Glory of Sivar

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Glory of Sivar is the thirteenth and final episode of Wing Commander Academy.

Glory of Sivar
Episode Number 1x13
Production Code 74713
Story Mark Edens
Writer(s) Mark Edens & Michael Edens
Air Date December 21, 1996
Run Time 20m55s
Animation Studio Madhouse
Theme Version 1
Previous Price of Victory


Act One

Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
1 Sartha light fighter
3 CF-105 Scimitar medium fighters
1 CF-131 Broadsword heavy bomber
1 Bengal strike carrier (TCS Tiger's Claw)
3 Dralthi medium fighters
1 Jump Buoy
3 Dralthi destroyed

Act Two

Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
1 Sartha light fighter 3 Dralthi medium fighters
1 Sartha destroyed 1 Dralthi destroyed

Act Three

Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
13 CF-105 Scimitar medium fighters
2 CF-131 Broadsword heavy bombers
2 Jalkehi heavy fighters
1 dreadnaught (KIS Agon'Ra'Sivar)
2 Scimitar and 1 Broadsword destroyed Agon'Ra'Sivar destroyed





Tiger's Claw








Terran Confederation


Capital Ships

Empire of Kilrah


Capital Ships


Empire of Kilrah

Small Arms

Terran Confederation

Empire of Kilrah


Animation Errors

  • All of the Kilrathi soldiers in this episode are incorrectly equipped with Confederation laser rifles (both the Imperial Guard on the planet and the guards aboard Prince Thrakhath's dreadnaught).


    Role Name
    Story by Mark Edens
    Written by Mark Edens
    Michael Edens
    Producer Larry Latham
    Executive Story Editors Mark Edens
    Michael Edens
    Executive Consultant Ralph Sanchez
    Executive Story Consultants Richard Hilleman
    Adam Foshko
    Starring Mark Hamill (Maverick)
    Tom Wilson (Maniac)
    Malcolm McDowell (Tolwyn)
    Dana Delany (Archer)
    Also Starring Lauri Hendler (Payback, Maya)
    Dorian Harewood (Jazzman)
    Kevin Schoen (Thrakhath)
    Dorian Harewood
    Pat Fraley (Grunt, Guthrig)
    Andrew Prine (Vidkun)
    Music by Alexander Van Bubenheim
    Voice Direction and Casting Susan Blu
    Pre-Production Sound by Screenmusic Studios, Inc.
    Pre-Production Sound Mixer Pete Elia
    Recording Assistant Mark Caballero
    Storyboards Tim Eldred
    Bob Smith
    Dave Williams
    Storyboard Cleanup Judy Nielson
    Timing Directors Tim Walker
    Al Wilsbach
    Carole Beers
    Character Design Larry Latham
    Tim Eldred
    Prop Design Lee Go
    Background Design Derek Carter
    Background Color Key Kathryn Yelsa
    Computer Color Key Cynthia McIntosh
    Studio Production Manager Alex Johns
    Production Manager Patty Jausoro
    Production Coordinator Estrella Capin
    Production Assistants Aaron Justman
    Scott Huml
    Manuel Cano
    Monte Alexander
    Junior Gonzalez
    Danik Thomas
    Executive in Charge of Post Production Barbara Beck
    Editors Jay Bixsen
    Paul D. Calder
    Assistant Editor Michael Trueba
    Track Reading Glenwood Editorial
    Negative Cutting Executive Cutting
    Post Production Video Unitel Video, Hollywood
    Post Production Sound West Productions Inc.
    Supervising Sound Editor Rick Hinson
    Re-Recording Mixers Harry Andronis
    Stuart Calderon
    Overseas Animation Studio Madhouse Animation
    Overseas Animation Director Masao Maruyama
    Produced in Association with USA Network


    Act One

    SCENE - Pyramid

    Thrakhath: The pyramid will be completed soon. The Dolosians work hard. We did well choosing this planet for the ceremony.

    Zukara: It was Sivar who chose this planet. We are only his instruments.

    Thrakhath: Of course. We only follow Sivar's will.

    Zukara: Do the Dolosians know they will be given to Sivar when construction is completed?

    Thrakhath: They have been told they will be set free. I doubt they would work so hard if they knew the truth.

