KIS Agon'Ra'Sivar

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KIS Agon'Ra'Sivar
Type Agon'Ra'Sivar-type dreadnaught
Primary User Empire of Kilrah
Service Terran-Kilrathi War - to 2654, destroyed 2654.

The KIS Agon'Ra'Sivar was a Kilrathi Agon'Ra'Sivar-type dreadnaught. It served as Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka's flagship until its destruction in 2654.

In June 2654, Prince Thrakhath used the Agon'Ra'Sivar to lure the TCS Trafalgar to its destruction. Thrakhath positioned the dreadnought and three carrier groups on the other side of a pulsar node in the Seti Beta system. The fleet was discovered by a reconnaissance mission dispatched from the TCS Tiger's Claw. Thinking they had discovered an opportunity to surprise the Kilrathi, Admiral Rhea Bergstrom on 2654.176 positioned the Trafalgar battlegroup in the sensor shadow of Seti Beta I's moon and ordered Tolwyn to feign a retreat when Thrakhath's destroyer screen arrived at the pulsar node. There, Thrakhath had positioned two carrier groups which attacked and destroyed the Trafalgar battlegroup before it could rendezvous with the Tiger's Claw. Thrakhath attempted to close the pincer by moving the Agon'Ra'Sivar through the pulsar node to Seti Beta to prevent the Tiger's Claw from escaping. Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn ordered the ship to approach the node at full speed directly, threatening to ram the dreadnought. At the last possible moment, Thrakhath ordered his helm hard to port and allowed the Tiger's Claw to escape. The action was so close that the two ships briefly collided, the Agon'Ra'Sivar's hull knocking off the top of the Tiger's Claw's conning tower.

Later that year, Tolwyn and the Tiger's Claw destroyed the Agon'Ra'Sivar with a similar gambit. 2nd Lieutenant's Christopher Blair and Hector Paz were sent to Dolos with orders to convince the Dolosians to rise up in support of a supposed Confederation marine landing. They snuck past the Agon'Ra'Sivar in a captured fighter but were ultimately betrayed by Vidkun and captured by the Kilrathi. Blair, Paz and Vidkun were brought to the Agon'Ra'Sivar where they revealed what they knew of the ground attack plans. On 2654.293, the Tiger's Claw launched an attack on the dreadnaught with thirteen Scimitar and two Broadswords. Believing this to be a feint to draw the ship away from the marine assault, Thrakhath ordered it to hold its fighters in reserve. The information given to Blair and Paz was false, the space assault was the Confederation's main attack. The initial torpedo strikes against the Agon'Ra'Sivar was not sufficient to destroy the ship, though it briefly disrupted power and allowed Blair, Paz and Vidkun to escape the brig. Five Scimitars and a Broadsword rallied for a continued attack, covering 2nd Lieutenant Todd Marshall as he flew into the ship's flight deck and destroyed a complement of spacecraft loaded to ambush the expected marine attack. Secondary explosions resulted in the ship descending uncontrollably towards Dolos. Blair, Paz and Vidkun fought their way to the bridge. Vidkun was killed in the process but Bair managed to maneuver the stricken ship to collide with the fortified Imperial Guard on the planet below before he and Paz disembarked in an escape poll. Thrakhath himself barely escaped the collision, taking off in his Grikath seconds before impact.


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