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Welcome to the Wing Commander Combat Information Center's Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger movie index! We've converted all of the in-game cutscenes that appear in the PC edition into HTML5-supported videos, for easy viewing. Each video is offered alongside the appropriate segment from the Wing Commander III script and contains both the 'good' and 'bad' choice options, where applicable.

Most videos were sourced from the PlayStation edition because it has better picture quality than the PC original. The PlayStation and 3DO ports also contained several videos that were left out of the PC edition due to storage space limitations. These "bonus" videos can be found in the Lost Scenes section instead.

The in-game sequences are divided by mission series:

  • Series O -- A prologue...
  • Series A -- Orsini System -- Meet the characters and perform routine patrols, escorts and sweeps.
  • Series B -- The peaceful Tamayo System -- assignment: provide testing grounds for new fighter named Excalibur.
  • Series C -- The losing track version of Series B -- The peaceful Tamayo System -- assignment: baby-sit a test pilot while he puts the new Excalibur through its paces.
  • Series D -- Locanda System -- Confed still on the defensive...
  • Series E -- Blackmane System -- Confed base under siege, and the Confed war effort still on the defensive...
  • Series F -- Blackmane System - Confed base being evacuated, and the Confed war effort still on the defensive...
  • Series G -- Ariel System -- the Victory is assigned to be the core of a recon group making an offensive incursion into Kilrathi territory.
  • Series H -- Caliban Nebula. After narrowly escaping through an alternate jump point, the Victory is getting its bearings, having jumped to an unexpected location... another nebula.
  • Series I -- Delius System -- The Victory has been ordered to an asteroid belt to reduce the Kilrathi defenses there.
  • Series J -- Torgo System -- The war takes a new turn as the Victory begins escorting the doomsday weapon, Behemoth, for testing and deployment.
  • Series K -- Loki System -- The Victory takes the Behemoth out for a test spin.
  • Series L -- Alcor System -- With the destruction of the Behemoth, the Confederation regroups, and embarks on a one-in-a-million longshot...
  • Series M -- Freya System -- With the scientist returned to the Temblor Bomb Project, the Victory must now secure a “back door” jump point it Kilrah...
  • Series N -- Hyperion System -- A beta test for the Temblor Bomb...
  • Series P -- Kilrah System -- It’s a race to the finish: while the Kilrathi prepare to invade Earth, the Temblor Bomb awaits deployment...
  • Series R -- Proxima System -- Earth is under imminent threat... the war is all but lost...
  • General -- Assorted cinematics



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