    Zukara: They would be made to work. I have heard rumors our warriors will pledge their personal allegiance to you at the ceremony.

    Thrakhath: They will swear allegiance to me as the chosen claw of the Emperor.

    Zukara: Such an oath would take precedence over their clan loyalties.

    Thrakhath: Will you oppose me?

    Zukara: Sivar has chosen you. If the clans stand in your way they must be destroyed. (laughs) Who would dare oppose the will of Sivar?

    SCENE - Dolos System Jump Point

    Maverick: Dad, a few hours ago we jumped into the Dolos system. We knew the jump node would be guarded so we sent a bomber through with a captured Kilrathi fighter right behind like it was behind chased. I was in the bomber. Hey, aren't those lasers supposed to be quarter strength:

    Maniac: (laughs) Just trying to make it look real, old buddy.

    Maverick: Now, Maniac, they took the bait! It was pretty rough for a while. Until the 'Claw came through the node. None of the Kilrathi escaped. We don't know they warned their fleet. We had to assume they did. What we're doing in at Dolos is the biggest thing I've been involved in yet. The most important. This time we're striking directly at Prince Thrakhath.

    SCENE - Briefing Room

    Tolwyn: Now that we're in the Dolos System, a contingent of Confederation marines will be sent to reinforce the Tiger's Claw. On their arrival, your fighters will make a diversionary attack on the Kilrathi fleet around Dolos. That will cover the real assault, a marine landing to free the Dolosians. Two cadets will infiltrate the planet in the captured Kilrathi fighter and establish contact with the Dolosians. Cadets Blair and Paz will be assigned to the infiltration.

    Maniac: But, what, no way! Sir, I mean, I've had more experience with that flying catbox. They won't stand a chance if the furballs get after them.

    Tolwyn: Cadet Paz has ground combat experience. As for my choice of primary pilot, are you questioning my decision, cadet?

    Maniac: No, sir. I guess not.

    Tolwyn: Good. I'm sure they can carry out their mission.

    SCENE - Maverick's Quarters

    Maverick: We all have great confidence in Commodore Tolwyn's ability as a commander. But I'm beginning to wonder what sort of a man he is. Is he the kind of man we should follow? I really don't know. Well, I have to go now dad. I'll add more to this when I get back. Give my love to mom. I love you both.

    SCENE - Flight Deck

    Maya: The electrical system was pretty banged up when we captured it. We've pieced it back together but it's still crummy furball technology.

    Grunt: Hmm, their stuff's been good enough to fight us to a standstill for twenty years.

    Maya: Maybe that's because of who's flying it. Look, just don't get too fancy with this old bucket, it might fly apart on you.

    Grunt: You really know how to make two guys feel confident, don't you?

    Maya: Well good luck Maverick, watch your back out there.

    Maverick: Maya?

    Maya: What is it?

    Maverick: Would you take this? It's for my father in case we don't... you know.

    Maya: They'd send it with your personal effects, it's what they do.

    Maverick: I know. But I'd like it co come from you.

    Maya: I understand.

    Maverick: Well that's it then. I guess everything's taken care of. See you later, Maya. Uh, when we get back, buy you dinner in the mess?

    Maya: It's a date. Just you come back, Maverick. Just come back.

    SCENE - Dolos Orbit

    Maverick: We've been spotted. We're being scanned.

    Kilrathi Crewman: This is a restricted area. Identify yourself.

    Maverick: Maybe this will buy us some time. Think they bought it?

    Kilrathi Crewman: You are transmitting improper identity codes. Identify yourself or you will be destroyed.

    Maverick: Oh yeah, I think we really bluffed them.

    SCENE - Dolos Atmosphere

    Grunt: Take it easy, remember what Maya said.

    Maverick: What, you want me to pull over and let you out?

    Grunt: Maybe.

    Maverick: We're hit! Hang on Grunt, we're going down.

    Act Two

    SCENE - Crash Site

    Maverick: Looks like they found the ship.

    Grunt: Let's hope they don't find us.

    SCENE - Briefing Room

    Tolwyn: The situation has dictated a change in plans. There will be no reinforcements, no marine landing on Dolos. The Tiger's Claw will attack the Kilrathi fleet alone.

    Pilots: (walla) I'm not sure this is a good idea.

