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Bar are bars on Mining Bases. They are located directly off the main concourse. They are owned and operated by Bartender.




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Unique Conversations


Talk to Bartender

New to $BN? Good. We could use some more flyboys hauling cargo around here.
There's been a shift in demand from the usual metals to radioactive ore.
Haven't seen anything like it. With the invention of particle weapons...
...radioactive ores became less and less valuable.
I guess the Confed must be experimenting on some new weapon, huh?
Well the way the war is going, looks like they'll need it.

Talk to Bartender

Welcome to $BN, the newest boomtown of the Gemini Sector!
We got ahold of a dozen of those new Sediment Imaging Satellites...
...and it's made all the difference in the world.
SIS has revealed deposits of tungsten, iron and radioactive ores we never would've found.
Business couldn't be better, pal. You came at a good time.

Talk to Bartender

There is one bit of bad news here on $BN.
The base is being shaken by tremors.
We can't keep the damn mines from collapsing. We fix one...
...then a quake hits and collapses two others.
Unless this 'roid stabilizes, $BN may be in for some trouble.


Talk to Bartender

Just flew in, did you? Let me ask you a question.
Did you notice the increased militia and Confed patrols on your approach to $BN?
The Confed is losing hundreds of ships a day to the war.
That means they need more metal for replacement ships...
...and they're stepping up protection of mining bases to keep raw material out of Kilrathi hands.
I don't know about you, but I feel a lot safer because of it...

Talk to Bartender

Hey, an assassin from the Church of Man came by $BN last week.
He was looking to whack some artist, a writer or something. Go figure.
Don't ask me what the hell a writer would be doing on a mining base, though.
Those Retros give me the creeps. I hear they hate all technology...
...just the kind of wackos you want to run into on a space station, eh?

Talk to Bartender

This dancer from Saxtogue came to $BN last week.
Real operator, this woman.
You heard of Roman Lynch? Well, she lifted one of his bank codes.
She's been siphoning off money slow, but I think she's in over her head.
If Lynch finds out, she's history.


Talk to Bartender

The Confeds are buying as much raw material as ever,
but they haven't been able to provide mining bases with much protection.
I guess they're more worried about fighting Retros.
Anyway, Retros and pirates are nailing a lot of the ore ships that leave here.
So the Confeds end up losing a lot of their supplies.
I guess I shouldn't worry, though. We still get our money.

Talk to Bartender

Mining bases like $BN used to be pretty safe from Retro aggression.
I guess the Retros don't think of mining as a very tecnological activity.
But in the last couple of months, the Retros have been getting more organized.
They're systematically attacking all types of bases.
Doing as much as they can to disrupt Gemini sector production.
We've had it pretty easy till now, but I think we're in for hard times.

Talk to Bartender

You going to stick around for the big festival?
Every year, if profits are good,
The base governor throws a big party. Quite a spectacle.
Fireworks, plenty of luxury food, the whole nine yards.
If the Retros don't assassinate anyone, it ought to be a real good time.


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