highly decorated hero of the Kilrathi War. Terrell has since been put in charge of all military vessels in the Tolnidan Sector and he takes his command very seriously. He plans to clean up the entire sector.


Behind the Scenes

If you return to speak to Admiral Terrell after the end of Privateer or Righteous Fire he will read you each game's credits.

His name is spelled "Terrel" in Wing Commander Privateer's Admiral Terrell - Mission A mission description.

Privateer TV Bible

Admiral Terrell was included as a character in Aaron Allston's bible for the unproduced Privateer television show. This is the source of his first name, which was published in Star*Soldier.

Admiral David Terrell: Onetime commander of a fighting fleet, Admiral Terrell fouled up an offensive against the Kilrathi and was subsequently posted to the backwater Border Worlds quadrant. He had to serve here as commander of the Confederation military presence for the last years of the Terran/Kilrathi war while watching glory-hounds like Admiral Tolwyn (see below) blazing a glory trail against the Kilrathi. Terrell is a good man, but has been frustrated and become temperamental by enforced inactivity. He is nearing retirement age, and two recent events -- the end of the war, with consequential reduction in military strength, and the recent assignment of fast-rising officer Aria Ellison to his staff--bode ill for his career.