    Tolwyn: We have one chance of success. If Blair and Paz can start an uprising on Dolos, it will draw fighters from the fleet to support the Kilrathi on the planet. If we strike hard and fast with everything we've got we can catch the Kilrathi with most of their fighters away from the fleet. We can destroy Prince Thrakhath's flagship. If we're lucky, he'll be aboard. But even if he isn't, it'll be a devastating blow to his honor, weakening his power among the Kilrathi. Questions?

    Jazzman: At the Academy we were taught the shields on a dreadnaught are three times as tough as a carrier. Even a direct hit from a torpedo won't get through.

    Tolwyn: Cadet Marshall, are you afraid of a Kilrathi dreadnaught?

    Maniac: No, sir. If the Kilrathi can build 'em, we can find a way to blow 'em up.

    Tolwyn: Very well, Cadet Marshall. Now I know why they call you Maniac. You will elad the attack force.

    SCENE - Hallway

    Archer: Commodore Tolwyn, sir.

    Tolwyn: What is it, Cadet Bowman?

    Archer: There never were any marines, were there, sir? The uprising by the Dolosians, you always meant it to be a diversion, didn't you? So you could get Thrakhath.

    Tolwyn: Make your point, Cadet.

    Archer: The uprising can't work without our help. The Kilrathi will slaughter them.

    Tolwyn: The Dolosians will be slaughtered whether they fight or not. The Tiger's Claw can't save them.

    SCENE - Tolwyn's Office

    Sumner: Your request for reinforcements is denied. We can't spare anyone for your sector. Your orders are to proceed to Dolos with your available forces. If you can eliminate Prince Thrakhath it just may win this war. How you do it is up to you. The Tiger's Claw and all aboard her are to be considered expendable. Sumner out.

    SCENE - Hallway

    Archer: You lied to Grunt and Maverick. You set them up.

    Tolwyn: We haven't heard from them in 72 hours. We must assume they've been captured. The Kilrathi will interrogate them and they will be made to talk. Blair and Paz will tell the Kilrathi exactly what I want them to hear.

    Archer: The Dolosians, Maverick and Grunt. Is there anyone you wouldn't sacrifice to win?

    Tolwyn: War forces us to make hard choices, Cadet Bowman, I thought you'd learned that.

    SCENE - Outside Slave Camp

    Grunt: Busy as a beehive. All we gotta do is stir up the nest.

    Maverick: Well how do we get inside? There's guards everywhere.

    Grunt: Well, those guards are to keep people in, not to keep them out. Vamanos!

    Vidkun: That's everyone.

    Kilrathi Guards: (scream)

    SCENE - Slave Barracks

    Maverick: The Kilrathi are lying to you. When the pyramid is finished, all of your people will be ecterminated.

    Dolosians: (walla) Exterminated?

    Vidkun: My name is Vidkun. I'm leader of this barracks. The Kilrathi said we were to be set free.

    Maverick: No, there's only one way to win your freedom. In a few hours Confederation marines will land on Dolos. But we need your help, we need you to rise up against the Kilrathi and fight alongside us.

    Vidkun: You ask us to risk the one thing we have left, our lives.

    Maverick: Your lives belong to the priestesses of Sivar. You risk nothing.

    Vidkun: Alright. I'll take you to meet the rest of our leaders.

    Blair: (sighs)

    SCENE - Stonecutting Shed

    Vidkun: It's time, the others are waiting in the stonecutting shed. In here.

    Grunt: Where? I can't see a thing. It's a trap! (groans) Man, I knew that guy was up to something. Go, go!

    Maverick: Dead end!

    Grunt: Not if I have anything to say about it! Let's go!

    Maverick: Grunt!

    Grunt: I can't, I can't make it. You go on.

    Maverick: Hey, no way. Come on. The marines never leave anybody behind.

    Kilrathi Guard: (growls)

    Zukara: Hold your fire. Sivar has sent them. When the pyramid is complete, they will be the first to give their lives for the glory of Sivar.

    Act Three

    SCENE - Dreadnaught Brig

    Thrakhath: My friend Vidkin tells me the Confederation marines will attack soon. They'll be walking into a trap. I have ordered the Dolosians away from the pyramid. I have filled their barracks with warriors from my imperial guard, fighters, assault vehicles. The pyramid of Sivar shall be a tomb for your marines.

