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2013.223 (August 11, 2013)

Welcome to the new Holovids section! The inline videos in this section should work without third-party plugins in any up to date browser, on desktop or mobile. Specifically this section supports the following video containers and codecs:

  • WebM (VP8): Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Android browser
  • MP4 (H.264): Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer

Please report any technical issues or comments on the Site Feedback Forum.

- KrisV

2007.223 (August 11, 2007)

Revamped Video Section Is Totally Tubular

Last year we opened the Holovids movie archive, cataloging everything from official trailers and interviews to fan created music videos. In an effort to make these easier to watch, we've adopted the Flash Video technology that made YouTube so popular. Many of our clips now offer immediate, inline viewing alongside traditional downloads. Some files could not be converted because they use a proprietary codec or because they are too large to offer in this format. If you want the best possible picture and sound quality, we still recommend the direct download option.

- KrisV

Full Full Motion Video Collection

The other night an old friend called me with a normal question - was Prince Thrakhath right or left handed? Boy, I said, I don't know - right, I think, but we'd have to load up WC3 to see for sure.1 Has this ever happened to you? Sure... but never again, thanks to our new index of Wing Commander III videos! By combining new-age flash video technology with Wing Commander 3's extracted videos we've created a neat site which allows you to pick and watch any part of Wing Commander III at any time! Better yet, the quality is identical to that found on the CD-ROM. Find the mission series you want in the index, pick out the video... and you're good to go! We've also included extracts from the game's script for each video, so you can know what you're looking for without even playing the movie! You can find the index here.

1 - True story. For the record, he is right-handed.




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