    Vidkun: Why am I a prisoner? I've served the Kilrathi well.

    Thrakhath: Yes, Vidkun, you have. So I will tell you. Every Dolosian who heard these Terrans speak is to be held captive until the day of sacrifice.

    Vidkun: Sacrifice? But you said.

    Thrakhath: Your entire planet. Your species will not go free. And now, I must go to lead my troops in Sivar's glory.

    Vidkun: No!

    Grunt: Sometimes the truth is hard to take.

    SCENE - Pyramid

    Thrakhath: What could suit a warrior more? Today we fight for Sivar's glory on his consecrated ground.

    Kilrathi Soldier: For you, highness, it is the flagship.

    Kilrathi Crewman: We have sensor contacts approaching, Terran fighters.

    Thrakhath: It is only a diversion. Hold most of your fighters back until the Terrans begin their landing.

    SCENE - Dolos Orbit

    Maniac: Okay Archer, you and Jazzman go straight in on the dreadnaught.

    Archer: Understood Maniac, see if you can surpress their fire.

    Maniac: You got it, Archer, we'll punch a hole for you.

    Maniac: Hey hey, woah, too much. Somebody out there doesn't like me.

    Archer: Starting torpedo run.

    Jazzman: Almost got target lock. Off!

    Archer: Bail, Jazzman, eject!

    Jazzman: No, I can hold it together.

    Archer: Jazzman! You'd sacrifice us all, Tolwyn. Well not me.

    SCENe - Dreadnaught Brig

    Maverick: It's the attack.

    Grunt: Come on. (groans)

    Kilrathi Guard: (growls)

    Vidkun: (groans) We Dolosians are stronger than we look. That's why we work so well for the Kilrathi.

    Grunt: Let's get out of here.

    SCENE - Dreadnaught Hallway

    Maverick: We got to find a comm link, warn the marines about the ambush.

    SCENE - Dolos Orbit

    Maniac: I'm going back for another pass.

    Archer: it's no use Maniac, the shields are too strong.

    Maniac: Alright then I'll go it alone.

    Archer: I'm on your wing.

    Payback: So am I.

    Hyena: We all are.

    Maniac: (laughs) Okay then, let's do it. For you, Jazzman, for you.

    SCENE - Dreadnaught Bridge

    Kilrathi Guard: (screams)

    Kilrathi Crewman: Prince Thrakhath, release the fighters from the planet, the Terran attack is too strong.

    Grunt: Don't anybody move, I'm feeling just a little bit grumpy.

    Kilrathi Crewman: (groans)

    Vidkun: (screams)

    Maverick: Communications have had it.

    Grunt: So's Vidkun. Come on, we gotta go. Even a Kilrathi bridge has got to have an escape pod.

    Maverick: Yeah, it's got a helm, too.

    Grunt: This whole thing's gonna break up, man.

    Maverick: We might be able to control where it comes down. If I can crash it into the pyramid, we can stop the ambush.

    Grunt: That's enough Maverick, we are out of here.

    SCENE - Pyramid

    Gharal: Destroyer Ras Nik'hra to Prince Thrakhath.

    Thrakhath: What's happening, Gharal? Where is the Terran marine assault force?

    Gharal: Your highness, the flagship is breaking up, its entering the atmosphere. It has made a course correction.

    Thrakhath: What do you mean course correction? No!

    SCENE - Flight Deck

    Tolwyn: Because of your sacrifice the Kilrathi fleet has withdrawn from Dolos, dishonored. Because of your willingness to give your lives, millions of lives have been saved. I've heard it said that war brings out the worst of us and the best. Let it be said of our comrades who will never return from space that they gave their best. As for those of you that survived, you will continue to learn what the Academy can teach you. What I can teach you. This is a fitting time to award the gold wings of the cadet Wing Commander to the outstanding pilot of your class. Cadet Blair, for your bravery, initiative and ability I award you the rank of Cadet Wing Commander.

    Maverick: I can't accept them, Commodore, not from you. You lied to us, you risked the lives of a whole planet. And for what? To get Thrakhath? Was it worth what you were willing to pay? The pilots who deserve these are out there. They've earned their wings.